13th Order of the Chaos LegionEdit

This army is controlled by Kane (669).

The 13th order


Mass murdering dictatorship


Chaotic evil

Homeland / Bases:

Neptunis, number of chaos worlds


Humans, Mobians, others.



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the order

The 13th has long been away from their homeplanet and few have ever been heard of, their home planet and the other Orders have lost contact with the 13th about 2 years ago. They are known around the Chaos Worlds as the Order of the Damned

13th Order of the chaos legion is a big army with a strength in their numbers and machines, they have lots of experience and they mostly fight for glory of battle. Their weakness lies in the water, they dont have any waterbased fleet, only air and land. Their infantry has big and heavy armor which makes them slower but more powerfull and more protective against bullets.


The 13th Order first came to Earth following the Imperium in their footsteps for revenge of a battle fought long ago. They didnt land on Earth for some time while still fighting the Imperium in space as well as the Canadian forces. After some time the 13th Order dissapeared into space. Some years later they returned and landed in London on Earth.


Kane Kane is the leader of the 13th Order. He commands all his forces from the ship and doesnt head to battle himself. He is 31 years old and was borned at the Chaos World called Neptunis. He joined the forces of the Chaos Legion and became general of the 13th Order at the age of 26. He's very experienced knows his way around the battlefield. He has made some several good strategies and knows how to handles foreign worlds. He has knowledge in politics, dimplomacy and warfare. He's one of the best and highranked generals in the Chaos Legion. He has a ruff personality, he has always been loyal to the Chaos Legion and most of all the 13th. He knows how to win battles and is usually strategic in mind, can in time be sadistic.

Xero Xero is not his real name and there are very few people who has ever known his name. He is only 17 years old and is one of the Legion's best hackers. He has broken through many security systems helping the 13th in hundreds of battles. He is not good at fighting and has a special cloaking device to escape. He also releases a toxic gas to escape his enemies, he is though immune to the gas. He doesnt talk much and likes to keep on his own. His background is unknown, the only thing that is known about him is that he's from the planet Seros and joined the Legion at a very young age. Kane is very proud of Xero though he doesnt express it much, he sees the boy as his son.

Behemoth Captain Behemoth is one of the fiersest warriors under Kane's command. He has proven himself in battle plenty of times. Some people consider him a maniac and crazy. He can never get enough of the battle, he wears a very heavy armor and is armed with several types of weapons including a battle axe and a bolter. He has a very scaring voice and is rarely seen without his armor. Some belive he never sleeps because his armor holds him awake. Behemoth has faced many battles including the great battle of the planet Udun where he gained his ranked of Captain. His age is unknown but according to the Legion's archives he's in his 40ies.

Marius Marius is a mobian, he doesnt realy work for the 13th Order but mostly is used by them. Marius was born on a planet called Salvaria in the mobian system. He has a deep secret power within him that is yet unknown for most of the people, only the high ranked of the 13th Order know of this power. When the power within him unleashed, pretty much anything will be destroyed in his path.


Land Units

Basic Infantry The basic infantry of the 13th Order has a a heavy armor and a bih boltgun. It is effective against regular light infantry and the soldiers can take several bullets without getting hurt. They are though slower then regular light infantry. They are experienced and have been in many battles.

Mechanical Dragon The mechanical dragon is both an air and land unit. Though it cant reach somewhat big heights in the air and it mostly fights on land is its counted as an land unit. Its is small but very powerfull, it has a heavy armor and a big fire power against land units and infantry, its has smaller effect on air units but it can take down a plance if its on a low height. It has a big amount of flamealbe fluid inside its body and it breaths it out and can easily destroy infantry and tanks.

XUL Mech The XUL Mech is a light type of land mech and is equipped with deadly blades. It doesnt have any sort of ranged weapons, so it depends on its very fast speed to kill the opponent before getting hit by the bullets. It is very effective against infantry and even 5 XUL Mechs can take down quite as many as 20 infantry units. The XUL Mech doesnt stand much chance against heavy tanks or big mechs. Only way it can defeat one is to crawl inside the vehicle and kill the pilot inside.

Annihilator Tank The Annihilator tank is one of the most heaviest tanks in the 13th Order. It has a heavy armor and a big amount of firepower and can easily take down tanks, houses and most landunits. It can also take down air units at low height.

Moving Rocket Platform It has a medium armor, it is a bit slow but it has a very big amount of firepower. It works as an artillery and an AA-tank. It can take down air fighters, cruisers and dropships. Its also very effective against infantry, tanks and most land units.

Artillery Tank It has a medium armor, its somewhat slow. But its very effective against most land units, it can take down a tank from a very long distance.

Tank The tank is fast and has a heavy armor. It has one cannon which is effective against other tanks and most vehicles. It can also transport about 10 infantry troops to location

Medium Tank The medium tank is both fast and dangerous. It has a strong armor and a heavy firepower. Its effective against infantry at close range and a distance. It can easily take down light vehicles and its also very powerfull against light mechs.

Large Tank Large tank is slower then the other tanks but its way more powerfull. It has a very strong armor and a big firepower. It can take down tanks, mechs, infantry and vehhciles with no bigger problems.

Defender Tank The defender tank is a bit faster then the Large tank and it has a very strong armor that can take damage from several rockets before being damaged. Its main purpose is transport of V.I.P. or a special thing that needs to be transported by land. Its also used in battle but not as much as the other tanks.

Combat Suit This combat suit is made for infantry units, it is useable in space. It has a heavy armor and heavy firepower. It improves the regular infatry soldier to a killing machine. Its very effective against infantry units and light vehicles.

Mech A battle mech with a medium armor and a heavy firepower. It has big cannons on the side which it can take out infantry, tanks and other mechs and vehicles. It has a medium walking speed, is about as fast as a tank

Scorpion Mech The scorpion mech is a very powerfull one, it hasnt the strongest armor but its not an easy target for tanks since it can easily dodge rockets etc. The mech is most powerfull against infantry, light vehicles and light mechs. It has a number of different laser beams that can destroy infantry as easy as that

Serpent Mech The mech has a heavy firepower and heavy armor. It is a little slow because of it weight but once it is at the location it can destroy the most land units in its way. Most powerfull against light vehicles.

Noscor Mech A heavy mech with a heavy armor and firepower. Powerfull against most land units, infantry hardly stands a chance againt the mech.

Asaroth Mech The Asaroth mech is a small and light mech. Its not to fast and has a medium armor, it can take many bullets withough being damaged. Its mostly effective against infantry, it doesnt have any firearms, its mainly a close combat mech

Seros Mech The Seros mech is much like the Asaroth mech, its a light mech and its not so fast. It has a medium armor. Its mostly effective against infantry. Unlike the Asaroth mech the Seros mech has firearms and its also close combat designed, though its not as powerfull at close combat as the Asaroth mech

The 13th Walker Every order has it's special unit. This is the 13th's Order special unit, the walker. Its a very powerfull and big mech that destroys land units very easy in its way, its also powerfull against air units at small range. It has a very heavy firepower and heavy armor. It takes a VERY big amount of firepower to take one of these down. Infantry is pretty much useless against The Walker.

Air & Space

BattleShip 13th Order's Battleship is heavily armored and have a bif number of offensive and defensive cannons. It also holds about 50 dropships. The battleship is the first one to attack in air or space battle. It can easily penetrate the enemy's main ships and make way for the battlecarriers.

BattleCarrier The Battlecarrier has the hardest and heaviest armor then any other ship in the 13th fleet. It can hold about 200 dropships or cruisers. It has only 2 offensive cannons and a big number of defensive cannons. But with its armor it can take the most damage of other ships

Air Fighter The 13th fights mostly space battles, but in many other battles they also need air fighters. Since the 13th are headed to Earth they will be needing air fighters. They have medium armor and heavy firepower, they are very effective against other air fighters and small battleships

Air Bomber The Air bomber has a medium armor and is vonourable to air fighters because it has a very light firepower against air units. However its a bomber and it has a heavy firepower against land units and water units. It has specialmade bombs which can blow up ships, tanks, house like firewood

Infantry Dropship A small dropship which can hold about 10 infantry units, it is fast and can get through most defenses. It has a medium armor and no firepower. It mainly just transports the infantry to a location desired

Attack Pod The attack pod is quick and can fit about 4 soldiers in battle suits. It doesnt have any weapons. It has a medium armor and a very powerfull drill which can drill through the thickest armor.

Big Starfighter Battlecruisers are small battleships that swarm big attack ships and other small fighters. The big battlecruiser is somewhat bigger then regular fighters and is mainly used in space. It has more storage and oxygen space then regular fighters, its somewhat slower but has better armor.

Small Starfighter The small battlecruiser is more faster then the big one. It has about the same firepower. It is very fast and has lighter armor. It has lesser oxygen and storage power and lifesupport. Since its very fast it is harder to hit it with defense cannons. Its also used mostly in space.

UAV The UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, its basicly a small robot plane that doesnt have much armor, it fires missiles and destroys the ships, it is very fast. Its designed for a very big speed and it has a very good robot system that knows a lot of air tricks that a veteran pilot knows cause it was designed by technicians and veteran pilots. Its a very good weapon against the enemy. Its weakness is that it doesnt have much of an armor.