Atraxs is some guy from Chile who joined sprite wars in December of 2008. Instead if posting a "Hello" thread in the introductions topic, he made a thread asking for sprites of some mechs from Metal Gear solid, which Dan found highly suspicious.

"Uh, let's see here. You come out of nowhere and your very first post is a request. And you request something that will take indeterminate amount of time to work on depending regardless of the size (To others: Do not mention it), and you call it a "little" request. So many things are wrong in your post that you essentially turned something logical into completely illogical."

He then said he would just do it himself after some other people found the request odd. The thread was locked by a less-than-amused Storm Spotter Fox.

Atraxs made another thread in February showcasing some plane and US soldier sprites that were edited from Kalash's sprites without permission (Which he did delete, though).

Oddly enough, he returned for a short time (posting nothing) on February 16th, 2014 but left after seeing most of the people who had critiqued him last time were still online.