"The year is 2010, and months after the dissolve of the world wide pharmaceutical entity Tricell, which was more then likely Umbrella's faceless rival while it was still an operating company, by Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance agents Chris Redfield, Sheva Alomar, and Jill Valentine. Tricell seemed to set up shop everywhere that Umbrella left it's scorch on earth, every incident, every outbreak, after the familiar red and white crest was gone, Tricell soon followed.

It's October, your on a charter flight out of a main hub that connects various research stations, weather stations, port towns, and energy stations throughout the northern hemisphere. Your flight is on a Southeastern path, scheduled to arrive in the United States in a few hours in order for you and the others to get on various flights to your respective homes around the globe. Two hours into your flight, the captain announces that there is a storm front approaching from the west fast and your going to encounter heavy turbulence.

Rain sweeps across the rusting fuselage, you can hear the howl of the wind through the engines. The storm hits your plane, an old Russian Ilyushin Il-76 Transport plane, like a child swatting at a fly. The lights flicker, your heart jumps, and suddenly a bright flash blinds you and the roar of thunder accompanied by a ringing deafens you, followed by the intense heat of a raging fire sweeping across the compartment, passengers just feet from you being burnt alive. Lightening has struck the right engine, causing an explosion thus igniting the fuel lines that traverse the transport like the veins of a human.

Without warning the plane twists violently rightward into a corkscrew, you clutch your seat praying that the bolts holding it to the floor giving way isn't the violent rocking your feeling. Fixated on the small port window next to you, you can hardly make out the dim lights in a vast sea of darkness. Fixated on the port window you black out, unknowingly soon to be thrust back into a world of survival horror..."

Biohazard comic 1

The custom logo used for the Biohazard chronicles.

-The campaign's intro.

Biohazard Chronicles


March 30 2009-June 30 2009 (Archived)




Earth, somewhere in Canada



The map of the area the campaign took place in.

The Biohazard chronicles was a zombie survival campaign set in the Resident Evil universe and hosted by Kalash69. It, like the 1974 campaign, was one of the offshoots from the main sprite wars campaigns that wound up dying early.


-Kalash (GM)





-Mellow D.




-Gill Bates




Other people:

-CommanderCool (Joined but dropped out before posting any comics.)


-Sargo: Some kid who posted in dead threads before then in November of 2008, his last post was made in the roll call thread for this campaign when he joined as a soldier and was called out by Kalash due to obviously breaking the rules.

The Cast


As the day dawns following the plane crash, a rescue plane carrying the BSAA agent Kalash finds the crashed plane, but is unable to land near it due to lack of open space. The pilots are forced to find a suitable landing zone that isn't very close to the actual crash site. There Kalash departs, knowing that the helicopter will return in three days. Meanwile, a villager by the name of Bob, one of the last surviving villagers there, had heard the plane crash and decided to check it out.

The first of the survivors wake up, starting with Solidus, then Domino, followed by Robert and Cass. Mouser, Vivian, Pax, and Silky also wake up. While Vivian and Mouser choose to head back to the plane to scrounge for supplies, the others introduce themselves and discuss the situation. Vivian and Mouser are able to find some knives, survival supplies, and an undamaged First aid kit.

Mouser informs the others of his decision to explore the surrounding area, and is joined by Domino. Together they embark on an epic journey...which ends shortly after they begin with the discovery of a dead body, causing Mouser to freak out and run back to the plane.

After Mouser returned, another person from the crash who has survived, a man by the name of Nexus, woke up after being knocked unconcious longer than the others and joined up with them. Pax reminds the others that they need to find a way out of here, and asks for ideas.

Unbenkownst to them,while they ponder their choices, there is another group currently in the area. More specifically, the last remains of the Tricell group that was conducting bio-weapon experiments in Penbyrn valley and were subsequently caught off guard when their test subjects fought back. The only survivors of the fighting were Mike (A researcher), Sara Lazzard, and Jack Macmillan(Both soldiers working for Tricell). They are held up in Tricell's research HQ with orders to find the main parasite that is controlling the infected.

Back at the crash site, the survivors continue to discuss their options when they are interrupted by a frightening sight: the dead body that Mouser and Domino found was back on it's feet and chasing Domino! Bob, who was in sight of the crash at this time, saw this happening, recognizing the "corpse" as his friend Frank, and ran to help the survivors.

Pax and Solidus reacted first, running towards Domino to fight the formerly dead man who was pursuing him. Pax struck first, knocking him to the ground with a solid punch to the face. His victory was short lived though, because the man swiftly got back up and was about to hit Pax with a meat cleaver when Solidus knocked him down for good with a kick to the face. This little confrontation convinced Mouser that staying at the plane to wait for help was not a good idea, and he moved up the road to the North by himself, revealing that he had found a Handgun in the plane. Pax followed suit, moving to the east  with the intent of coming back with help and finding a boarded up Tricell checkpoint building. He entered it expecting to find some loot or someone who could help, and was greeted with the sight of a man facing away from the entrance who promptly turned around at the sound of Pax's voice. Pax then saw that the man looked similar to the one who had tried to kill Domino: Pale, discoloured skin and bright orange eyes. And just like the last man, he was hostile. Pax drew his knife and cut the man's right hand off at the wrist. When he didn't scream in agony and clutch the bloody stump like a normal person would, Pax stabbed him in the face and killed him, then proceeded to search the building.

Mouser kept heading north, but was stopped by Silky, who was overjoyed when Mouser let her come along with him, primarily because Domino, who she was previously travelling with, was fighting  three ganadoes at once and she wanted him to help.

Back at the crash site, yet another person (This time Solidus) decided it would be better to take their chances with the outside world then sit around by the plane. He headed out, but was stopped by Cass, who wanted to join with him. Solidus reluctantly agreed, and they went off searching for help.

Domino continued fighting the ganadoes, taking out one before Mouser arrived with Silky and killed the other two with his pistol. Now joined together, the three headed north until they found the entrance to an abandoned mine and headed in.

Nexus, Robert, and Vivian stayed back at the crash site, waiting for Pax and overhearing the sound of Mouser's pistol firing when they spotted a  group of seven zombies bearing down at them from two sides and were forced to fight them. Vivian killed the first zombie with a knife she found on the plane, but another one managed to grab her. Nexus, who was fighting another ganado, could do nothing to help. But the ganado was quickly killed by Robert, who hit him in the head with a rock. Two more were killed by Vivan and Robert. One ganado attempted to kill the three of them with some dynamite, but they were able to get away.  While he argued with the last remaining member of the group, Bob snuck up and killed them both with his axe. Vivian and the others, meanwhile, headed north. 

Pax left the Tricell checkpoint after finding nothing of interest and moved back to the crash site, running into Vivian, Robert, and Nexus. They were forced to keep heading north by the sudden appearance of a mob of ganadoes.

Back at the crash, the last survivor, a Brit who went by the alias of Prime, recovered from being unconcious long after everyone else had left.

At the Tricell HQ, Mike decided that the best way to find the parasite that controlled all the ganadoes was to split up. Mike would head to the laboratories, Jack would go to the basement, and Sara would head into one of the cell areas. Almost immediatley after leaving the others, Sara ran into a pair of ganadoes and quickly dispatched them with a shotgun.

Vivian, Pax, Nexus and Robert were pursued by the mob down the road and took refuge in the nearest building. They were so far ahead of the mob that nobody in the group saw them hide. Vivian searched the house and found a handgun.

Solidus and Cass ran into a group of ganadoes that had an RPG, and ran into an abandoned Tricell camp looking for weapons but wound up hiding in one of the Tricell checkpoint buildings after another mob moved into the camp. The overheard the ganadoes discussing the previous encounters with other survivors before they moved away. 

Bob followed the survivors to the shack they were hiding in and fought the remaining ganadoes. The noise caused Vivian and the others to emerge from hiding to help him out. After formally meeting with the group, Bob told them of the layout of the town and surrounding areas and suggested they head south to the Lumber Mill.

Solidus and Cass left the camp and headed east looking for weapons.

At the Tricell building, Mike's team continued to search for the leader parasite, with Sara running into more resistance in the cell block while Mike and Jack encountered no threats.

Mouser, Silky, and Domino continued their journey down the mine. Silky accidentally stumbled upon a scoped rifle (Which she mistook for a rock), that Mouser took from her in exchange for the pistol he found in the plane. They encountered a group of 3 gandoes.

Cass and Solidus headed into another Tricell camp. During the search, Cass found some old documents pertaining to the events in the area in addition to some healing items.

Prime managed to meet up with Bob's group and joined them on the journey to the mill.

Back in the mine, Silky exhibited latent talent with firearms by actually managing to hit one of the ganadoes on the first shot. Domino punched the same one but was hit in the arm by a ganado that had a Type-A plaga growing from it's head. Mouser managed to take it and the other one out with the rifle and they moved deeper into the mine.

On the way to the Lumber mill, Bob explained to the others the story of the village: The Umbrella corporation arrived in Penbyrn valley following the closing of the mines and gave the citizens jobs, followed by Tricell. After Tricell set up shop though, people started dissapearing. Bob and his friends headed into the town and were attacked by infected villagers. After a while Bob was the last remaining uninfected civillian in Penbyrn Valley.

Cass was able to find weapons for him and Solidus in the Tricell camp. They also found a map to the town. Heading out, they ran into a mob of ganadoes, but Cass managed to shoot the dynamite that one of them was carrying, and they made a break for it.

The Tricell team continued their search for the main parasite, with little success.

Cass and Solidus kept heading for the town and encountered a swarm of flying Novistadores.

Bob and the survivors were getting close to the crash site as they headed south to the steel mill, but were accosted by Bo-Jackson, the former boss of the lumber mill turned Minigun-wielding BOW. He pursued them back to the crash site. While he kept Vivian, Pax, Prime, and Robert pinned down, Bob and Nexus snuck around and fought Jackson in hand to hand combat. Vivian and Robert fired at him with thier pistols, which allowed Bob to hit him in the back of the head with his axe. But the fight was not over yet. The Plaga in Bo-Jackson's body took control and burst out from his head, and making his body stand up and fire his minigun aimlessly. Pax, Vivian, and Robert were able to kill Jackson again by shooting the Plaga where his head used to be.

After their unsuccesful search for the controlling Plaga in the Tricell building, Mike has Jack and Sara barricade the building and head into the underground tunnel system after discovering that a particularly large swarm of ganadoes was heading their way...

Bob and Co. recovered from the shock of the fight with Bo-Jackson and headed for the mill again. Finally reaching it, they plan on how to take on anyone that might be inside. Settling on at least trying to do it quietly with their knives, they move in. Prime and Vivian sneak up and kill two ganadoes while another 5 discuss recent events. Bob kills one of them with an axe to the head and ruins their chances to stealthily kill the others. Three head off to fight Bob while another runs upstairs. Vivian decides to follow him by herself. Upon confronting him, Vivian learns some unsettling details about the source of the infection in the the ganadoe's body: It is in fact a sentient, intelligent creatures that shares experiences with it's host. Vivian fires at the him and causes the type A plaga to mutate and burst out of where his head used to be.

Back in the lower level, Bob, Pax, and Robert kill the remaining ganadoes (With Pax knocking one of them into the mill's saw.)

Upstairs, Vivian is unable to kill the mutated ganado before he knocks her over. The ganado grabs a syringe on a nearby table and jams into her neck. Vivian manages to grab her gun and shoot the ganado to death before being overcome with a strange feeling just as the others arrive. They continue to search the mill, with Vivan feeling even more strange...

Back in the mine, Domino, Silky, and Mouser continue to explore and encounter a Verdugo. It pursues them through the mine for a little while before Mouser is able to detonate a barrel of TNT, causing a chain reaction of explosions throughout the mine and a section of it to fall and crush the Verdugo. The group barely makes it out of the exploding mine alive. Their journey had taken them to the mine entrance on the other side of the town. ¹

The mill group continued to rest, with Vivian complaining of headaches. They searched the mill and found more pistols and ammo, and Robert found a document describing the infestation process of the Las plagas parasite and how it was used on the villagers, but also of a way to remove it. While the others want to help, Nexus is more suspicious that she might turn on them before then. Vivian, who is hiding in the attic, hears all this, and decides it would be for the best if she goes of on her own. Before she goes, Robert hands her some supplies, including healing items and pills that would slow the parasite's growth. Just as she was done saying goodbye and about to leave, Vivian freezes, her pupils turn orange, and she says "They're coming! Get inside now!" Nexus jumps to conclusions and thinks she's turned on them, but Bob stays calm and warns him that "they" might be referring to the infected and to get inside. Left outside, Vivian is siezed by pain as the parasite starts to speak to her in her mind. She is almost killed by the ganado mob until one of them is contacted by the parasite in Vivian. The ganadoes warn Vivian that even though she has one of them inside her, any actions taken against them will result in her death.

Back with Cass and Solidus, they were pursued by the flying Novistadores until Solidus discovers a crate of dynamite on the road, which they use to kill the Novistadores. Later on they make their way to the sawmill and run into Vivian, who was just leaving. Not wanting to tell them she was infected, Vivian lies and says she was just injured and didn't want to slow the others down. They move back to the mill until Cass starts regretting letting Vivian go off by herself, and heads backto meet her. Cass agrees to come with her to the Tricell building. On the way there, Vivian downs some pills after the Las plagas parasite starts acting up. They head into a shanty town and stop to search and check the map Cass found. 

At the Mill, Prime continues to regret not going with Vivian until it becomes too much and he decides to head out by himself and rendevous with her. He runs into Solidus on the way and asks if he has seen Vivian. When Solidus joked that he didn't care what happens to Vivian, Prime was less than amused and gives him a piece of his mind in the form of a knuckle sandwich, then runs off to help Vivian.

Vivian and Cass headed northeast to another Shanty town and ran into some ganadoes, while Prime moved ever closer. They quickly killed the group and stopped to rest at another Tricell checkpoint building.

Solidus reached the mill and may or may not have been planning to kill the others after being tormented by some kind of Shoulder Angel/Devil hallucination session.

Vivian was unable to sleep due to being tormented by her parasite, but is distracted by the sound of gunfire. She wakes Cass up, and the exit the building to find  Prime fighting through a swarm of ganadoes. They kill the swarm using dynamite and speak with Prime, learning why he came out there. They head out to the camp, with Prime noticing that Cass seems unaware of Vivian's infection. She tells him it would be for the best if he doesn't know until later. They reached another Tricell camp and fought the ganadoes there. Vivian gets cut on the arm by a thrown cleaver and is about to kill the guy responsible when the parasite starts to take control, but she downs some more pills (Presumably her last) and kills the last ganado. Cass is confused by the incident, but sticks with Vivian and Prime and helps them find supplies.

"I'll be quick. I have the oddest feeling that we're on a time schedule."


"What happens to Vivian, Cass, and Prime?", you're probably wondering. Sadly, I don't know. That was the last comic in the campaign. After MJP said he'd try to make another comic, no-one else posted. Even as Briano's arc seemed to be coming to a head and Solidus was revealing a whole now layer to his charecter. Though we'll never see how the campaign could've continued, there's always imagination...


Many unique sprite sheets and BG's were created by Kalash specifically for this campaign, as well as several sprite sheets based off of Resident Evil 4 enemies that were made by JasonAfex. Though they were deleted half way through the campaign, the backgrounds, as well as the introductory comic Kalash made, can be found here. Good luck finding the Zombie sheets, though.

Though this campaign is missing some comics (13), it doesn't affect one's comperehension of the storyline as much as you'd expect. The characters with missing comics appear in other people's so you can still understand their motivations.

This campaign was the first one where Nexus appeared in his current character sprite.

¹ =It was around this point that Kalash wiped his majhost and photobucket accounts of sprites (Including ones for this campaign) due to Sprite theft issues.