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February 22 1989 (age 26)

One of the members of the Sprite Wars forum. He usually asks other members for help in making unique or custom sprites, mostly because of many failed attempts trying to make his own (he did customise three sprites and edited another, but all three were simple and he feels that with practice he can move up in experience). His army is the Liberators Army, an army whose units were first introduced as a two-toned orange army. He made comics mostly for the Western Campaign, but began to work his way into the East slowly, and had plans for the Northern Campaign. He also become a regular in the Grand Campaign and Global Campaign. As of now the Liberators are a more modernised Paramilitary Peacekeeping Force, but are still well recognised on the forums by their Orange Uniforms.

In the Sprite Wars world, he is a Captain in the Liberators Army.

He worked on a new species of alien in the Sprite Wars universe, a custom race of his own design, the Sarath. The Sarath are a race of large insectoid beings with a tribal society who struggle with predatory instincts hardwired within their DNA. Another alien species he had in development was the Neuroi race from the Strike Witches anime series; a race consisting of both pure energy and machinery, with as of yet an unknown history, origins, biology and social structure. Enigmatic, mysterious and dangerous, boasting powerful directed energy weapons, each Neuroi also possesses a near-impenetrable shell to protect their weak point: the Core, the heart of a Neuroi.

Despite the average art style that went into the making of his army, most of them being recolours in his early years -some users noted that his army's two tone orange colour scheme looked flat and two dimensional, while others made the claim that it was nostalgic and reminded them of the old Sprite Wars- he is surprisingly skilled at producing custom weapons when he's in the mood, which surprises him at times. His first original sprite, a Liberators' commanding officer named Kasumi Asaki, is a milestone of his artistic abilities. -He's really proud of her.- Briano has since been known to be a shining example of infantry and weapons spriting.

His second custom character was introduced in the West Campaign: Maria Rowena Angelique, based off a Mecha Musume he found on the internet, personifying the British Spitfire Fighter from WW2. Briano has become a fan of the genre, after watching a few episodes of a new anime called Strike Witches, based on magical girls who were child soldiers in an alternate history dating in the 1940's when WW2 would have broken out, but where inter dimensional invaders changed everything. This has resulted in a few people desiring to make their own Mecha museum. He has since made several Strike Witches-type characters which he had dubbed the "907th Armored Daughters", the sprites of which are currently being updated from a 1940's War style to Modern War style.

Briano has plans for another custom character, also to be a Mecha Musume. All that he's willing to reveal is that it will be based on a type of tank, also from the WW2 era. While the project was done with several Witch sprites completed as examples, Briano has moved on to create Modern Strike Witches, and is as of now currently ongoing.


He joined May 31st 2006 on the original forum and months later, after being caught up in the stories told, started work on his own army in between classes in high school. He often colored each sprite pixel by pixel with the fill tool (before discovering the joy and easy work of pallet swap tools from neopaint, paintshop and Gamemaker, which, after looking back on his life, resulted in a face palm moment years later)and soon joined late in the Season 4 Western Campaign, soon becoming a regular in the west. He attempted to give a shot in the East, but the idea fell true after one comic. After a few stories told in the West, he soon started to become a regular in the Grand Campaign, usually bouncing to one when the other is on hiatus or finished for the season. His eight years of being in air cadets has also given him an intimate and extensive knowledge of the military, also being a war film buff has helped to complement his storytelling skills, to create depth in his comics and provide some accuracy to the military theme and enviroment. As of April 2009, he has also been taking part in Biohazzard Chronicles.

Lastly he has also participated in the Global Campaign.

Other informationEdit

He is an artist (both drawing and creating comics for sprite wars) and enjoys writing story's and poems, considering these his creative outlet and a way to express his thoughts, feelings and philosophical point of view. He often reflects about life (both his own and of those in the world around him). He likes Sharks (believing in conservation of the earth and the life that inhabit it) and enjoys paintball (its the only sport that he enjoys participating in). He loves music, often listening to Hip-hop, electronic, dance/club, nu metal and several other genres. He likes listening to Linkin Park, Emenem, Limp Bizkit, Greenday and a few other artists. He owns a Ludwig drum set and is a skilled drummer. Although baptized a christian, he isn't religious,but is very spiritual, preferring to spend the odd weekend out in the woods to meditate, reflect and relax. He believes that everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs but believes that those beliefs should not be forced on others. He is allergic to Peanuts and Shellfish, and is descended from a long line of Italians. His gamer tag for most of the games he plays online and on X-box, as well as his alias, is bucue4.

Being an avid writer he has written not only sprite comics but also Fanfiction, having written a Modern Warfare, Strike Witches Crossover Fic call "Witches, Rangers, and the 141", abriviated as WR141.

Comic and storytelling styleEdit

When he first started telling the story of the Liberators Army, he focused heavily on the CO's of his army, introducing them early and solidifying their place in the Sprite Wars universe, despite the characters and the army in general being a "flea from out of nowhere" late in Season 4. Having anticipated that, Briano briefly mentioned in a few of his comics that the army was a small and obscure one until the point in which the World Eaters were attempting to summon the dark god into the physical world. The comics used square speech balloons in its earlier seasons, but after a while, Briano found them cluttering his panals and obscuring the action. After such paradigm, he emulated members like Storm and MikeRuger, who placed their text below the panal in question, which he is content with. In later comics, he found him self focusing too much on both his alternate sprite counterpart and Vivian, and attempted to shift the focus to the other CO's. And from the beginning, Briano also payed attention to the Liberator Soldiers themselves, something that only a few of the other members bothered to do. Briano remembered that every individual solider was their own person, not simply a nameless, faceless, generic grunt. He made sure to try and show that those infantryman had a life, a family, and every other human quality just like his CO's had. His more recent comics seem to portray this a lot better then his older ones, but at least the old ones were trying.

Future Plans and Upcoming ProjectsEdit

Briano's current plans are to delve deeper into the history of his CO's and the army itself, starting with Captain Briano and Vivian. His current plan to do so will be in the form of a Web Comic series to be called "Liberators: Origins". The series release was to begin at a determined time, that was at the time unknown.

Briano officially begun the Liberators: Origins Comic series on December 9th 2009

Another plan on the drawing board will be a zombie genre type Web Comic series dubbed "The Z War". Other then the name, not much is known about it.

As of the turn of the year 2012 Briano has had plans at starting a web show, leaving a lot of his spriting on the back burner trying to start it up and leaving most spriting projects and comics on a partail hiatis.

Nowadays Briano's comics attempt to adress the issues involving the relaionship of the human condition and warfare, as well as discussion regaurding socail comentary, philosophy and spiritualisum. With the recient introduction of the 907th Armored Daughters, Magic as well as forshadowing of the Neuroi, the comics also explore the concepts of Magical Technology, Striker Units, Enlightened warfare, Spiritual Warriors and both militerization and the weaponization of Magic and the human spirit.

He particapted in the Global campaign but stopped making comics for it as of July 2013. He still visits the site.

Character in CampaignEdit

Briano is a Captain of the Liberators Army, having served for many years since the formation of the Liberators Stratigic Response Unit, formerly an independant branch of the Regular Army, in military service. He was a young civilian resistance fighter turned Regular Army Solider since the invasion of Vancouver durring the Rebel Army's Coup, and served along side the Falcon squad and the S.P.A.R..R.O.W.S up until the Regular Army's disaluotion after the Ptolmic war.

After the LSRU became the Liberators Army, Briano continued to serve along side his friends and comrads in arms, but as time wore on and the wars continued, his idealistic, kind hearted demonor changed into a Realistic, Depressed, Short Tempred, blunt and stubborn war vetren that dosn't suffer fools or tyrents gladly, politics be damned. His mind is a highly tactical military one, being a brilliant battlefield tactition and comming up with battle stratigys on the fly. He's a man of humble origans from a family that belived in honor and a code of fairness and other such morals. He cares little about military or civilian politics, and he can barly stomich the thought of other people suffering and bad guys getting away with thier deeds of ill.

He often times declines promotons in order to stay in command of the men he leads, insistant that he stays on the front lines with his men. While a good hearted man, he is troubbled a great deal by the endless death around him and the appathy of those in power to end it.

He's a family man, having married his childhood friend and the love of his life, Vivian, and having adopted a young orphaned witch named Maria. He has a younger sister who is a genius with expolsives, and he cares for his family very much, and is willing to kill to protect them. While tired and weary from life of conflict and warfare, his family provides his lifeline and helps him to be a better man.

Aside from his military trianing, military knowlage and Martial skill, another ability Briano has is the power of the Monoshift. He found himself with this power durring the battles with the Federal States of Armex. Durring a desperate battle against the FSA, Briano and Vivian were balsted of the edge of a cliff by incomming tank fire and fell several hundred feet into a cavern deep underground. They both landed on a pair of Stalagmites made of Summonite that contained two Red Daimon Gems that became embeded in thier hearts, and the summonite entred thier blood stream. They were clinicly dead for about 45 seconds before some residual power contained in both gems revived them at a partail charge.

It was at this time, they both met Edgar and Area, Edgefencers that had the power of the Monoshift themselfs, accompanied by two SummonBeasts known as Dinnah and ExEled. It was then that Briano learned about the power he and Vivian now carried.

The Red Daimon Gems serve as a focus and vessle for spiritual power, and the power reacts and is unleashed thanks to Summonite. While the Monoshift can be activated through shear force of will, ussually, it is activated upon the brink of death. Once activated any wounds sustained before activation are regenerated by the Summonite. Thier are large concetrations of summonite located within the Heart and the Head (specifically the brain), persumibully to focus the healing ablitys of the Monoshift and provide protection to these reigons.Monoshift also provides an extreamly high tollerance to dammage and pain, increases motor skills, speed, sences, enduance and streangth. It is noted that articals of clothing worn while in monoshift becomes black and any protective colths or armor and legs become bright white. Runes and wings of crimsion red energy appear and the eyes glow a furious shade of red. Aside form this, any weapons whielded or carried become embued with Monoshift Energy and serve as a focus of the power, becoming ten times more deady and powerfule then a normal weapon, the weapons turning white and glowing red. Aside form this, Monoshift Based energy attacks can be used.

Whenever the Red Daimon gem is drained of energy, it must take time to recharge on its own, though an instantainious charge can be done through magical or supernatural means, though this meathod isnt readily avalibule. If the Red Deamon Gem remains uncharged,then its possibule to kill Briano and Vivian for good, and partail charges are insuffecant in properly providing the powers abilites. Only a Fully Charged Red Deamon Gem can provide full benifet of Monoshift powers.

However, because of the Briano and Vivian's reluctunce to fully use the Monoshift, the power has changed from the version of the power Edgar and Area use. Briano and Vivian can use small quanities of thier power, by turning thier eyes crimson red and increasing thier perception, accuarcy and reaction time, seeing the world slowed down in a srange red, with living things glowing a bright white. Also, using this restrained version of the power dosn't drain much energy stored in reserve.

Because of ths, whenever Briano and Vivian go Full Monoshift, it becomse to much for them to handle, and they often become feral upon "death", the two of them becoming a danger to everyone and everything around them percived as a threat. It's detremaned that, given time to get acoustmed to the huge release of a full Monoshift, they might be able to maintain thier self-awareness.

A full Monoshift has thus far been obtained twice:

The first time when Briano and Vivian were running a mission in Somalia and were killed while taken as prisoners by a Somali Warlord, and the second time durring a Mass Invasion of FSA Territory by the Liberators and thier allies.

It was said that given enough mastery of the Monoshift, that under paticular circumstances, a "Golden Monoshift" can be obtained, but as of yet Briano and Vivian are not yet cappabuile of reaching that level.

Both of them are content with only keeping the Monoshift as an "Ace in the Hole" instead of flaunting that power on a whim, only activating it should they be mortaly wounded, though they both have no problem using what they call "The Eye of the Edge Fencer" to make thier tours in combat easyier.

Monoshfit can last anywhere between Fifteen miniutes or an Hour, though the use of Monoshift based attacks, how often they are used or how powerfule they are is assumed to be a factor in the time Monoshift can be mantained. Also, an opponent that destroys a held weapon while Briano and Vivian are in Monoshift can disrupt the Monoshift's energy flow and can even permaturly end the durration of Monoshift's activation, though a weapons durribility is doubled due to the Monoshift energy being focused into the weapon, making this a daunting task requiring some time and effort.