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"Thank you, based editors, you make my day."

-CommanderCool's reaction to this article.

"Commander: I play many strategy games

Cool: I am such"

-CommanderCool on the meaning of his username.

CommanderCool is a longtime user on Sprite wars who has ice running through his veins was promoted to watchman in February. He is known for playing the Kugestaldt Republic and, more recently, The Axonian empire in the Sprite wars campaigns.

Forum lifeEdit

CommanderCool started out, believe it or not, as the kind of loud-mouthed, attention-seeking, grammatically-impaired gravedigger that is loathed on many a forum. His recklessness and constant rule-dodging cut his first visit to the original Invision forums down to under a year, when he was banned in 2007. Wounded by this, CC decided to skulk back to the MSDB forums, where he slowly honed his forum conduct, "netiquette" and spriting ability until 2009, where MikeMurdock offered him a chance to return to the newly-established SpriteWars forum.

From there, CC returned as a dignified and significantly more pleasant (if a little trigger-happy) member, diving into the West campaign playing as his two original factions - the Kugestaldt Republic and the Lyvek Conglomerate - and for the first time, fully enjoying the experience of the campaigns. Although stung by the sudden end to the campaign, directing his frustration (wrongly) at Underling and her storylines, CC persevered and, from time to time, participated sporadically in the major and minor campaigns that followed.

At this time, CommanderCool now has multiple sprited factions under his belt and a Watchman badge on his chest. His favourite faction to use in the campaigns is the more recent Axonian Empire, an induldgence of his love of Dieselpunk, and he can often be found showing off new sprites for this faction, getting impatient with slow-learning newbies, or dipping in and out of general discussions across the board.

Personal lifeEdit

CommanderCool hails from the North West of England, living in the (unjustly) ill-reputed city of Liverpool. He is an avid PC gamer and a reluctant chain-smoker, taking good care of his beard (if nothing else) and dressing like a hobo on purpose. He currently studies Creative Writing in University, with questionable ability.


The Kugestaldt Republic - First-used faction and fan-favourite, a collective of demi-human races spanning a small number of star systems. Originally considered a "lawful good" faction, behind-the-scenes story arcs have left them a paranoid, violent shadow of their former selves. They have bitter rivalries with both of CC's other factions.

The Lyvek Conglomerate / Ishuda Pantheon - Originally concieved as a clear villain for the "good guy" Kugels to do battle with. Developments in their story have lead to them reforming from galaxy-conquering sociopaths to corrupt industrial moguls (a different kind of sociopath). The Lyvek themselves (squid-headed bipedal aliens) have become a common sight across the SW universe and an official part of the canon.

The Axonian Empire - Began their long evolution as Nazi stand-ins, as was evidenced by their general aesthetic, in some small campaigns. Afterwards they became a more ethnically-neutral colonial empire, their visual themes expanding from being "the Germans" to a wide variety of Dieselpunk/Used Future tropes. Currently the most well-sprited, well-written and often-used of CC's factions.