Common Treaty Organization
Cto logo low rez
"To preserve the innocent, and eradicate the evil. Only Death ends our Duty."
Vital statistics
Founded In 2014
Founders Gniolliv
HQ Unknown areas across the world
Location Earth
Races Human
Mission Assist in peacekeeping duty
  • Task Force 100
  • The Black Beret Corps
  • Liberators Army
  • Enemies
  • Voltor Empire
  • 13th Order
  • Waffen SS Werewolf Army
  • Technological Status Advanced
    Founded by Ex NATO countries
    Status Active
    The Common Treaty Organization (abbreviated CTO) is the custom army made by Gniolliv. It is made up of Ex-NATO forces.


    During the numerous wars that waged around the world, a new promising power has risen. After NATO's fall, a lot of North Indenpendant Countries started to regroup into Task Forces, or Mercenaries. Or even fall.

    But, after a few years, those countries, which missed NATO's organization and strenght, decided to regroup and create the Common Treaty Organization. Needing a new place to settle, the C.T.O regrouped in Greenland, a perfect place to install their utopia.

    Now beginning to gain influence, and starting to explore space, the C.T.O is a new rising superpower, protecting its borders with long range artillery/ continental missiles, and a promising fleet rising in power. Using modern/near future equipment, the C.T.O can be classified as a peacekeeping force, helping any country in need.