The Elydian Resistance is a group made up of survivors that have banded together with what little they have to combat the Voltor Empire who had invaded and decimated there world, they are freedom fighters sworn to drive out the Voltor Empire occupation and restore peace and Elydian rule.

The Resistance is made up of scattered groups of Elydian survivors each with there own commander. These pockets of survivors are riddled within the underground of there home world while others are drifters in space. Primarily the largest group is led by ex-captain of the guard- Captain Grit.

"Like every tyrant, they will fall!"- Motto of the resistance

Elydian Resistance


Freedom fighters


Captain Grit




Estimated around 100-5000


Pockets of Planet Elydia, outer space in various SW star systems.

Racial census




Tech Level

Moderate-rare high tech.

Time line

Prime, GC

Lore Edit

After the Voltor Empire ahnilated the bulk of the Elydian Kingdom's military and Lord Victor of the Voltor Empire killed King Freyden, those who escaped took refuge to isolated hidden areas. Some had managed to escape into space thus becoming drifters. Captain Grit who was captain of the guard before the fall of Elydia assembled those left to form the Elydian Resistance. A small but dedicated group hell bent on regaining there world and there freedom. To this day they are still active and had sustained many accomplishments and failures.

The Elydian resistance has time and time again led hit and run tactics on Voltor forces most commonly on Slave encampments and supply chains hindering the Voltor Empire's occupation. Several successful raids have only strengthened there group increasing there man power with willing Elydians to get revenge.

The Voltor Empire has become incredibly frustrated with the Elydian resistance having difficulty finding where they are hiding and picking targets at random. There has even been bounties placed on the Resistance offering rewards for those treacherous enough to expose them. But so far has proved unsuccessful.

Members Edit

Elydian cast sprites

From Left to right: Hound Markov, Marin, Captain Grit, Ellen Torres, Lt Reece, Princess Evah (Not a member thus yet)

The Elydian Resistance is made up of various amounts of survivors but there stands 5 other members who have gotten notoriety.

Captain Grit Edit

Ex Captain of the guard now renown as Captain Grit of the Resistance, a tall and muscular Elydian with a bizarre hairstyle and beard. The Captain is the head of the resistance movement and has got a bounty on his head by the Voltor high command. Grit is an exceptional leader and very tactically minded, he held a strong loyalty to the Elydian monarch and still to this day seeks to avenge the kingdom and seek out the last of the bloodline. Grit has a rough commanding attitude, but deep down he is caring and quite soft. He is practically a father figure to his LT. Reece.

L.T Reece Edit

Reece is a young Elydian man who joined the Resistance willingly to get his own slice of justice on the Voltor Empire. He unlike Grit does not hold much liking to the Elydian monarch who he believes left the people to save themselves unknowingly there is more to what happened in the castle. He is a bit of a wild card and often disregards orders by his superior, but has time again proved successful casting off Grit's opposing orders. Before and during the Voltor Invasion, Reece was battling the Empire on foot having much experience in fire fights and handling craft. Reece however did not grow up with a family and is often a little distressed, he looks up to Captain Grit who in the past shaped him into the man he is today.

Ellen torres Edit

A young Elydian Woman who fought alongside Reece during the war, she is hot headed and at times unfriendly even to her allies. She really hates the Voltor and goes out of her way to fight them at every turn. She amongst the Resistance has become the most feared by cowardly Voltor troops for her recklessness on many raid operations she has attended. She and Reece are best friends.

Hound Markov Edit

A chubby Elydian man who likes to throw his weight around, he has a deceiving image, under his jolly personality and appearance underneath is a hardened warrior. He is a professional pilot and weapons expert who you can find often handling the supplies, even under the current situation Hound is quite greedy and often wants compensation for everything.

Marin Edit

The crew's jack of all trades, she grew up in Elydia's leading industry plants often inventing or fixing something ( even if it isn't broke ) She is an excellent engineer and technician, she is even beginning to understand Voltor technology which gives her an edge over things. She isn't the greatest fighter but still a valuable asset to the team. Her bright bubbly personality is often pointed out even in the bleakest moments and regarded to be too optimistic for anyone's good. occasionally flirting about with the Elydian men. She outdoublty is the most friendliest member which some cases get's on people's nerves. Especially Ellen.

Resistance troops Edit

The Elydian Resistance mostly made up of random armed civilians also comes equipt with Elite troop remnants.


Elydian Forrest troops

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Elydian Cast

The Elydian Resitance crew From left to right: Hound Merkov, Marin, Lt Reece, Ellen Torres, Captain Grit.