Elydians are a young species of Elf-like people who origionated from the Planet Elydia. The Elydian people are a new race which has been introduced in the Sprite wars Global campaign on the 16th of Febuary 2014. Elydians were heavily inspired by Elves from various Video games and were created by Skurge.


Elydians can be distinguished from the other races by the proportions of the body, the facial features, and the tint of hair, eyes and skin. They are not so tall as humans, averaging some 60 inches or 150 centimeters at most in height, and tend to be frail and slender in appearance, weighing six stone or less. The arms and legs are longer in proportion to the torso than in humans, and their fingers and toes may also be unusually long and thin. They have elongated and pointed ears, almond-shaped eyes, and small, delicate noses and mouths. Their skin is pale, ranging in shade from creamy beige through chalk white to a delicate, milky olive tone. Their hair is also light in color, and may be any shade from silver to cornsilk gold to green. Some rare specimens have brilliant, flame-red tresses, or even coal-black; Elydians seem to find these two colors particularly appealing, and may even be attracted to humans who have such hair. Their eyes are silver-white, blue, green, grey, or amber yellow.Their vision is also exceptional, allowing them to see in the dark and for very long distances making them formidable marksmen.

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