Mazenovich Map

The territorial map of the Holy Mazenovich Empire in 2104 CA, along with severely-decimated Siegland Union.

The Holy Mazenovich Empire (Uresaj Imperikana I Mazenovika in Vasiko Language) is a nation on planet Mezvaraa, on the Westland Continent. The capital of the empire is Steinerheim, formerly known as Amasur City. For twenty years up to 2104, they fought the Siegland Union, and managed to conquer 90% of Siegland, reducing them to small resistance cells across the Outer Islands. The Mazenovich Empire is led by the charismatic Wilhelm Steiner, 'The Chosen Emperor'. Currently their goal is global domination of  Mezvaraa, alongside the capture and repossession of the Republic of Mechvaraa's WorldJumper technology.


A humble 17-years old boy named Wilhelm Steiner lived with his poor mother, Marian Mazenovika (Marian Mazenovich in Nordsprache'/Northern Language) in the Amasur City on the Governorate Sector 12 of the Siegland Union.

The Amasur City had suffered economic crisis, and loss of government archives due to the Archive and Administration building set on fire, which may be perperated by the Amasur officials themselves.

Since the significant losses, Amasur government began to get their citizent to pay the extra tax money, to recover the losses of the burned buildings. Anyone who fail to pay in time will get beaten by the 'Government's hitmen', and if they cannot pay for the tenth time, they will be labelled as a criminal and sent to the infamous 'Feltz Gulag''' and their assets taken by the governments.

Marian was one of hundreds of Mezvaraans who got such treatment, and thus got beaten regularly by the hitmen. Wilhelm worked really hard to help his mother pay the extra tax, but alas, that was not enough. Wilhelm also once tried to fight the hitmen, but they also defeated him easily.

During his work, Wilhelm met an old man who described as 'having prostethic limbs and surrounded with life-support drones floating around' named Vadim Metraek, also known as 'Uncle Vad'. The old man saw the great potential on the boy, and offered a training for him. A training to harness and manipulate the 'Sadaksau Energy' from glowing red crystals found across the continent. A training to become a good leader for people. A training to help his mother and other people who get wronged by the government.

Steiner accepted, and thus began the training. During the training, Vadim revealed himself as the leader of the 'Order of the Eskar Rising Star', an ancient order of the people who are adept at Sadaksau manipulation, among other things, who were hunted by Old Siegland regimes way back during their rise as a nation.


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