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Hydronian Soldiers.

"The Hydronian people have faced far greater troubles before, and emerged victorious. Even as Hydronia burns, its people will prosper. It's only a matter of time." - Emperor Nicholas Ozzel


The Hydronian Empire is one of the smaller galactic powers, somewhere in sector ZZ-10 Plural Z Alpha. It's main population consists of descendants of the original human and Mobian settlers of the planet, who founded the empire, as well as smaller populations of Lyvek, Kugels, both races associated allies and other aliens and demi-humans. The Hydronian government is infamous for its attempts to keep the peace, fostering alliances between likeminded nations and quickly going to war against oppressive and fascist powers. The Hydronian Empire fields a sizable army both for defense and support of its allies- its history is tempered by violence.

Their dominion extends to a few dozen star systems. Initial worlds acquired were uninhabited- some habitable already and some needing to be terraformed. Since these initial holdings were taken, the Hydronian Empire has expanded since making contact with Earth and cementing its alliances with two other galactic powers: the Lyveks Ishuda Pantheon and the Kugels Kugestaldt Republic. Through joint colony agreements with these two powers and sharing of knowledge about uninhabited worlds, its dominion reaches what it does today.

The center of the empire is Hydronia itself, a small, Earth-like planet that shares its space with Charon, a massive gas giant with a number of habitable and inhabited moons. There are a few other planets in the system, home to outposts, mines and the like.


Hydronia and its moons.


The Birth of a EmpireEdit

The Hydronian Empire was born during the Corvolt's occupation of Earth. Although star travel had been prohibited by the Corvolt Regime, numbers of refugees regulary attempted to leave the planet, their efforts met with varying degrees of failure and success. A small rebel group, calling itself the "Human Liberation Movement", or HLM, was one of these.

As the inevitable fact that the Corvolt reign would not end soon was realized, the leaders of the movement decided to focus on constructing or stealing ships to leave the planet. Headed by a number of soldiers that were once part of the Rebellion, their numbers were able to grow rapidly, and many were eventually informed of the cause. Then.. they soon grew powerful enough to start an armed revolt.

Despite the name, humans and Mobians were among the rebellions ranks- members of both species stole a number of civilian vessels, and tried for escape. But it was not to be. A Corvolt fleet intercepted them and they were forced to divert their course (originally they were headed for any of the number of colonies now established by other refugees that'd left earlier), the leader of the fleet deciding to blindly jump to hyperspace.

The Hydronian systemEdit

Luckily, this random jump lead them to the Hydronian system. A sun much like Sol, and even better: a planet similiar to Earth! Subtle differences made it unique, however. It had two moons, and the planet was almost entirely covered in a global ocean dotted with a few small continents and an enormous amount of island chains. The people of the HLM decided that as Earth was known for it's land, this new planet would be known for it's seas. To this end, it was named

..Hydronia. Quickly, the fleet begin colonization efforts. Thus began Hydronia's first golden age.

Hydronia proved to be much like the promised lands of legend and myth. Even though there was no senitent, or even intelligent life, life was abundant in both land and sea, and the land was fertile. With no one to compete with, the Hydronians quickly explored and conquered everything in sight. Meanwhile, the HLM eventually dissolved, the captain of the ship becoming the leader of the new government. For a long time, the title of Emperor (Or Empress) would be passed down every couple of years, the very first being the leader of the former HLM fleet.

With almost no threats besides the mega-storms that sometimes plauged the oceans, they were content to laize around and forget the traumas of their recent past. Soon, the Hydronians thoughts of returning vanished. They had found their promised land, and were content.

So the years passed, with the technology of the people evolving and their first steps into space beginning. Facing their explorations into their solar system much as they had done their journey across Hydronia itself, they mapped out the planets two moons, explored and began settling them- although they had no atmosphere, the Hydronians established a number of mining settlements and support facilities. Plans were made to begin introducing an atmosphere to their moons, eventually. 

After that, the empire focused on exploring the nearby gas giant- luckily, it was no where near Jupiter or Saturns size, but not like any "hot giants," in other solar systems either. Comparing their new system to Sols would create a apt comparison- Hydronia was to Earth as Charon was to Mars. And surprisingly enough, it was found that some of the other planets moons were viable for supporting life. 

Before the century was over, colonization and terraforming of Charon had started. had begun. The second golden age had begun, and it seemed like nothing could stop the empire's people. They eventually set their sights unto other star systems.

The War With the Lyvek Edit

It had been almost one hundred years since that refugee fleet had left Earth and came here. The title of "Emperor" was now an electied one. Hydronia had a firm grasp on holdings in its own star system, and tentative explorations into other ones.

Perhaps this is what caught the attention of the Lyvek Conglomerate- whatever did it, a fleet of the creatures arrived in the Hydronian system itself and to put it quite simply: the Hydronians had their asses handed to them. With only a century of development to their name, they still had mostly outdated Earth tech and the like to defend themselves with. The Lyveks massive number of soldiers, not to mention their technological edge gave them a huge advantage over the Hydronians.


The Fall Of Charon and its Colonies Edit

However, Charons vast network of moon colonies lasted a few months despite that in a bitter defense. For a time reinforcements from Hydronia and outside of the system supplemented this- but the Lyvek soon blockaded all of the space around Charon. After that, every colony was overloaded with enemy infantry and fighter craft until they fell, one by one.

The empires other solar systems were soon cut from further contact as Lyvek set their sights on Hydronia itself, its communications blocked...

Soon, enemy craft had landed- the invasion of Hydronia beginning.

The Invasion of Hydronia

The Lyvek war machine seemed unstoppable. Bolstered by reinforcements from out of system and their conquests in the Charon colonies, they landed on Hydronia en masse and expanded. In the first few months they dominated in all battles fought- winning the first segment of the campaign.

After half a year, they'd begun to set up labor camps and the like, establishing themselves in the territory they conquered. Then they started to push into the rest of the Hydronians territory. That's when the tides started to turn. Faced with extinction or subjugation and the loss of their world, human and Mobian alike stubbornly fought the Lyvek off.

By the end of the first year of combat they'd retreated back into space. So, the first few space battles began.

With their own craft, as well as tentative attempts at retrofitting Lyvek technology as well as using any that'dbeen left behind- the Hydronians had formed a small fleet. These conflicts would soon stand out with the manuevers of a young Nicolas Ozzel, then a captain of one of the Hydronians only warships. A brilliant officer, he pulled off several famous maneuvers and defeated a fair few Lyvek craft, eventually being promoted to admiral. With the actions of him and a few other noteworthy individuals, the Lyvek fleet was pushed back to Charon and it's moons..

After that, there were a few months of relative calm... both sides were licking their wounds, and preparing for the next round of combat. The Lyvek called in reinforcements from their empire, and hired the services of a race known as the "Zargonians" as well as a group known as the Genesis. The Hydronians began a massive military build-up, creating new starships for when the Lyvek returned. It was the Hydronians who struck first, though. The newly constructed fleet went into the warp and appeared near Charon, taking the Lyvek completely by surprise. The conflict around Charon would last for weeks, with the Lyvek's newfound help only adding to the chaos.

Although most of the moons had had Hydronian colonies on them, colonies that were now serving as slave camps, some were abandoned or already being terraformed.. and these worlds were being converted into staging areas. Massive, planet spanning bases. These would fall prey to the fighting the hardest, and many of them had their surfaces destroyed entirely by Hydronian bombardment.

After two years of bloody conflict, the Hydronians managed to drive the Lyvek out of the system completely. The war was over.

West CampaignEdit

A New BeginningEdit

However, even with the fighting over, the war had taken it's toll on the Empire. Billions of Hydronians had been killed, and dozens of worlds had been desecrated in the fighting, either bombarded by the Hydronian fleet or razed by the Lyvek before they left. Hydronia and the remaining colonies around Charon were in ruins, and there were barely any resources left. And even worse, Lyvek and Zargonian stragglers were everywhere, and still needed to be hunted down.

It seemed that even though the brutal fight against the Lyvek invaders was at an end, this may be the end of the Hydronian Empire itself. The Hydronian Emperor saw under these desperate times only one solution, one last resort. A secret meeting was arranged between the Emperor, Admiral Ozzel and General Marsh so they could hear his plan. However, ironically enough the Emperor never showed up, other matters coming up to distract him.

Instead they were given a message, a speech from the Emperor, spoken through a man who represented him:
"Ladies and Gentleman, I am a man who loves the Hydronian Empire. I can even say that I love it with all my heart, as if it was my own son, but a disease has for many years weakend my son. The dieseases name is the Lyvek and our empire, our precious child was almost destroyed because of them. We managed to rise together as one and defeat this disease. We are still weak, but alive. This disease is not yet gone and we cannot rest now. We are short on all kinds of resources. Our territories are in ruins.. we have very little options."

The Emperor's speech went on, but what was the main point? They needed help, and quickly. And so the Emperor thought up the unthinkable: Ozzel and Marsh would be given control of one of the Hydronians remaining fleets and sent back to Earth. They would asses the situation, find out of the Corvolt still remained in control.. and if not? Assist the Terrans in any way they could and in return, recieve help and resources.


When Admiral Ozzel arrives to Earth, he sends out a worldwide message, but only a few picks it up, because earth’s nations are too busy with their own matters. In desperation to get new allies and anger at the Lyvek for the previous attack on their system, Admiral Ozzel sends out Grant and some "Warrior" class infantry to attack the Lyvek forces. The Hydronian fleet, on the other hand, starts looking for a landing place so they can establish a temporarily base. They would have landed on the Mobian Island if it weren't already occupied, some confusion were made there. As soon as the first Hydronian forces had landed in Canada, Admiral Ozzel sends out another message to Earths nations and immediately declares war against the Lyvek invasion. Shortly after the speech, battles between the Hydronian forces and Lyvek forces quickly erupt.

Blizzards GreenlandEdit

Later on the Hydronian fleet gets in contact with the Blizzard faction and they come to an agreement. They will become allies, but the Hydronian forces are allowed to establish a base on Greenland. The Blizzard faction will instead receive spare vehicles and blueprints so they can expand their army structure. As the fleet stayed above Greenland, another wave of transports were launched and deployed another wave of troops in Canada to continue the fight. While regular “Warrior” class infantry are at stalemate with the Lyvek Enforcers, the Guardian troops are able to start pushing the Lyvek soldiers back.

Pity For The Children Of RevolutionEdit

More information will come...


Hydronians try for diplomacy above all else with all but hostile nations. Despite this their army is vast- owing to the numerous times Hydronia has come under seige by alien powers. Their initial opression by the Corvolt, their planets brief takeover under the Lyvek… various border skirmishes, and of course the wars on Earth. Hydronia's history is full of conflicts like these. And ever since the Lyvek invasion, the military did all it could to sharpen itself to a fine point.

Ironically, at first all they had were old Earth weapons and weapons reverse engineered from Kugel and Lyvek technologies. Yet as Hydronia has expanded, the militarys technology, tools and weapons have advanced. Both from Hydronias innovations, as well as reverse engineering of newer Earth technology, alien technology and so on. Now, the army is a labyrinth force in the empire, especially with a former military commander serving as leader.

Yet despite it all, the people of Hydronia have proven to be immune to petty things like xenophobia or heavy nationalism. Well educated and informed, they know what the military is really for: a tool for defense and something to serve Hydronia and its allies’ best interests.

Like the oceans, Hydronia can go from peaceful to warlike in seconds if one power expands too far, pushes too much.

Infantry Edit




Hydronian Guard:

Trojan Commando:

Vehicles Edit

Hyrook light tank:

Cougar APC:

C-40000 “Rolling Steel” Assault Tank:

Ships Edit

Charon class frigate:

Tidal class Destroyer:

Vengeance class Cruiser:


Assault Rifle: The standard issue service rifle for all Hydronian infantry across the board, this air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed weapon is actually a very recent addition to the arsnel. Compared to any armies laser weapons, or hell, the Hydronian's own Morita rifle, it would seem weak. But this weapon is often shown as a prime example of something that upholds an old saying in the military.. "if it hurts, it works"

Morita Rifle: An alternative to the Assualt Rifle so often used by Hydronia's armed forces, this weapon is far older then it's counterpart, but far more powerful as well. One of Hydronia's rare incursions into laser weaponry, it's projectiles bear some resemblance to Lyvek Grenadiers weapons. This is no suprise: much of Hydronia's older weapons were reverse engineered from old Lyvek weapons, and this is one of them. Having been in the Hydronian's arsenal for dozens of years, it's expected to be continued being used in the coming battles.

SMMPBC: A modified version of a powerful anti-vehicle weapon once used by the "Future Rebel" faction, the Hydronian's have started producing these weapons for use by their Heavy's and the Stormtrooper regiments. Huge, excessive, and loud as hell, they've been modified to shoot extremely powerful laser blast. these weapons are one of the most powerful guns in the Hydronian arsenal. Troopers usually refer to it as "The Beam Cannon," "The Cannon," "Canner" and "The Beamer," instead of it's official name, the Shoulder-Mounted Man-Portable Beam Cannon.

RPG: The Hydronian's OTHER anti-vehicle weapon, this gun was developed by the Hydronian's exclusively, much like the Assualt Rifle. Used by Hydronian Heavies, this weapon fires extremely fast rockets, which will home in and blast against anything they touch. Weaker compared to the Laser Bazooka, this weapon is still devestating in the right hands.

Autogun: The Hydronian's answer to chain and rail guns. This smart, one user only weapon is exclusively used by Hydronian Heavy Marines (Or occasionaly UNIT, and a Marine version IS in the works) Able of firing dozens of bullets per second, it's able to tear enemy infantry to shreds. Extremely powerful and extremely deadly.

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