Imageshack (or Imageshit, as Underling calls it)  is an image-hosting website. While it was once used a lot by member of Sprite wars, it has lost it's way in terms of being a good image-hosting site for Spriters, and recent changes have caused many comics and sprite sheets to be lost or subjected to the dreaded "Resized because SCREW YOU" procedure. Many, MANY of the comics from the invisionfree days of sprite wars were lost this way. And the worst part is that this deletion of images is still going on right now! Need we even mention that the Sprite wars related stuff is just one fraction of the now-lost content?

As if to add insult to injury, the site has been updated so that any links to deleted images show a generic image telling you to "click and discover imageshack". What the owners of imageshack don't seem to realize is that we don't want to "discover imageshack", we want to discover all the pictures that have been callously deleted by their stupid updates.

The final curtainEdit

In January 2016, Imageshack moved to an all-subscription based format, resulting in the deletion of all images that were uploaded for free (At least, the ones that had survived the waves of deletion up until then. Fuck you very much, imageshack).

Things on Sprite wars that have been lost to the void of imageshack's stupidityEdit

-JDR's comics.

-Various pictures posted in Spam o' can threads.

-TMWK's comics.

-Most of CommanderEvil's GC comics (for the first 3 campaigns)

-Many of Underling's comics. (Whether they be campaign related or parody comics)

-Various comics that were uploaded in the "sprite comics" section.

-Chris/Dominoe's stuff.

-Admittingswords stuff.

-Tsauruvian Empire's stuff.

-Vasili's stuff.