Imperial Guard Attack

The Imperial Guard rush into battle.

Imperial Guard


Theocracy, Military junta


Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil

Notable Members:

Lord General Zigge, General Dunken

Homeland / Bases:

Planet Cadia, Parts of Asia




SW Prime, GC

The Imperial Guard is a colossal military faction controlled by Zigge, consisting of billions of soldiers loyal to the Imperium of Man and The Almighty God-Emperor.

The Imperial Guard is the primary fighting force of the Imperium, so numerous in size that even the Departmento Munitorum cannot place a figure on the number of Guardsmen under arms at any one time; the daily lists of new recruits and toll of casualties can run into the millions in a single day. It would be infeasible trying to put any exact number on the strength of the Guard; however, it is believed that there must be many billions of Imperial Guardsmen, divided into millions of regiments. This absolute numeracy provides the Guard with its main power; their ability to deploy in numbers that, eventually, result in victory. Attacking in seemingly endless influxes across battle-zones, charging forth under the cover of massive barrages and delivering massed lasgun volleys, in the Guard the individual human soldier may appear a lost thing, almost forgotten. Yet the actions of these anonymous soldiers daily decide the fate of worlds.

The Guard forms the very backbone of the Imperium; without it Mankind would surely perish. Whilst Guardsmen are hardly the equals of Space Marines, fighting neither with the advantages of genetic enhancement or the most powerful personal weaponry, the Guard possesses the courage and the manpower to face and annihilate the enemies of the Emperor across the galaxy.

The Grand Campaign Season 3Edit


A Imperial Ship making an emergency landing

After The Third War For Armageddon, the surviving regiments of the Cadian Shock Troopers were heading back home to their home planet Cadia, but were surprised by a unforeseen storm. Unable to keep control over the Imperial Ships in the storm, and because of the damage they had sustained during the War, they had no choice but to drift along with it. No-one knew what storm it was and what effect it had, but when the storm was gone, the Regiment found themselves lost in a new galaxy. The Regiment's fleet had received even further damage, and were forced to make an emergency landing on one of the closest planets they could find: Earth...

After some bloody and lengthy clashes with PAX Nation (and a horde of Zombies), the Imperial Guard demanded that their outgunned foes surrender - a truce was met, and, in a rare display of mercy, the “heretics” were offered redemption for what the Imperial Guard saw as crimes against humanity. PAX was then amalgamated into the Imperial Guard, becoming the PAX Regiment.

The Imperial Guard later went on to clash with the Euro-Asian Kingdom of Norpan, the Chinese Army, and the ISA.

Technology and Army StructureEdit

Previously known as the Imperial Army, each Regiment consists of between five hundred and ten thousand soldiers, supported by a huge array of vehicles, mechs and artillery. Forming the backbone of the Imperium, the IG’s technology is considered basic and almost primitive where they hail from, but in the Sprite Wars universe they are one of the most technologically advanced armies, rivalling such factions as the Kugestadlt Republic and the Hydronians, and because of this their losses have not been as astronomically high as in the dimension they hail from. Common tactics include tank rushes with infantry using the armoured vehicles as cover, or advancing under heavy lasgun volleys and/or artillery fire on an enemy position.

Equipment and WeaponryEdit

Lasgun: The standard issue weapon for the Imperial Guard across the board, and that which all subsequent Las-Weaponry is based off of. It is relatively weak compared to the other basic infantry weapons , such as the bolter and the pulse rifle. It is still powerful when deployed en masse, and they are devestating to lightly armored infantry. Hundreds of variations on the basic design exist, such as the sturdy and reliable MK36 used by the Cadian regiments, to the ornate and hand-crafted weaponry of the Vostroyan Firstborn and the Acatran MKIV, valued by drop troops for its compactness and utility at short range.

Laspistol: The pistol version of the lasgun, it has a shorter range and is thus usually favored by officers and command advisors who are not usually in the thick of things as much as the common soldiery.

Lascannon: One of the most powerful anti-tank weapons utilized by the Imperial Guard, the Lascannon is always either vehicle mounted, as is in the case of the hull mounted Lascannon on the Leman Russ battle tank, or lugged around the battlefield by a two man fireteam. It is relatively stable compared to some of the more exotic anti-tank methods, such as plasma and meltaguns.

Hellgun: A more powerful version of the Lasgun. Also known as a "hot-shot" lasgun, the hellgun is powered by an external energy pack to provide increased armour peircing power, making this weapon considerably more expensive to produce and, as such, it is mainly used by Stormtroopers to provide a little extra punch to their already considerable firepower.

Autogun: A basic slugthrower rifle, the autogun was the standard-issue rifle of the Guard until the 32nd Millenium. It is still favored by some regiments, and is heavily used by Planetary Defense Forces and backwater regiments with less access to Las technology. It is also a favorite of underhive gangers.

Flamer: A large weapon the fires liquid promethium at a target in such a way that the promethium ignites upon contact with the air, allowing the nozzle to be swept back and forth in a slow, deliberate motion. Devestating against lightly armored and closely packed troops.

Chainsword or Chainblade: The standard close combat weapon of the Imperial Guard, the chainsword, despite being a simple metal construct on a battlefield full of powered gauntlets, cursed broadswords, flaming axes, and plague ridden knives, still constitutes a viable threat. Its teeth are designed to slice through powered armor and its light weight allows a skilled operator to fight with another weapon in his other hand. Knives and bayonets are also utilised.

Flak Armor: The basic armor worn by all soldiers of the Imperial Guard. It provides protection from low velocity or indirect projectiles, but pretty much all other armor is highly preferable. Flak Armour is usually made from synthetic fibres or light-weight threaded alloys and leaving the wearer free to move.

Unit Types Edit

Guardsmen: Guardsman (sometimes Private, Trooper or other regimental equivalent) is the generic term for the lowest enlisted rank in the Imperial Guard, no matter their military occupational specialty. It is also in use as a generic term for any member of the Imperial Guard, regardless of rank. As a member of the standing army Imperial Guard, the average Guardsman can be expected to fight against genetically-engineered super-beings, alien killing machines, warrior-mystics, or technology that appears akin to sorcery. Against the horrors of a worlds permanently at war, the average Guardsmen is equipped with a type of flak jacket and a lasgun fixed with a bayonet; victory and survival are won with the aid of fellow Guardsmen, courage and, of course, lots of firepower. Guardsmen are the basic troopers of all standard regiments and form by far the greatest part of most aspects of the Imperial Guard. They are the most common soldier in the army and perform all manner of tasks from open warfare to city fighting to construction of fortifications to defending Imperial property. They are always armed with the most common weapon in the army, the lasgun, chosen for its reliability and low ammunition requirements.

Heavy Weapons Team: Guardsmen who display talent with specialized weaponry can be formed into Support Squads. Guardsmen in these squads are either gunners or loaders and their squads are given distinct battlefield roles. Each squad contains six Guardsmen, crewing three heavy weapons. This pair of Guardsmen, a gunner/loader combination, is referred to as a Heavy Weapons Team.

Drop Troop Squads: Drop Troops are specially trained Guardsmen, who utilize varying specialist equipment (Grav-chutes, grav-gliders, etc.) to deploy from the air into a war zone. The training involved in learning to use this equipment is typically very demanding, and regiments of Drop Troops have a reputation of being extremely capable fighters. They are formed up into Drop Troop Squads that are reminiscent of standard infantry squads, with some minor equipment and weapons modifications.

Scouts: Scouts are new recruits of a Imperial Guards Regiment, however only a few Guardsmen are selected to being their combat life as a scout. The scouts train and learn every day to become a silent killer. Taking to heart the information and skill that will one day see them elevated to the rank of a officer or a elite soldier. A Scout is rigorously tested in all capacities. The life of a Imperial scout, is one of gruelling tasks and painful training. They are more lightly armed and armoured than other troops, their role is to range ahead of the main force, preparing the way for the main advance by infiltrating enemy lines, sabotaging and gathering intelligence - causing as much chaos and disruption as possible. On the field of battle they fulfil many more roles than just being a silent killer. Serving alongside Tactical Squads, taking the fight to the enemy with the main force, or providing long-range fire support with the tanks. In some rare cases, Scouts might also take to the field on Bikes.

Priests: Priests are the Preachers, Missionaries, Confessors and other clergy members of the Ecclesiarchy, dispatched to accompany the Imperial Guard during campaigns and battles. With their oratory they affirm the faith and resolve of the troops. Even in the midst of battle they preach the righteousness of the Emperor to the troops, instilling in them a ferocious resolve to destroy the enemy in close combat. Their fiery speeches can stir a populace to rebelling against a heretic lord or persuade an army to lay down its arms and submit to the mercy of the Emperor (which is inevitably quick and bloody). Priests favor close combat over shooting, and through their inspiring exhortations, instill this ideal into the Guardsmen following them. Such is their fury that priest-led squads will always charge any enemy within reach, making priests as ferocious as Commissars when it comes to motivating men, although they use inspiration rather than fear.

Basilisk: The Basilisk is the main line artillery piece of Imperial Guard regiments throughout the Imperium. It is armed with an Earthshaker Cannon and counts as self-propelled artillery. It is based on the Chimera chassis but has been heavily modified to allow the installation of the main gun.

Chimera: The Chimera is the primary armoured infantry transport for the Imperial Guard and is a highly versatile vehicle. It has been used as a chassis for many other vehicles and has been in service for many thousands of years.

Leman Russ Battle Tank: The Leman Russ is a Battle Tank and the main armour used in Imperial Guard regiments. It is an easy design to replicate and many variants have been created throughout time. It was named after the Space Wolves Primarch, Leman Russ.

Hydra: The Hydra Flak Tank is an Imperial Guard vehicle armed with 4 long-barreled autocannons, fulfiling the anti-air artillery role. It is capable of keeping up with armoured formations to ensure that they have anti-air protection and can also serve in the ground support role, in which it is effective against infantry and light vehicles.

Sentinel: A two-legged walker used by the Imperial Guard for scouting and reconnaissance missions.



The Pax Regiment

Pax RegimentEdit

Converted soldiers from the old PAX nation that existed in parts of Russia. When the Imperial Guard came to Earth, they found the PAX nation to be filled with both feelings of hate and revenge. The leaders of the Imperial Guards decided to destroy the PAX nation once and for all to eliminate those feelings that could lead to Chaos. The PAX nation did not give up so easily and fought back with everything they had, but they lacked the technology and man power. It was just a matter of time until they were defeated. When the Government gave up, the soldiers in the PAX army were supposed to be executed or Imprisoned for fighting against the Emperors Guardsmen. However, Commander Zigge decided not to take the soldiers' lives or Isolate them, and instead filled them with faith and promises. Zigge had seen under the war that they had fought well against his own troops and admired their strength and courage. A few thousands PAX soldiers swore allegiance to the Imperial Guards and the Emperor, while those who refused were executed on the spot for heresy.

As the war raged on, many soldiers in the PAX regiment would turn out to have been disloyal to the imperium, aiding the Chinese rebels and their old leader, commander Pax. Those that did not betray the imperium would form one of the primary factions of the imperial civil war that happened during GC4.

Salvar Chem Dogs

Salvar Chem Dogs

Salvar Chem DogsEdit

The Savlar Chem Dogs are typical of many Penal Legions in the Imperial Guard. Recruits are drawn from prisons on the planet Savlar by the promise to allow them to keep anything they take from the battlefield, as well as the chance to get away from Savlar's highly toxic environment. Savlar Chem Dogs are recruited from the Penal colonies on the planet Savlar, and come from the worst murderers, thieves and miscellaneous scoundrels. They were originally created by Judge Callistar in order to suppress the rebellions on the planet. They were used to fight in the Third War for Armageddon and excel in fighting in Hive Cities and close quarters. They were used beneath the cities to repel any Orks trying to invade the cramped, toxic regions. They get their courage mainly from the use of nitro-chem inhalers, and are just as likely to steal from other regiments (and each other!) as they are from the enemy. They also have a high number of Commissars, since they are actually a Penal Legion regiment. They have access to Ogryns and a special type of Rough Riders that are altered with chemicals. Savlar Chem Regiments are not trusted with some of the more ancient weapons used by other regiments, and are mostly given Flamers and heavy bolters. The Savlar rebreather is bulky and has four hoses. They sometimes have dust goggles, occasional improved armour, stolen vox-casters, and the rare "archeotech."

Soror RegimentEdit

The Soror Regiment (also known as "The Sister Regiment") are an all-woman regiment of the Imperial Guards. The Soror Regiment date their founding from 20XX, and more specifically from the later events of the expansion of the Imperial Guards in Asia. They were from the begining a religious organization in Asia that welcomed widows and orphans from the endless of wars that raged around the world. However when this organization found out about the Imperial Guards, they offered their help as medics and nurses on the frontline. Their presence on the battlefield were highly appreciated and made a dramatic change in the chances of survival as a Guardsmen. The organization became famous for their work and they were, althought being strangers to the Imperial guards, given the chances to become a medical regiment within the Imperium. When they were given the offer, the organization leader suddenly changed her mind and wanted a military regiments to be created instead. Her argument was that she wanted to seek out and revenge those who destroyed their former lives. The Imperial Guards couldn't reject the offer and so the Soror Regiment were created.

Inquisitor army

The Invasion of ISA - Crusader Army

Inquisition's CrusadersEdit

The Inquisition's Crusaders are a subdivision of the secret religious organization known as The Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition, more commonly known as the Inquisition. The Crusaders serve as the Inquisition's fighting arm and shield, mercilessly rooting out corruption and heresy within humanity and every organization of the Imperium. The Crusaders themselves is answerable to no higher power except the Emperor, the Inquisition and the highest commanders of the Imperium. However no one, except the Emperor himself, is beyond the scrutiny of the Inquisition's Crusaders. The role of the Crusaders is not only to fight for the Emperor and the Inquisition, but also to investigate and deal with all potential threats to mankind and the Imperium. In the eyes of the Inquisition, there are multitudes of such potential threats. The main threat is posed not by invading aliens, but from within, by corruption and disloyalty within the Imperial organizations, as well as by psykers. The other threat posed from within is that of mutation, the constant corruption of the human gene-pool. There are no bounds to the Inquisition's area of responsibility: alien plots, mutation, political corruption, and incompetence all come under their jurisdiction. In some occasions, the Inquisitors may use the service of the Crusaders to act as bodyguards to any Imperial servant or organization.


Pertinax soldiers shortly after their formation.

Pertinax Regiment Edit

The Pertinax Regiment is made up of former Neoterran Storm Troopers that were stranded on earth and given the choice to join the Imperium. During the GC Regen, they would be one of the main factions in the civil war that would envelop the imperium.