Kait'hur(phonetically pronounced K-eye-th-eur(Kai-thur)) is the home planet of the alien species of kaithe. Kait'hur is located near the constellation of Orion, orbiting Sirius, roughly 8.6ly from Earth. It is a lush, and temperate world with a deep history of its inhabitants, who, after a long and bloody war, decided that they would devote themselves to destroying evil in the universe. Kait'hur has a lot of resources, including water. A notable fact about Kait'hur is the lack of pollution. This is due to an intense scrubber system that engineers constructed several years ago, that takes the pollution and constantly presses pollutants into gigantic blocks, which are then used for production in polysteels, carbon products, pencils, and other things. Excess pollution, or hazardous pollution(such as radioactive waste) is then brought into space, and transported a safe distance near the star, where it is then fired into it (non reactive firing methods) and vaporized by the intense heat.

Planetary Information Edit

Kait'hur is classified as a terrestrial, warm terran planet, roughly 1.5 times the size of earth, with a density which makes the gravity very earth like. The gravity is slightly lower on Kait'hur, but it is un-noticeable by humans, kaithe, or other sentient humanoids who have been to Earth. Orbiting Sirius makes the days quite bright, with UV indexes averaging 10 almost every day in the summers. However, the light does not reflect the heat, which is a relief to visitors. The high UV index allows for a variety of plant life. The higher than average UV index will sunburn people not properly protected with sunblocks, but kaithe are immune to sunburns, as they have scales. Kait'hur has 4 moons. 2 icy moons, which are water based, one sodium chloride based moon, one tungsten based moon. One icy moon, Chella, has a breathable atmosphere, as well as an average temperature matching those from Alaska on Earth.