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Kalash (AKA KALASH69/xshaddowkalashx/KALASHsixtynine) is a Sprite Wars veteran and former Global Moderator. He served in the very first sprite wars as well as the second. Then mysteriously disappeared for a long period of time, sporadically popping up during various campaigns in various incarnations. Kalash returned to Sprite Wars years later and resurrected the many times previously failed Western Campaign, this time in it's 5th chapter. It was dubbed Sprite Wars V which took place on a seemingly fictional planet that was very close in size and population to earth on an island called Bivalve. However, after a great start, Kalash mysteriously disappeared once again, leaving the Western Campaign to once more die again. Most recently Kalash returned once more, to play a part in the second season of the Grand Campaign as a small Private Military Contractor.

Kalash generally always plays the part of the good guy, but on one rare and very short occasion he played the part of a villain, although unknown to most as his character as that villain was never revealed or released and furthermore that sprite was lost in a computer crash some time ago. Assisting The Man Who Knows in the Combine's quest for world domination by playing as the Civil Protection Overwatch division of the Combine. Soon after the start of the season with this army Kalash disappeared. Kalash is also the creator of the fictional continent in the south pacific "Pangea." He drew the very first map as well as came up with every set location on the map. Some locations were later revised. Kalash also did this with the island of Bivalve. He drew the whole map, named cities of which each had its own story and secrets, and created every background that was used in the campaign (Over 30 in total) to correspond with random locations, as well as key locations and cities in game.

Kalash returned in Augest 2008 to rejoin the campaigns, playing Black blood PMC and the revived united states. He also returned to playing his classic jedi knight character for a short time. However due to forum drama and pressure Kalash left sometime in late 2009 and has not since returned.

Known Armies:

Irish Republican Army

The Jedi Knights

The Republic's Clone Army

C-CPO (Combine-Civil Protection Overwatch)

Shaddow Korpse United Mercenaries (S.K.U.M.)

American Defense Force

United States Marine Corps

United States of Dukes Marine Corps

Black Blood Private Military Contractor

Tactical Rescue and Assault Task Force (T.R.A.T.)

Black Blood Motorcycle Club

Satan's Outlaws Motorcycle Club

United States Military Federation (USMF)

Main Force Patrol

Spriting Style:

Kalash's sprites tend to be very realistic and detailed. Weapons, vehicles, and uniforms look like their real counterparts. Kalash generally bases all of his army's equipment and weapons on real equipment and weapons. Kalash also makes most of his own sprites. Everything from weapons to vehicles, even to head sprites for characters. Kalash even uses colors from real objects to create his sprites. Uniforms and guns are all the colors they are suppose to be. Sometimes Kalash takes technology from various video games for use in his armies or sprites, many of his creations are heavily influenced by the Metal Gear Solid, KILLZONE, and Resident Evil game series.

2011-present: The return.Edit

On May 22nd of 2011, Kalash returned to sprite wars with much fanfare. He made up for lost time by joining the in-progress 4th grand campaign just a week after he returned.He went on to participate in the Continental campaign as a Mad-Max inspired Police faction.

Most recently, he joined in the Global Campaign as the US military. Sadly, the site that he was using to post images has gone down, which has resulted in some very important plot points (IE: The USA and Canada uniting, the cold war between the US and Mikemurdock's Mobian faction, the possibility of a military coup in the US after their base in Spain was overrun by the Rebel army) are missing. As of May 2014, he has returned to the site with greater frequency.