Kugel Emblem

Inscription reads "Fear, not our master. Hate, not our sickness."

Kugestaldt Republic


Fear, not our master. Hate, not our sickness.


Quasi-socialist republic


Lawful good

Notable members

Jano Rekova


Tykara City, Kugel Prime


40% Kugel, 60% other races


Grand Campaign, Western Campaign, Global campaign (mentioned only)


Non-hostile expansion, collective wealth, destruction of clear and would-be aggressors, shared defense, colonisation

"Dying a victor is better than a life of failure."

- State Commander Jano Rekova


The Kugestaldt Republic is one of the lesser known galactic super powers in the galaxy, residing in the "south" of the galaxy. A multicultural empire spanning hundreds of systems outside of space known to Humans and Mobians, it is headed by a race of beings known as "Kugels", who head the Republics vast political complex, with over a thousand other races sharing power within the Republic.

Although mostly peaceful, founded upon such virtues as truth, peace and tolerance, the Kugestaldt Republic possesses an army of galactic proportions, with the diversity and strength to capture multiple systems at once. Despite the fact it prefers diplomatic solutions to conflict, it frequently uses its massive army against other nations such as its main enemy, the Lyvek Conglomerate.

Their rule covers a small portion of space, consisting of 'pacified' nations conquered in battles with tyrannic races such as the Lyvek. The 'Sigma Wars', the titanic battle fought between both races, still continues, ravaging the galaxy. Most Kugels are mild mannered beings, rarely reckless and listening carefully to orders. They prefer to work together than alone, covering each other and flanking enemies.

The overall Kugel strategy is to use exhaust every technological advantage before willingly risking the lives of its soldiers. However, such is their hate for the Lyvek, that if they are present they will openly fight them before engaging other enemies.

Species of the Republic

Although began by the Kugels, following the fall of the GDL species from around the galaxy joined the Republic. The most prominent non-Kugel groups are listed here.

Gerhaans - The Gerhaans are a species of humanoid amphibians who possess both lungs and gills. They are loyal supporters of the Kugestaldt Republic, and are famous for being a near-pacifist species - roughly 0.23% of their entire species has ever enlisted in the KRAF. They have beady-black eyes, slimy blue skin and tendrils for hair. Most of them are skilled diplomats, and often hold peace conferences on behalf of the Kugestaldt.

Rusanians - A species of semi-vertibrates, many Rusanians are professional miners and industrialists. Most Rusanians in the Republic spend their time on business matters, but many join the army in search of adventure and excitement. They possess three compound eyes and a dual pair of mandibles on their faces, and are generally much thinner than Kugels

Ardians - Behaviourwise, Ardians are very similar to Kugels. They are a mild-mannered, logical species, who often fight when required. They come from a world filled with dense jungles, and are expert tree jumpers.

Kovai - Recent members of the Republic, the crablike Kovai joined the Kugestaldt after the KRAF wrestled control of their homeworld Kaimaru from the Lyvek Conglomerate. The Kovai are known for their stubborn nature, even if they are often cowardly.

Jorgall - The Jorgall resemble large, hairless apes with respiratory "tubes" coming from their backs. Despite their intimidating appearance, they are quite docile creatures with large appetites.

Falx - Known for their incredible banking skills, the Falx often oversee and manage the massive Kugestaldt treasury. They are also intrigued by biological science, and many are members of the KRSDs Biological division.

Hastari - Smaller cousins of the Jorgall, the Hastari feed with a probiscus instead of a mouth. Four eyes allow it to see, with greater perception than its larger relative. They are very charismatic, often sharing very close relationships with members of other species.

Maltave - Eager fighters, the Maltave are hunchbacked insectoids who inhabit a number of planets within the Mal system. Despite their warlike nature, they are almost always seen fighting on their homeworlds, which are under constant attack from Lyvek invaders. Val-Nume - Tall, spindly multipeds, the Val-Nume avoid fighting at all cost due to their frailty. They lack eyes, but possess a very keen sense of smell, which combined with their inherent curiosity often gets them into trouble.

Kaali - Short and wise, the Kaali are one of the oldest races in the Kugestaldts roster, much older than even the Kugels themselves. They often travel to distant places in the Republic, spreading the knowledge they have gathered in their long lifespans. Some say they are relatives to the Gerhaans - thanks to their taboo against technology, however, they have refused to take any gene-tests to prove this.

Thousands of other races make up the Kugestaldt, but only a few are listed here.


Between the realms of the just and the domains of the hateful stands one shield sworn to the protection of the innocent - they are the men and women of the Kugestaldt Republic armed forces. Whether it is one of the superhuman GEHDIs or the reclusive scout corps, every willing creature is welcome to join 'the dark defenders' in the fight against oppression and fascism.

This army of skilled and highly trained professionals stands as the mighty sword and the unbreakable shield of the Kugestaldt, armed with the greatest weapons and vehicles the worlds of the Republic have to offer. Led personally by the enigmatic Commander Juno 'Cool' Rekova, who also acts as the Republics political leader, they fight an almost infinite war against the bloodthirsty Lyvek and their diabolical weapons.

The overall Kugel strategy is to use exhaust every technological advantage before willingly risking the lives of its soldiers. However, such is their hate for the Lyvek, that if they are present they will openly fight them before engaging other enemies.


The Kugels are reknowned for their vast technological advances. They are brilliant scientists by nature, and continue to suprise the galaxy with new weapon technologies. Most weapons in the modern Kugel arsenal use Charged Magnetic Shockwave Devices, or Pulse weaponry, in their construction. In a nutshell, the CMSDs send out a wave of charged energy that rips through flesh, bone and armour. Depending on the size of the weapon, the power and effectiveness of the weapons CMSD changes. The semi-automatic fire on the AR-20 Kugel Assault Rifle is powerful enough to rip through most modern body armour, while the large automatic pulse cannon on a Ravenor Medium Tank can butcher a vehicle twice its size through sheer ROF.

Pulse technology is also used to power aircraft and starship engines, such as on the Rahovart Destroyer and Lepoard Interceptor. The force generated by the pulse waves is so great that it can carry 100 ton battleships or propell fighter aircraft at phenomenal speeds.

Infantry Weapons:

PF-45 - Personal semi-automatic sidearm issued to all military personnel. 7-round pulse battery.

AR-15 - Discontinued-use semi-automatic pulse rifle. Pulse battery carries 20 rounds.

AR-20 - Semi-automatic standard issue assault rifle for Kugel regular infantrymen. Carries a pulse battery with the capacity for 24 rounds worth of energy.

SMG-14 - Full-automatic sub machine gun issued to NCOs and urban combat specialists. Subject to considerably more recoil than the AR-20. Pulse battery capacity is 50 rounds' energy.

AT-99 - Heavy anti-tank weapon, pierces almost any armor with a magnetically charged plasma blast. One shot per battery.

AT-40 - Long-barreled two-man assault cannon. Fires a variety of shell types - incinidery, high-explosive and armor piercing, to be precise. One shot before reload, requires two soldiers to operate - one to help carry, load and stabilise the gun when firing, and another to aim and fire the weapon.

AR-60 - Interchangable fire special issue assault rifle to standard GEHDI units. Charged plasma rounds are substantially more powerful than those of the AR-20. Pulse battery capacity is 80 rounds.

AR-60L - Modified, stripped-down AR-60 type with silenced fire options and concealed energy filters. Issued to Female GEHDIs who prefer to be stealthy. Capacity is the same as the original gun.

AR-50 - Semi-automatic special issue firearm given to Recon GEHDI units. Longer range than the AR-20, but similar stopping power.

History of the Republic

The Kugestaldt Republic began as the Rohundaan Conservative Federation (RCF), which began around the Kugel equivalent of the Atomic Age. The RCF was a union consisting of three ex-warring factions, the Nobilite Statehood, the Giovin Republic, and the Mazolon Union. The alliance was uneasy at first, but the RCF quickly became a solid faction. The first signs of a power struggle began to emerge, however, as the Nobilitian chairman, Hugar Von Nelschin, and the Mazolonian president, Andraek Rekova, began to quarrel over who should rule the Rohundaan state as a whole. While the Giovini politicians stayed silent on the matter, Nelschin and Rekova began to draw their plans against each other.

Nelschin, in his frustration, launched a pre-emptive strike against several Mazolon cities, killing hundreds. Rekova was furious, and split from the RCF which he deemed 'unfit to create a united society'. Nelschin pushed onward, attempting to conquer enough land to bleed the Mazolonians dry of resources, but instead was met with fanatical resistance from the Mazolonian army. While Rekovas brother, Makura, fought the Nobilitians back, the Mazolon leader made deals with the Giovini people, silently drawing them to the Mazolon cause. Eventually, the Giovin Republic pushed up from the south into Nobilite territory, taking them by suprise and capturing their capital city within weeks of their first move. Hugar Von Nelschin was executed for war crimes, and Rekova formed the Kugestaldt Republic from the ashes of the failed RCF, naming his new state after the species, the Kugels.

A century after first contact with an alien race, the then-current leader of the Republic, Seras Rekova, descendant of the great Andraek Rekova and Chairwoman of the Kugestaldt, mysteriously disappeared one night. With no children, her advisors were forced to hand leadership over to the House of Chimera, and the families eldest son, Jamuko Chimera. The new leader of the Republic secretly harbored ultrafacist views and, under the guise of having Kugels safety at best interest, began to build up a gigantic army, one so powerful as to outclass the forces of nearly every other race in the galaxy. Once the army was complete, Chimera set his plans into motion.

The now-unstoppable Kugestaldt Republic Armed Forces (KRAF) began its destructive march. In three years, 18 entire systems were captured, subject to the fascist regimes selective extermination procedures. The Radejik, the Coronakin, even Mobian colonies, many races were targeted and systematically decimated at Chimeras hand. Such was the Kugestaldt leaders desire for power, however, that the KRAF quickly became exhausted and undermanned, as became apparent during the disastrous invasion of Terra, where a badly underresourced task force was smashed asunder by the individual Human armies.

Understaffed planetary garrisons were overpowered by local insurgents, and the entire empire collapsed in on itself, leading to the Galactic Defense League (GDL) being formed out of liberated races and launching a devastating strike on the Kugel home front. Seras Rekova, who had been held captive by Chimeras personal militia and then escaped as a refugee to the Gerhaan homeworld for the duration of the struggle, personally oversaw the execution of the man who had led the devastation of over a hundred races.

Back in power, Seras Rekova did everything in her power to redress the damage done by the Republic in the "Rule of Lament". Kugel scientists began to work with genetic experimentation so as to replenish the near-annihilated populations of the species they had affected in their genocides, which led to the creation of the infamous GEHDIs many years later. Thousands of Kugel technicians were sent to maintain the millions of construction robots working galaxy-wide to rebuild the cities that were destroyed by Chimeras men. Eventually, after years of reparation and making amends, the Kugels were finally allowed to join the GDL, clearing them of their debt.

Meanwhile, a new threat to galactic peace was rising - the Hellgate, a mysterious wormhole, appeared on the planet Klandutha. Said to lead to another dimension, the Hellgate began to spew out horrific creatures and daemons which turned the entire population of Klandutha into mindless savages. The GDL sent waves of troops down to retake the planet, but these soldiers were quickly slaughtered in droves by the abominations that walked the surface. Only two soldiers from Sabre squad survived from the entire assault - Jano Rekova, the only son of the Kugel Chairwoman and squad leader, and Vorito Kraid, the Lyvek gunner. The two forged a strong brotherhood, and managed to fight their way to the origin of the Hellgate, the recently-unearthed 'Temple of the Storm God'. Jano was gravely injured by an attack from a demonspawn, and was unable to carry on fighting. By his own free will, Kraid stepped into the Hellgate, in an attempt to destroy it from within. The temple collapsed a few hours after Kraid entered the gate, Jano having barely escaped with his life.

A few days later, after the army of demons was completley annihilated, GDL troops scanned the temple for signs of life and found Kraid buried under what was previously the temple spire. He was later admitted to a psychiatric ward on his homeworld of Lyvor after attacking several GDL soldiers and gibbering about "unspeakable horrors", whereas Rekova healed from his wounds and became chairman of the Republic after his mother, Seras, died in her sleep.

After the Hellgate incident, the GDL brass came under considerable flak from the losses caused by the disastrous assault. The GDL leadership was labelled as 'inept' and 'poorly organised'. The Kugestaldt Republic, however, whos assertion of commmand over the surviving GDL troops allowed the battle to be won, was soon popularised by the GDL for its leadership and political humility. In the end, all the races of the GDL joined the Kugestaldt Republic, making it the dominant galactic superpower, with Jano Rekova at its head.

On the other side of the galaxy, on Lyvor, home of the Lyvek, Vorito Kraid was released from the psychiatric hospital following his sanity test. Upon his release, Kraid was hailed as a hero, the brave Lyvek soldier who fought his way into the heart of the most terrifying and deadly threat ever concieved. Soon, Kraid was on the political rise - a year after the Hellgate incident, he was inaugerated as Emperor of Lyvor, and promptly created the Lyvek Conglomerate. Races from all over the galaxy came to join, some for political stability, others for vengeance against the Kugels who slaughtered their people. Eventually, the Conglomerate swelled to a galactic giant, one that rivalled the Kugestaldt in size, and soon relations began to deteriorate between the two superpowers. Trade routes were suddenly severed, and Lyvek warships were spotted moving at high speeds across the galaxy. Then finally, the glass was shattered.

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