Classic Liberators Flag
Liberator Sig Stacked up

Captain Briano and 1st Lieutenant Vivian stacked up with Liberator Regular Soldiers in a battle-torn city street.

Liberators Army


De Oppresso Liber- Liberate the Oppressed


Paramilitary, Peacekeeping Armed Forces


Neutral Good/Chaotic Good

Notable Members


Homeland / Bases:

Marutus Islands, Formerly Vancouver Canada. Space Station In Earth Orbit.


40% Human, 30% TAU, 10% Mobians/Lylatians, 10% Sarath, 10% Other


SW Prime, GC, Global


Keepers of the Peace, Humanitarian Aid, Counter Terrorism, International Security Operations and Civilian Crisis Aid Support

Before the events that took place in its appearance in the 4th season of the Western Campaign, the Liberators Army started at first as a small peacekeeping and resistance force, formerly known as the Liberators Special Response Unit or LSRU, formerly an independent branch of the Regular Army, but had then become its own independent armed forces. The Liberators Army is a hard trained army who's soldiers have a surprisingly high amount of integrity.They cannot stand dictators and armys that slaughter innocents. With high sense of justice and having experienced the horrors of the first wars and battles, they fight bravely and justly.They also follow certain morals and ethics. Many troops would give their lives in order to protect civilians. They also fight for each other in battle as well, showing incredible self sacrifice. They began as a small peace-keeping force in the first seasons it appeared for. In later seasons, it grew and became more well equipped with improved Solider and vehicle units. It still maintains its image as a shield of the people and its allies, despite its growth. The Liberators wear their signature Orange Uniforms and paint their vehicles Orange to show their peace keeping status, so that people can identify them as a peacekeeping force. Because of their status as peace keepers, most hostile armys as
Liberators Of Marutus

The Liberators prepare to defend Marutus from invasion.

sume that the Liberators are pushovers. But once in battle with them, they are quick to realize just how determined and stubborn Liberator forces are to deny them their objectives. Even in the rare cases of Liberator units being pushed back, they never just let it go. They will come back to the fallen region to try Liberate it again and harass supply lines to the area (which really pisses off enemy commanders). And on the flip side, allied army troops find Liberators to be very helpful, kind and understanding people. Liberator troops would even go as far as to cover a grenade for an allied armys man. Even when these brave souls tire, they still do what they can for others. Some,however,can seance that some of the Liberators are depressed,frustrated and guilt ridden because of the constant cycle of violence. So much so, that Liberators may feel particularly unforgiving to comiters of the most evil and heinous war crimes, and ashamed of the deeds they do, or what they fail to accomplish in the their missions of mercy.


The Modern WarEdit

Durring what was to be known as
Liberatrs Origins Scene 1

The first four of the future members of the LSRU and by extension the Liberators Army Fight along side fellow civilian resistance fighters against the Rebel Army

the first Modern War, the world was attacked by General Morden's Rebel Army, the Rebels attacking major cities around the globe. Of paticular note was the attack in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, where a large invasion force marched it's way into Vancouver, leaving behind it a trail of destruction and death. Regular Army troops garrisoned in Vancouver were caught off guard by the sudden and unexpected attack and units that tried to fight back soon became overwhelmed by the numbers of Rebels. Civilians who formed into Armed Resistance groups faired little better against the Rebels Army. Many Civilians and Military personnel evacuated to Victoria Island, Alaska, the Yukon and Northern Territories. Seeing the situation globely as it was, the UN, NATO and several joint chiefs of staff in the Regular Army, knew that action was needed. While The Peregrine Falcons Squad and the S.P.A.R.O.W.S. we're called upon for mission's and intell, some saw that the Current state of the Regular Army and how it was run, and saw that change was needed to prevent future disaster, and help pacify the current conflict. It was decided that a new, "Special Response Unit" needed to be formed to make up for the Regular Army's short commings. Many Special Ops and Regular Soldiers of merrit were selected for the new unit, with a considerabule handfule of former resistance fighters and Civilian volunteers that enlisted at the last minute. Special Training was given to those that joined and those selected, with a considerabule number washing out in training. The rest mannaged to pass this gruling training, of highest note were a group of fresh faced troops who just enlisted, only days before they were civilian resistance fighters who survived the invasion of Vancouver and British Columbias down fall at the hands of the Rebels. Briano Barillaro, a civilian turned Regular Army recruit when he decided to enlist after the invasion, was amoung the few to pass the intense training. Included in the finnal roster we're Vivian Churchill as well as Matthew Lim and Alie Lim. Briano's sister declined enlistment in the Regular Army, instead joining resistance fighters in the United States, picking up knowledge in explosives.
Modernized Liberators

Fully Modernized, Elements of Liberators 71 Mechanized Infantry Brigade and the 12th Motorized Infantry Regiment in addition to an Infantry Platoon, advance through a township in Europe towards the Front against the Imperial Gaurd

The Birth of the LSRU.Edit

The First Season of warEdit

The Second Season of warEdit

The Third Season of warEdit

The Sorties against The ObliteratorsEdit

The Fourth Season of war and the Caos GodEdit

The Fifth Season of warEdit

Liberators Armed Forces Flag

The Modern Flag of the Liberators Army carrying the classic colors of the Liberators, as well as an effigy of the Tau Empire Flag symbolizing the mutual alliance between The Liberators and the Tau

The Mystery of the Strikers and Shepherds WarEdit

Other Deployments and EngagementsEdit

More to come...


Briano Liberators Wiki Pic

Captain Briano Of the Liberator's Army, shown during an engagement while using his M249

Captian Briano Francesco Barillaro
The main character and a representation of the member of the forum, Briano is the famed, well trained, decorated Captain of the Liberators Army. A well trained solider of the Liberators, Briano received extensive training as a cadet and a recruit. He had risen threw the ranks as a renowned individual, and was even offered the position of General in his military carer, but turned it down so that he can fight along side his men. He cares for the soldiers he commands in battle, and he is an experienced combatant. He hails from Surrey British Columbia, Canada. He fought hard in many battles, but prefers to use force as a last resort if given the chance. But if the situation calls for it, he will not hesitate to give the order to open-fire. He suffers from chronic depression due to the guilt of losing his men in battle, but tries not to let it distract him from his duties. His older choice choice weapons are two Submachine guns and a switch-blade in the heel of his combat boot. He does own a Bren Light Machine gun that once belonged to his uncle, but only rarely uses it. Another weapon he was recently seen with is a M249 Squad automatic weapon that was specially issued to him that is becoming his new favorite weapon, as well as the M92F pistol as his sidearm. While his preferred weapon he is adapt at using other weapons. He also has some (if somewhat limited) knowledge on piloting aircraft. At first, he was a kind and just Captain, making sure POWs were treated fairly, as well as being an overall idealistic and hopeful person in his younger years, but recently with the passage of time, he has become frustrated, somewhat sarcastic and a tad cynical with how much cruelty and evil their is in the world, becoming agitated, and often returning to sarcasm as a coping mechanism from time to time and occasionally wondering why he should show mercy to the same army's who blatantly murder innocents and his men with out any remorse or so much as a second thought. The rare, kind hearted or confused pow makes him re-think this new mindset, but he makes sure that the pow in question sees what their actions and the actions of their army cause. Despite the minor, but notable souring of his personality Briano not only try's to find and make good in the world and still holds on to most of his hope for people and the future; he cares deeply about Vivian, his girlfriend and fellow comrade in the Liberators. To him, the love he has for her, and her for him, is the only thing keeping his innocence alive and his mind in a healthy state, claiming that: "...the only thing in this world that dose make sense anymore is the love I hold in my heart for you..."

After this, the two of them shared a tender moment. Thowe while Briano was ready to take their relation ship to the next level, Vivian didn't feel ready yet. Briano respected Vivian's feelings regarding this and the two of them shared several kisses with each other. In part three of the grand campaign, Briano and Vivian finally got married, and adopted Maria 3 years after the events of that took place in the West Campaign.

Vivian Liberators Wiki Pic

1st Lieutenant Vivian Churchill with her M4A1 preparing fire a grenade from the underbarrel M203 at hostiles during urban fighting.

1st Lieutenant Vivian Churchill
Briano's childhood friend and fellow solider, Vivian has become a well trained infantrymen. Like Briano, Vivian also hails from British Columbia. Vivian cares a lot for Briano. The two of them are almost always seen together, including on the battlefield. Vivian joined the Liberators because of her desire to protect people. She is a kind hearted tomboy, and in battle, a capable fighter. Her choice weapon is a AR-10 assault rifle with grenade launcher attachment, but also likes the FN P-90 which replaced her AR-10; though the M4A1 with under-slung M203 is also becoming a common, favored workhorse weapon in her use. She also wields a melee weapon called a Tonfa, similar to police issue nightsticks, except wielded in pairs. She owns a personal, computerized H.U.D. that was given to her by Briano. She is descended from British military great,Winston Churchill. Vivian is engaged to be married to Briano, this engagement happening in the Grand campaign. Near the start of the Grand Campaigns hiatus, the two of them were sharing in a moment as the Star Forge was being destroyed in earths orbit. When Briano said that he felt he was ready to advance their relation ship, Vivian was hesitant, saying she wasn't "ready just yet". Briano respected this and the two of them instead shared in a many passionate kisses together. Vivian once had a special ability she inherited from her grandmother, where she was able to astral project at will, but after Briano was trapped in Spawns illusion spell and Vivian projected her spirit into Briano's mind, she had lost the ability due to the large amount of demonic energy used to trap Briano in the spell.But some residual effects of her lost ability remain. Every now and then, she can seance the presence of ghosts, but this power often comes and goes.

General of the Army Matthew Lim
Briano's close friend, Matthews strategic skills, military knowledge and bravery had allowed him to become the five star general of the Liberator army. Briano and Matthew had been thru many battles during their years as enlisted men. He's known to be able to analyze a battlefield for information thru forensics and deductive reasoning. He can tell the personality of a enemy casualty just by personal effects, what his shoe size was and his stomach contents. He earn the the Rank of "General of the Army" (the highest decorated rank of general) during a covert mission against the Terren dominion (TD)with Briano and Vivian and a squad of Liberator troops. Durring the mission Matthew was captured with two other solders under his command by the Vilot wolf army (VWA). One solider was killed saving Matthew from death by leaping in front of a bullet from a VWA solider. One of the automatons, touched by the selflessness of the solider who was shot, turned on his comrades and swore allegiance with the Liberators. Matthew then ordered the remaining solider and the droid (which introduced itself as Scythe) eluded capture and found Briano's and Vivian's squad. While inrout to a rondivue point with Liberator Rangers, they discovered some VWA troops preparing to execute civilian prisoners. The Liberators intervened and saved all prisoners, but sustained casualties. Fortunately the Rangers arrived and neutralized the remaining enemy forces. Briano, Vivian and Matthew were given commendations for General positions, but only Matthew accepted the position. Briano was promoted from Staff Sergeant to Captain and Vivian from Sergeant to 1st Lieutenant. After Matts parents are killed by a road side bomb,Matt attends the funeral, but keeps his feelings about their death deep inside himself, saying he cant afford to get emotional, as he is responsible for the army and the people under his command, putting lots of emotional pressure on him, and begins keeping everyone at a distance.

Brigadier General Sam "Alie" Lim

Matthews Sister, Sam is a very brave and capable girl. She joined the Liberators shortly after Matthew did. Matthew trys to keep her out of harms way, for she almost died on a mission with him on hill 400. Once he was made General of the Army, he made Sam a Brigadier General to keep her safe. She, however insists on going into battle periodically. Sam deeply loves Matthew. She's just as smart as Matthew, thowe isn't as level headed or as calm as Matthew. After discovering that her and her brothers parents were killed by a road side bomb, Sam becomes more withdrawn and estranged, changing her look and taking her mothers first name after legally changing her name, making her old first name her middle name. She then is put in charge of commanding Luka, and she becomes even more attached to Matt then before, despite the fact Matt is starting to keep everyone at an arms distance. She confides in the other female CO's that her love for Matt is becoming more then a love between siblings. Because of Sam injury's on hill 400, she was given cybernetic implants and has a "Cyber-Jack System" surgically grafted to her head, allowing her to jack herself into computer terminals, robots and cyborgs, and also allow her consciousness access to cyberspace.

2nd Lieutenant Alexis
Alexis joined the Liberators after she lost her family and a friend were killed in a artillery attack on her hometown. She then joined the Liberators and became a top solider and hand-to-hand combatant. Her drive and combat expertise allowed her to rise thru the ranks to become a 2nd Lieutenant.During her tour of duty as an enlisted solider, she met Dianna, whose personality resembled that of her old friend Jillian. They both became inseparable. She is usually bad tempered, sarcastic and is ruthless in combat, was known to shoot the limbs of prisoners that anger her. During a combat mission with Dianna, both her legs were shot and she was dragged to safety while still firing her weapon at the enemy. Alexis is also the pilot of a Support Variant RK-56 Mech. And just like her role as a foot solider, she is a brutal Mech pilot, and often takes risks in the heat of battle while piloting her walker. Alexis and Dianna are currently a steady couple.

2nd Lieutenant Dianna
After losing her brother to the war and conflict (her brother was a resistance fighter), Dianna discovered the existence of the Liberators Army and joined as an enlisted solider. With her passion to become as good a solider as her brother she managed to earn the position of 2nd Lieutenant. Soon after her commendation was made and she became 2nd Lieutenant, she met Alexis. They soon grew attached to one another and eventually developed a deep, romantic affection with one another. Aside from being a good solider, she is also an accomplished mech pilot, and usually pilots a standard RK-56 walker. She is Alexis's complete opposite, being kind, caring and sincere. She saved Alexis during a mission in which Alexis took bullets to her legs. Dianna and Alexis are currently a steady couple.

Developed by a top-secret, freelance, military hardware development facility, Dorangonnosuke-san was developed as a multi-role military robot, and is by far the most destructive, powerful force in the Liberators army. Dorangonnosuke-san is a Dragon Nosuke class robot with an advanced AI that is capable of leaning and evolving. Affectionately known as suke-san by the COs and the troops, Dorangonnosuke-san is one of the most predominant givers of morale in the Liberators army. Even when the soldiers of the Liberators are in the most seemingly futile battle, just by the sight of Dorangonnosuke-san can cause the morale of the troops to sky rocket wither or not suke-sanis laying down fire. The increased morale boosts Liberator ranks and combat efficiency. He is commonly seen with Briano and Vivian. He seems to have some connection with The Guardian (a.k.a. The Dark Guardian) of the Abyss of Darkness army (information regarding the connection is mostly speculation at this time). It's believed that the two were constructed together. Dorangonnosuke-sans evolving AI is so advanced that some abilities, found in humans may be acquired. (Its not confirmed nor denied that he can use a form of Berserker mode like the CO's can use). He remembers a girl that he was friends with in his past her name is Reina, a former employee of the military development facility that created himself and the Dark Guardian.

Scythe is a mechanized solider of the Liberators. He is a strong headed droid and is the leader of the all A.A.S.U. squadron: The 145th Droid guard. He was once a VWA Droideka series battle droid, but turned against his former comrades to save Matthew. Not much is known about his background and is infrequently seen.What is known is that he says little and is very unassuming. He's a heavily armed droid and possesses twin heavy repeating blasters, a Class 15 shield generator and has infrared visual sensors. He also has upgraded his bronzuim armor a total of three times, each being a different color.

Major Anthany
An old friend of Brianos, Anthany used to serve three years as Navy SEAL and two years as a Marine. Close to the end of his second year as a marine, he was sent on a dangerous mission as 2nd in command of his platoon. Unfortunately, their situation was compromised during the mission and most of the platoon was killed. Only Anthany and one other marine, an old school chum of his, survived and were taken prisoner. They were then subjected to painfully unimaginable torture. Their bodies were strained beyond human endurance, and the both of them were slowly dieing after five days of almost non-stop torture. A special OPS team was sent to rescue them, although the mission was a success, Anthany and his friend were at an inch from death once they were taken back to HQ. A cybernetics surgery was required quickly if the two of them were to survive. The cyberization was a success. Anthanys body was reconstructed and given cybernetic equipment. He is well known in the Liberators as being an expert sniper and swordsmen, and holds the rank of Major.

Shane (Resigned)
An old school mate of Anthanys, Shane joined a Marine Corps and after years of training and missions done, became an elite trooper. He was eventually reunited with his old school friend Anthany. They operated in several missions together, and soon became experienced marine troops. On the last mission as marines, their situation was compromised, resulting in their capture and the deaths of their comrades. Shane was given grueling torture, and during the second week was given horrendous damage to his hands, feet and face. After the special OPS rescued Anthany and Shane, the two of them were given the cyberization surgery as soon as they got back to marine HQ. The operation was successful. Shanes hands, feet and face were heavily cyberized. Now unable to use conventional weapons, Shane soon became an experienced hand to hand combatant, and is an Officer cadet, the lowest Officers position in the Liberators. During the Liberators Conflict with the SS, Shane resigned from the Liberators to live out the rest of his life in peace, as he was growing tired of the constant conflict.

A being from an alternate dimension who has just seen peace from years of war, Blade was a top solider withen the "mon military forces". Once the war was over, he and his girl friend, Naiona, spent thier time working with science experiments. Upon discovering the universe in which the Sprite Wars has taken place, he at first didn't want to interfere with the goings on in the sprite war. But due to Naiona's persistant's, Blade decides to go ahead and join the fray with Naiona. Blade is a Scizor and is very warrior/samurai/ninja like in personality. Has insectioed characteristics. His skin consists of an unknown metal element, that provieds cosiderabule protection, thowe is susceptible to fire and heat. Has excalent combat reflexes and amazing speed. Thowe he can fly a bit, his wings are actually used for regulating body temprature. He can morph his pincers into hands but prefers to keep them in the form of pincers.

A being form a alternet universe. A usually gental and kind hearted individual, Naiona has been in many battles with Blade in their dimension. After the war in their universe and the many science exparaments they've conducted, they discover the Sprite War. Naiona sees Vivian in danger and insists that she and Blade help. After considering, Blade agrees. The two of them finally decide to try and aid the Liberators during this time of conflict. Naiona is a Gardivor, possessing physic ability's and can levitate above the ground. Naiona can also teleport, see into the future, scence emotions and read minds, some of these ability's cause fatige when in prolonged use. She is a proficient user of side arms, thowe uses her phycich abillitys most of the time. They have prepared and are now ready. Her favorite sidearms are a Pair of Colt 45's, a Pair of Desert Eagles (or Deagles) and and a pair of Glock 18 machine pistols (Her only automatic weapons). She also owns a Colt Python Revolver, and recently came into possession of A Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum.

Luka is an AI that controls the Liberators mobile weapons platform that possesses a cannon that can transform from a supper heavy duty artillery gun capable of hitting targets halfway across the world, to a heavy duty beam cannon that can down multiple capital spaceships in medium earth orbit. Other weapons include AA guns, missile tubes, rail guns and Luka also possesses advanced radar. Its also rumored that Luka possesses a wormhole generation drive in order to traverse contaminants, even other planets and star systems. The only problem with the system is that it uses naquadria (or liquid naquada) generators to do so, which can be highly unstable if not properly calibrated and calculated. Luka also has a shield system to protect him self from orbital attacks from space ships, but the protection it gives can only last 7 minutes or so. Never the less, Luka is a true force to be reckoned with.

Sergeant Major Tamara Barillaro
Formerly a singer and piano player turned resistance fighter, Tamara used to stay in the states, even up to the point where it was invaded. She became a part of the American resistance fighters. Unfortunately, the people she worked with distrusted soldiers of other armys. When Liberators Under Briano and Vivians command entered the town that the American resistance held up in, they were met with hostility. Things soon escalated and a firefight seemed inevitable,but things soon simmered down when Tamara heard the commotion outside and saw her Brother, Briano. She then reunited with him and joined the Liberators and became a Sergeant Major. Shes indipendant and an odd girl. Shes tomboyish yet girly at times. She also sasses and Back talks to her brother. She dislikes tanks, hates spiders and adores wolves. She want's to learn how to pilot mechs but her piloting is haphazard. She is well trained in hand to hand combat, and explosives. Tamara is good friends with Vivian and considers her a sister she never had, and believes that both Vivian and Briano are made for each other. She also plays the Violin from time to time. She also has a knack for making, handling and defusing explosives and IED's in particular (which makes her brother VERY uncomfortable)..

Officer Cadet Travis the Hedgehog
A 23 year old mobian hedgehog who previously was a Marine First Sergeant before being given a chance to train for a commission. Travis's personality is actually quite ubiquitous of marines: typically tough as nails, gruff, blunt as a stick to the eye and often says "Who-oah", the Marine battle-cry, reply and catchphrase. Interestingly, he declines smoking cigarettes and instead is an alcoholic and takes stress relief medication(while most marines drink alcohol a lot off duty, they also frequent the use of cigarettes). He also has a soft spot for kids, often telling stories and giving out chocolate with ones he meets in Liberated towns. Travis's outwardly carry's a "tough guy" military bravado. Despite the tough guy front he puts up, he's really has a good heart. He carry's around standard issue Marine weaponry and equipment. Their are rumors between other marines that he's married, but when asked to confirm, he doesn't answer.

Officer Cadet Kasumi Asaki
Kasumi is a Liberator Ranger who previously was a Rangers Staff Sergeant before given a opportunity to apply for CO training. She is 18 and half nekomimi,having only cat ears. Her human father married her mother, who was full nekomimi with both Cat ears and a tail. Kasumi is an eager girl and very willing to please her peers.She is also very agile, light on her feet, intune and amazingly limber, because of her cat girl nature. She often recalls the Liberators moto: "De-Opresso Libere!" which she utters to give her inner strength, or whenever addressed by higher ranking CO's (the latter because of her willingness to do her best, she feels compelled to speak the phrase.) Once in a while, because of her cat girl nature, she sometimes says "Nya" after a sentence,but it is infrequent because she is only half cat girl and able to curb it easier then full cat girls. (When it dose happen, its a source of embarrassment for her.)She is issued typical ranger gear, but atypically possesses an IAF modular firearm that was a rare Imperium surplus, being made from a Machine gun variant which was mounted on a firearms pole arm and came with a sword bayonet. It was unused and sold to a military surplus because the machine gun variant pole arm was heavy and rather unwieldy. Kasumi found it in the window of the army surplus and fell in love with it, surprising everyone by being able to wield it both easily and effectively. It can also be used without being mounted on a pole, but Kasumi often uses it while attached to the pole with sword bayonet fixed. When asked how she can wiled it, her comrades reply "She must posses amazing upper body strength...or something like that". She dislikes the rain, has a fear of drowning, and gets seasick easily on sea going vessels.

Recurring CharactersEdit

Their are several key characters that show up now and again in the Liberators storyline.
They are listed below:

Private Walter Braburn
Private Walter Braburn is one of the Anti-vehicle specialists in the Liberators Alpha company. He was born and raised in New York City and is an accomplished tank hunter. His primary weapons are made up of either a LAW Bazooka or an early model RPG-7, and finally his sidearm. He speaks with a thick Brooklyn accent. His closest friend is Private McKlowskie, whom he meet as a cadet. Against enemy infantry, Braburn often softens up large groups with his RPG-7, and finishes off any remaining troops with his side arm. Against many targets or heavily armored vehicles, he will use ambush and guerrilla tactics, taking cover and remaining hidden until he can re-load another rocket. And he often moves silently to a new positon to keep the enemy off guard. Sometimes he even uses his pistol and RPG-7 together in an Akimbo style (which, while impractical, is admitted to be quite impressive). Braburns helmet is made of Kevlar and has protective goggles and a headset mic. He often wears a Bandana over his face to protect himself from the heat of his RPG-7 and from inhaling smoke.

Private Sam McKlowskie
Private Sam McKlowskie is a Support gunner who specializes in machine guns. He was born in Tenassy. His friend is Private Walter Braburn.He often lugs around a Minigun and serves as an ultra heavy infantry support gunner. McKlowskie often gets entrenched or dug deep into a flank or behind his advancing allies while in cover and lays down a ridiculous amount of suppressing fire. Because of the ammo capacity of his Minigun, he rarely ever uses his sidearm. The only draw back is that he often moves a little slow because of the wight of his weapon. The large ammo canister dose provide him with a small degree of protection, granted its in certain circumstances, and he wears a specialized helmet with a HUD and head set mic.

Tank commander Sergeant Welsh
Welsh is a tank commander of a Bullchan class tank and as a part of the Liberators 111th armored tank division. Welsh was born in London England, coming from a family with a prestigious military history. He joined the Liberators Tank Corps and had become famous for his daring acts and that of his crew. One such case was when during a tank battle the main gun and turret were destroyed and he and his crew were wounded, they continued fighting with a 50cal machinegun, sidearms and the machineguns on the tank, fending off light armored vehicles and infantry.Recently, Welsh and his crew were found driving a M1A3 Abrams tank, as seen in the Grand Campaign. Although unfamiliar with the new tanks workings, Welsh and his crews experience will put their new tank thru the test. He embodies the spirit and elan of tankers of WW2, and thus has an unshakable faith in his abilities, his crew and his tank.

Tank driver Peas
One of Welsh's crew members, Peas is the tank driver of a Bullchan tank. He drives the tank and operates the main cannon. He is a good driver but can be difficult to work with, under any circumstances. He tends to be Sarcastic and rude. He was born in a town in Scotland and speaks with a thick accent.The crew were found driving a M1A3 Abrams tank, as seen in the Grand Campaign. Peas often partakes in Scottish Entries and loves watching "Hells Kitchen". His favorite food is Haggis, and loves listening to Bagpipes.

Tank gunner Jack
Jack is the 3rd member of Welsh's tank crew. He operates secondary weapon systems, Countermeasures and is in charge of repair and loading the main cannon. He has a wry, chipper attitude and speaks matter-of-factly, usually stating obvious facts. He was born in one of Ireland's outer townships. The crew were found driving a M1A3 Abrams tank, as seen in the Grand Campaign. Jacks grandfather was a former IRA member, and Jack is often uncomfortable about it. He usually try's and either avoid the subject or completely deny it (even though he's had received IRA training from his grandfather).

A former employee of a freelance military weapons facility. Not much is known about her except that she was in charge of over seeing Dorangonnosuke-sans construction and that of the Dark Guardian. The only thing that is known is that she quit to become a singer, and serves as Suke-sans mechanic and friend.

Maria Rowena Angelique
Maria is a 13 year old girl found by Briano and Vivian while fighting on the Liberators African Front, against FSA forces. Her life is one filled with tragedy: Her British father and French mother, were killed before she got to know of them, and she lost her Grandmother, Uncle and Aunt, who gave their lives to save her from Armex soldiers that were searching the house for dissidents. Alone in a world filled with Violence and hatred, she fled from her home in France, confused and afraid. It was revealed to her by her dying uncle, that she was in fact, a witch, one that inherited great magical power from her parents, and possesses magical technology left for her by her father and magical textbooks and spellbooks from her mother. She has but a rudimentary knowledge of magic and knows only 15 combat based spells (Theirs assumed to be over several hundred combat spells, aside from the hundreds of thousands of normal magic spells). She is however, highly talented in her magical ability's, and is a quick study. She also Possesses a highly rare Magi-Tech called "The Striker Unit".....

Commander Shadowsun
A Tau commander who's Entire Fire Warrior Command force was merged into the Liberators in a joint Earth/Tau Empire Coalition, in order to solidify relations between the Liberators Army and the Tau Empire and officially become allies. Commander Shadowsun was sent to serve as a Tau Empire Liaison and Serves as the Interstellar Battle Tactician and Combat adviser. She is a battle hardened Tau Fire Warrior, an wears the prototype XV22 battle suite with integrated multi tracker advanced target lock. She also has a pair of shield drones for defense and a command link drone to aid her in commanding her Fire warriors in battle. And her primary armament consists of two fusion blasters, however, she is quite capable of using other Tau weaponry.

Yuna Kotoro
An easygoing young woman who's in her early twenties, and holds the rank of Sergeant. Yuna is Third Generation Japanese and her family were upper-middle class citizens. After spending part of her life raised in Kanto Japan, in the Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo, a highly populated region, and born in and descended from relations in Okinawa, her family moved to the USA due to her fathers job as a Robotics Engineer having him reassigned to a sister company in the States. She soon came to adopt both cultures as her own. Her parents wanted her to become an business executive, but adopting some of the rebelliousness of Americas Youth, looked to make her own way in life. Against her parents wishes (and pleadings), she enlisted in the Liberators, becoming one of the most disciplined, and skilled Snipers in the Army. She knows Sniper Techniques by heart and raised her military profession to an art form, becoming skilled enough to deliberately kill enemy's with ricochets and she can drop a target at over 2 miles. Yuna even shot down a helicopter while in the service. Such feats of elite Marksmen ship earned her the nickname "Scope". She often enjoys observing things with the scope of her M82A1. She loves Rice with lots of Teriyaki Sauce and can never get enough of it, sometimes even eating it out in the field. Aside from her accomplishments in Sniping and Counter-Sniping, she is also a good Scout. She is a latent Bisexual and though she has no prejudice feelings towards LGBT people; she tries to hide her sexual and romantic attractions towards other women despite still being fairly attracted to them. This difficulty in accepting this part of herself is mostly due to her parents influence when she had a crush on another girl in high-school and her parents initially brushed it off as "just a phase", and when it didn't turn out to be a phase they chastised her for "not growing up". While she didn't really buy such claims she never the less sought desperately for her parents approval and thus tried to suppress that particular side of herself. She is attracted to both men and women fairly equally but she tries to hide the latter, though it's often obvious she usually fails to do so; making her rather transparent in her feelings and attractions. If given time... she might outgrow her reservations and reconcile her feelings regarding her sexual attractions to other women.

1st Lieutenant Simon Riley AKA:"Ghost"

For the Character featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, see Simon "Ghost" Riley
1st Lieutenant Simon Riley, more commonly known as GHOST, is a former British SAS Solider and former Member of Task Force 141. His life is unknown to most people, and not many people know what he looks like without his intimidating Skull Balaclava. While described as spooky, he is overall a decent person, if a bit troubled. His last service in the 141 ended with the Task force betrayed by Lieutenant General Sheppard of the US Army for what would be now known as "Shepherd's War". When 141 members sent to the Georgian-Russian Border, Ghost among them, were under fire from Vladimir Makarov's men. Once obtaining intel and rescuing Team member Roach, the surviving members then proceed to the Ex-fill point under heavy fire. While Carrying an injured Roach, Ghost Approaches Sheppard and his soldiers who arrive as pick up, but both are then shot by Sheppard. Feigning death, Ghost can only watch as Roach is then Burned Alive by Sheppard's Shadow Company. When a Shadow Company Solider proceeds to do the same to Ghost, he then attempts escape, succeeding but only by the skin of his teeth, and all the while severely wounded. He goes into hiding, unsure if Soap and Price survive Sheppard's Betrayal, and has since traveled incognito, not knowing that his two friends finally managed to silence Sheppard. He at one point finds his way into the Liberators, though the reasons as to how are unknown. He serves in the Liberators SAS.

Private James Ramirez

For the Character featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, see James Ramirez
Formerly a member of the U.S. Army Rangers, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Ramirez is the Strong Silent type. He served in the US Rangers for several tours of duty with his Comrades Corporal Dunn and Sgt Foley. Not much is known since the events that transpired after Sheppard's war, but what is known is that Ramirez then met Ghost sometime in his travels. Both have become close friends.Ramirez then Joined the Liberators as one of its Rangers. He often times doesn't say much, and for some reason, people feel compelled to shout his name when giving him an order. Its unknown if he ever gets tired of getting ordered to do a lot of stuff, or having his name shouted when given an order, but he carry's it out without a word. He also wears Sunglasses and a Shemagh, and as a result, others have no Idea what his face looks like, as he rarely takes them off. What is known is that he's very skilled (and brave) for a Private, and his unofficial motto is "Do Everything".

Sergeant Sean Foley

For the Character featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, see Sgt. Foley
Sergeant Foley was a former US army Ranger of the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment and was the acting commander of Hunter-21. Foley is a straight man of sorts, and is the one who often shouts Ramirez's name before giving an order to him. His right hand man is Dunn, which he is close friends with. Foley wears a Delta Force styled combat helmet.

Corporal Dunn

For the Character featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, see Dunn
The joking, wise cracking right hand man of Sgt Foley. Dunn was formerly a US army ranger the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Dunn dose little to hide his feelings, complaining about things that bother him or about people he doesn't like. He often panics during intense and abnormal situations. He cares a lot for his fellow soldiers, and is also a "De-facto" combat medic. Also as a side note, he hates Russians with a vengeance, due to the events that resulted from "Sheppard's War". He wears a Modular Tactical Vest and a Delta Force styled helmet with night vision goggles mounted.

Sergeant Gary Sanderson AKA:"Roach"

For the Character featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, see Gary "Roach" Sanderson
Gary Sanderson, other wise known as Roach, was a former member of task force 141, and a fellow 141 operative and friend of Ghost. During the raid On Makarov's safe house in Russia, Roach was injured slightly by mortar fire and carried by Ghost to the ex-fill point. At first thinking they were being rescued, Roach and Ghost soon learned too late that Sheppard sought to betray the 141. Both men were shot with Sheppard's .44 revolver and wounded. Roach survived the round to his body and Ghost, while wounded, feigned death to trick shadow company. Roach knew that they were both about to be burned alive, and weakly whispered to Ghost this fact. At this point Sheppard lit Roach on fire and Ghost quickly escaped by the skin of his teeth. As Roach felt the flames slowly burn away his life, a sudden, strange energy saved him from a horrific fiery death. From burning alive in the middle of a field to a intense bright light and suddenly falling into a body of water, Roach found himself with second and third degree burns, but miraculously alive. In intense pain and deeply confused, he dragged himself out of the body of water and crawled for three miles for aide. He discovered soldiers in Orange Uniforms on patrol, and they gave him Medical aide. He then learned of where and when he was, and what was happening to the world. He believed that he was given a reprieve, a new chance at life, and joined the Liberators Army. As it turns out, when Briano and Vivian's Monoshift activated, it brought forth two individuals from time and space: a magic Robot known as Y49X Sigma or "Gero" who was in an alternate reality, and Roach who was brought from the past to the future. In essence, due to some strange force at work, Roach was saved from certain death, thanks to the Monoshift.

Special Ability'sEdit

The CO's of the Liberators poses unique spiritual powers, most of it the ability to tap into a individuals spiritual energy, increasing their natural ability's with spiritual power, becoming faster,stronger and over all, more powerful. Their are also a few other special abilities.

Berserker ability/a.k.a "The Seed"
The Power of the Berserker is one that all CO's at one point learn to harness. Given the heat of battle, a solider may find himself reaching into himself for a power to counter his enemy. The "Seed" as it's known is a state of complete calm and clairvoyance on the battlefield, allowing and individual to anticipate the enemy's intentions on a primal level. A soldiers instinct becomes enhanced and ones reflexes and reaction time are doubled. Some NCO's and enlisted troops may unknowingly call upon this natural ability on the rare occasion. Its assumed that the Seed is simply an advanced form CHI discipline.

A power that Briano and Vivian find thrust upon them, all thanks to a pair of Special Gems that became stuck in their body's after a battle. The Red Daimon Gems have their own special power and draw on even more power from other sources, becoming a focus of that power. When unleashed, the Spiritual energy is magnified by the Gem, so much so that it can change the appearance of both the user and any weapon the user holds, imbuing both with great strength. The gems need to be charged, however, after each use. Sometimes, Briano and Vivian can utilize a small portion of the Monoshift they have dubbed "The Eye of the Edge-fencer", allowing them to track the movements of an enemy fluidly and develop quick reflexes and reaction time, without using up much of the power being contained in the Red Daimon Gem, and shows no physical signs, other then the fact that their eyes glow bright red. They claim that everything appears red to them while in this state, and any person appears as a glowing white light with a red outline, but seemingly able to tell friend from foe by a means they don't fully understand themselves. They also claim that the world seems to slow down a bit from their perspective. As they are still learning to use the power of the Monoshift, and because they are afraid of its destructive power, they haven't practiced using a fully activated Monoshift. And because of this, when the Monoshift is unleashed, Briano and Vivian no longer become self aware when the power is at full activation. As such, anything perceived as a threat to them in their frenzied state is attacked quickly and violently. They are both capable of extreme strength, fast movement, heightened reflexes, high dammage threshold and the ability to use Monoshift based energy attacks. It was once said that once a person fully masters the power of the Monoshift, that it is possible to maintain ones awareness while in Monoshift. Its also rumored that a 2nd stage of the ability known as the "Golden Monoshift" is possibly exists and is a more refined, stronger and controlled version of the normal Monoshift. The Monoshift's full activation can be brought forth usually upon receiving initially fatal wounds or through extreme emotion. Recharging the power requires an hour and a half of meditation, or being charged through super natural means.

This realm of power belonging to Maria and the other witches of the 907th Armored Daughters. Magic Witches possess magical power that is inherent to them; that is a given for every witch. However, not every innate magical ability is the same: some witches may share similar innate skills or even share abilities that may blend abilities of other spells to make a new one that is unique, but Magic abilities run the gaunt of types. Each and every witch that exists possesses an innate magical spell that is awakened when a witches powers begin to manifest, with control and access to the ether to activate and use these spells becoming easier, if not out and out possible when a witch forms a compact with a familiar. Although not every witches magic ability has been clearly and specifically detailed or chronicled in detail as of yet, the few witches that do have their magic spells and abilities recorded follow their own set of types and uses, and if carefully looked at one will find that that Magic in Strike Witches is unique compared to other magical systems in existence.

Magic is basically a witches ability to tap into the ether in the atmosphere and environment around them and on a scientific, molecular level manipulate the physical world around them to be able to use their inherent abilities and fight in battle. It is noted that witches also have an internal source of magic known as magical stamina where their magical power can manipulate and draw upon either to rejuvenate and exercise their magic abilities.This may require some measure of basic understanding in science or chemistry, or at least a laymen's grasp of it, with use of magic being seen as an honest to goodness science. The molecules, atoms and the periodic table of the elements are ever present and used. Though some abilities act and are seen and treated in a more spiritual or at least much more abstract manners and natures. While ether is an energy that permeates the witches world and its application by witches as a witches spell or as a means of powering her Striker is known as "Magic", witches manipulating the ether simply in turn manipulate molecules, atoms and periodic elements through the ether and manipulates them for the witch to cast her spells or power her striker and otherwise influence the world around her. Strike Witches magic does not break the laws of physics: it works with and within the laws of physics, though it may at times bend those laws.

All witches are capable of raising a magical shield to protect themselves from attacks, though the runes of the shield varies from eastern and western iconography depending the witches origins. All witches all so poses a magical field around their bodies to protect against mild environmental elements, including considerable heat and cold and from minor injury's. Also their magic allows them to breath in low to zero oxygen environments for a period of time (so long as her stamina and magical reserves hold out), and more importantly: protect them from the deadly Miasma that is spread by the Neuroi (possibly indefinitely, even with a witches magic reserves being depleted). This latter point is why witches are vital in the war effort against the Neuroi, seeing as mundane soldiers can't get close to most Neuroi due to the spread of deadly Miasma.

The Magical Shields that witches are well known for raising as protection is by far one of the greatest assets that a witch has in the war against the Neruoi in particular but also in warfare and battle in general. With their shield raised to protect themselves a witch is able to block bullets, lasers, some forms of melee attacks and can even soften blows and impacts while in flight or falling. A shield serves as a protective barrier or even a cushion for when a witch is in danger or under enemy fire. Neruoi lasers, judging from what has been seen of them: are able to output several thousand terawatts of weaponized light from their ports, and the fact that a witches shield can block such attacks quite handily indicates the massive, protective power that witches benefit from. Another thing of note on a Witches shield is that usually a Witch is able to raise her shield directly in front of her, seeing as for the most part attacks come at a witch from directly in front of her, and is inherently the easiest place to raise a shield. Although it's possible for a witch to raise her shield facing from different directions (at her left or right flank, from behind or even at her feet or above her head) such shield control requires specialized, intensive training to become possible since it is not typical of a witch to raise her shield in such ways, and thus is very difficult to learn and master. Not to mention that many see the raising of a shield from the flanks, back and especially the feet to be rather gimmicky, although admittedly it's a very effective trump card in battle. Some witches however find this an easier skill to pick up compared to their peers, other witches can even throw up multi-shields, either for 360 degrees of protection of themselves and comrades or for creating massive walls and battering rams of protection or even improvised attack in needed.With specific and intensive training some witches can even use their shields as stepping stones to walk across bodies of water or to get hand and footholds to climb vertical surfaces including up the sides of buildings statues, towers and other surfaces at up to a 90 degree angle or greater; such feats and accomplishments being possible due to a witch being given specific and intensive training in how to properly adjust and control the magical harmonics of her shield.

A witches physical strength is greater then than of a mortal man or women and are able to carry large infantry arms like machineguns and autocannons as if they were rifles and witches can even carry and fire some machineguns and autocannons one handed with ease. It's noted that a witch age 12-13 years old can hold a Tupe 99-2-2 Aircraft Autocannon one handed with no affect in regards to weight while the same weapon would require two men holding and lifting the weapon with both hands. Witches are also more durable due to the magic in their bodies and have shown better survivability in some situations where a healthy, full grown man would be easily and instantly killed and can render such situations for a witch at least potentially life threatening and potentially fatal instead of being instantly fatal.

An important thing to remember about a witch and her magic is that even though they are very powerful, witches are not unstoppable: they do have their limits. They may be able to push their limits far beyond what any mundane human being is capable of, but a witches magic shield provides protection for a limited time. Witches will burn through their magic and their shields can break. When a witches shield goes down, is bypassed and\or punched through or if she cannot raise that shield in time or in the right direction at a moment's notice then she is extremely vulnerable, it's possible to see witches black out, getting wounded or killed or at the very least being so fatigued that they struggle to stay combat effective and need to break off engagement. Witches are vital trump cards against the Neuroi but even witches are still human; they have limits to give.

Weapons used by witches act as a focus for her magical power, becoming imbued with magical energy to make them more powerful and stabilize a firearms recoil. Weapons in a witches hands output what's known as "Magic Mass": an abstract unit of measurement that relates to total raw magical power and energy expended from a weapon. Most conventional weapons and small arms output considerable though still relatively modest magic mass, though against human opponents such use and magic mass output would be considered overkill. Swords crafted by imbuing more magic into the blade during forging and the nature of specially designed "Witch Combat Guns" (firearms made for use by Mechanized Armored Infantry witches, Motorized Infantry Witches and some Arial Ground Attack witches) can allow the output of even greater amounts of magical mass, with Witch Combat guns ranging anywhere from a low 15mm (magic mass) to a high and powerful as 75mm. A regular MG42 for example in the hands of a witch become two times more powerful than if it were in the hands of a conventional human solider.

Now each and every witch possesses an inherent magical ability, a permanent, essential characteristic of any given witch; that falls under something called "System Lineage" with variations being simply referred to as "Sub-System" or sometimes better known as "Series" , basically meaning a variation of a particular "System Lineage" of magic. This is a simple way that witches magic is categorized into the nature and type of magic's and in what capacity they are used.  Examples of the different types of magic present in the Strike Witches world are as follows: Attack System Lineage, Detection System Lineage, Intrinsic System Lineage, Telekinesis System Lineage, Perception System Lineage and Shield Control System Lineage. A witches magic always has a name unique to the witch, regardless of the type and how similar it may or not be to another type of magic within its lineage. It's rare for a witch to have more than one sort magic belonging to more than one linage or possessing more than one magic for lineage.

Striker Unit
A pair of hybrid mechanical/magical propeller devices used by Maria for flight and worn over her legs. They are rigid, preventing much movement of the knees, but can be disengaged on the field if needed. When wearing a Striker Maria's power is vastly increased by a magic engine in the unit, resulting in the constant manifestation of her animal ears and tail. It grants her the powers of high speed flight, increased physical abilities, and the ability to raise defensive shields at will without need of incantation of a spell. Strikers require high magical aptitude and without such aptitude, the unit cannot be used effectively. Fortunately, Maria's magical aptitude is sufficient enough to bring out the striker units full potential. Her fathers schematics reveal other air based striker unit designs, as well as land and navel variants, thereby giving the three types different designations: Land Striker, Sea Striker and Air Striker. From the designs, Land strikers appear to be more flexible compared to the Air Striker, and would grant a user high speed running, jumping, endurance and hypothetically provide devastating kicking attacks, aside from increased physical abilities, and the ability to raise defensive shields without need of a spell. Sea Strikers are assumed to provide immaculate swimming speeds in any sort of aquatic environment. So far, Liberators are yet to see any Land or Sea Striker Units, but they assume that if Marias father designed theses units, that surely he may have made more for other girls like Maria. However, recent evidence shows that while Maria's father had knowledge of the inner workings of Striker Units and possessed many detailed schismatics, that in reality, he was not the original creator of the Strikers, as he had no knowledge as to the reason to the existence of these rare Magical Artifacts.The reason as to why is still being investigated...

Liberators Soldiers and UnitsEdit

Intel regarding the Liberators Army strength are chronicled in files and kept in Intelligence Headquarters, and in Matthews personal file cabinet, under lock and key . While some information is common knowledge, the rest is classified or on a need-to-know basis.

Since it's modernization, Standard Infantry Units mostly utilize 21st Century NATO weapons. For Liberators Riflemen such combat systems include the M16A4, M4A1, SCAR-L/SCAR-H, and are workhorses in engaging the enemy and assaulting enemy held positions while gunners wield the M249, M240B or M60E3 and serve to suppress enemy movement and support the advance of other soldiers in the squad. M249's are the essayist weapon for gunners to provide mobile suppressive fire with, and while gunners can try to attempt this tactic with the M240B and M60E3 with varying degrees of success, these weapons are best served in stationary defensive positions or mobile from a vehicle. The standard issue sidearm is the M92F, though the USP, .44 Magnum and DEagle have been observed. For hand to hand, the HC-3 Combat Bayonet is used and can be utalised as both utility knife and a hand held weapon.

For heavy infantry the L16 Mortor, M35 Grenade Launcher, AT4, Javalin and the "Deathmachine" Minigun are the most common standard issue weapons, though their are several other weapons that are frequently used by standard infantry personal. Common close quarter weapons are the Benelli M3 Shotgun and the FN P90. The M203 is a common attachment for rifles.

Snipers being long range force multipliers of the army that provide overwatch, scouting and long range elimination of enemy infantry use the International AWM, MK14 EBR or the M4A1 Squad Designated Marksmen Loadout, though the M82A1 is sometimes seen either in the counter sniping role, destruction of material or engaging targets outside the reach of standard sniping rifles. The M82A1 is often utilized by female personnel the most. Liberators sniper team often consist of Sniper and Spotter Roles, although a soldier designated as a Flanker is seen just as frequently to provide protection for the flanks of both sniper and spotter.

Medic's are tasked with treating wounded comrades in arms out on the field and in combat hospitals and are armed with standard M16A3 Rifles with no attachments and P90 with an olive drab color scheme, instead of standard black. Radio Operators Meanwhile carry the SIG 556 rifle, and their helmets are outfitted with a next generation tactical system designed to aid in cross comm and communications nets, allowing the soldier in question to access any sort of communications technology with relative ease, and is used in conjunction with the backpack radio.

The Liberators have very little in "new-generation" weapons systems commonly seen by more technological advanced armys, the only weapons coming close are the Spartan Laser and the Koenieg Anti-Vehicle rifle. There are a small number of Flamethrowers in service but are rarely used in the field in direct engagement, used mostly to raze tall foliage and for clearing buildings, bunkers and other close quarters scenarios. A handful of Flamethrower operators tend to suffer from a higher rate of PTSD compared to other combat personnel, with Flamethrower troops personalities ranging from quiet, soft spoken introverts who prefer to be alone to highly aggressive and excitable combatants who have developed an uncomfortable fascination with fire. 

Riot Troops are unique in that the are deployed to "police" civil disturbance and are also used in counter terror tactics, hostage extraction and are pros in close-quarters. They are occasionally seen out on the field supplementing regular combat infantry, though are deployed tactically and sparingly. These soldiers often serve as the army's Military Police.They are armed with MP5's, TMP's, or the AA-12 Shotgun, though the G11 is also common. They also use the Body Bunker Ballistic shield, it's a large shield that is designed to deflect .50cal BMG ammunition. Both this and the Nightstick are used as potent melee weapons.

Tank Crews are armed with the XM117A2 Rifle or P90 as primary weapons and the M93R as sidearms. Commonly used armored fighting Vehicles include the M2 Bradley, the M113 APC, Stryker ICV and AAV7A1 Amtrack, with the M1A1 Abrams serving as the Liberator Army's Main Battle Tank. While there are several key combat and transportation vehicles ranging from Humvees and M35 Trucks and a handful of Walkers like the Strider ATACS and Tactical Armored Walkers as examples, the army also possesses a unique, high-tech mobile artillery unit known as the Archer Mobile Artillery System, a Sweedish made vehicle that poves to provide cruical mobile artillery support.

The Liberators Army Airforce is well equipped, fielding various modern and next-gen aircraft and aircraft systems. Aircrews and Pilots are lightly armed personally, only posessing some manner of side arm like the colt .45, M92F or some other choice in pistol, although helicopter crews may also wield some form of submachinegun, the most common examples of such are varients of the MP5 and the P90. Because of this pilots tend to fair poorly on the ground once they loose thier aircraft, being out gunned by better equipped enemy infantry, having short range pistols and SMG's with only very few clips of ammo. While they can be easily captured or killed if thrown into direct engagements, they are superb survivaliests and well trained in evaiding capture. It is a fact that airmen know well that without his aircraft even the strongest and seasoned of pilots is infinetly weaker on the ground compaired to a Liberators infantrymen when in direct engagement, but by vertue of their aircrew training are the most difficult to capture and are known to live off the land longer then most other military personnel.

The Liberators Terrestrial Navy is incredibly small, having few ships and Submarines, and as a result require support from allied Navy's or from its own airforce. The Space Navy is only slightly larger then its terrestrial navy, but in comparison to others is still on the short side. That said both have experience and tactics to fall back on, and can hold their own for some time against larger numbers of enemy navys.

Liberators Pathfinders (also known as the Pathfinder Airborne OPS Unit) are specialized, elite light infantry and airborne operators that are sepaclized in parcute training, HALO, HAHO, Reconnaissance, Guerrilla fighting and are flexible, highly trained and rapid light infantry unit specialized to be employed against any special operations targets. It consists of twelve Battalions, eight active and four reserve battalions of such men and women.

Pathfinder Weapons are more speacailized then the Regulars, and the primary sidearms are restricted to the M92F and DEagle. Incomparison to the Regular infantry, Pathfinders use the MP5K, Benellie M4 and SPAS-12 Shotguns as close quarters weapons. Primary Rifles used by Pathfinders are the M16A3 with flashlight and grip, M16A4, SCAR-L/H and M4A1. M203's and Underbarrle shotguns are common underslung attachments. Machineguns used by Pathfinder gunners are the M249 PIP and M240B. Snipers in the Liberator Pathfinders carry the SR-25 sniper system and the MK14 EBR with Thermal scope, though for longer ranges they use the .50 cal Intervention, a persicion bolt action rifle.

For grenade launchers the M203 is a mainstay undermounted grenade lauching system used with a grenaders rifle, but for a stand alone launcher, the Pathfinders use a newer weapons system to provide heavy fire support with accurte fire downrange: the XM25 airburst Grenade Launcher. Aside from this next-gen weapons system the Pathfinders utalize the AT4 and Javilin for anti-armor roles, but they also use the Stinger for anti-air support. All pathfinder small arms are equiped with EO-TECH Holographic sights and the EO-TECH X3 HHS I sight, allowing a Pathfinder to switch between close and long range engagements in but the blink of an eye.

Within the shadows of the Liberators lays a Top Secret Task Force designated Veneficus Tutela, a Task Force of gifted individuals who's mission is to protect the world from magical and supernatural threats and deal with problems and situations that are byond extrodinary. While secrative they are kind opperators, using magi-tech and low level magic energy to carry out thier missions. If discovered they subject witnesses to a harmless mindwipe spell in as friendly a manner as possibule. Aside from using low level magic they use the latest and greatest in magi-tech, thier weapons and equipment being embued and enhansed with supernatural energys.

The standard issiue sidearm utalized by the Taskforce is th M9 Pistol, though attachments may be added to it to adapt to specific missions. Close Range weapons consit of the P90 and the AA-12 Automatic shotgun with drum mag. Common Rifles include the M16A3, M16A4, M4A1 and SCAR-L/H although Medics are assigned ACR rifles.

Gunners of the Taskforce are equiped with the M249 PIP, M240B and M60E3 machineguns. And snipers use the M82A1 anti-matireal rifle. Other weapons include the XM25, the SMAWW rocket launcher, the Javilin and the man portibule Railgun. Underslung weapons systems include the M203 and the M26 MASS shotgun attachment. Uniqe equipment used by the Taskforce include Optical Active Camo, a UAV drone, the RC-XD and the next generation Shoulder Mounted Tri-Missile Launcher unit or STMTLU, often known affectionetly as the "Backpack Unit" or "Backpack Launcher". The gloves that Task Force Opperators wear are high-tech Nano-Gloves, used in conjunction with the grappling cables that, both being used to climb and scale walls, manuver in difficult and urban terrain and mount larger opponents. The Nano-Gloves use a unique nano-technology to provide a strong grip to any verticale surface when engaged, and the grappling cabel is made of a strong cabel.

Liberator units[1]

The Strike Witch ProgramEdit

Highly Classified Intel can be found in the following file.....


Password: Armored Mage

Password Accepted...

The 907th Armored Daughters are one of two military units in the Liberators that are classified above Top Secret. They are a unit, like the Task Force, that are shrouded in mystery, kept secret from the general, goverment and even military populuce. The 907th was founded under a program whos goal was focused on the protection of adolecent Magical Girls and a specific Magi-Tech device known as the Striker Unit. Due to the high magical aptitude of young girls with paticular magical gifts, mostly from the aid of a familiar that manifests as an animals ears and tail, couppled with sertain girls posessing a rare and powerfule magi-tech that origionated from the 1940's, the Program; designated "Opperation: Armored Mage" sought to seek out young girls who posessed such rare gifts and Magi-Tech and protect them both from explotation, persicutuion and manipulation. The program seeks to help protect and train magicaly gifted girls in the poper use of both their gifts and their strikers, as well as to ensure that Strker Unit Technology dosen't fall into the wrong hands to be used, exploited or mass-produced.

The 907th themselves are the first line of defence against the Neuroi, with the Task Force Venificus Tutela serving as a secondary support unit in this capacity against Neuroi Threats. The 907th, unlike the Task Force, are specificly deployed only for engagment against the Neuroi or for Anti-Striker-Unit Warfare, whereas the Task Force deal with pacifying all forms of Superatural Threats including anti-Neuroi warfare.

Contact with witches are handled with as little agression and first contact is conducted as gentaly and as friendly and non-threatening as posibule. Liberators always seek to establish trust, understanding, and transpearancy with Striker Operating Magical Girls, even going so far as to refuse rasing thier weapons at frighted or angry magical children or even completely disarming themselfs. The children in the 907th are treated with patince, compassion and a level of parrental care. Nearly every young Witch in the Armored Daughters is treated like a dughter to the soilders and is given a healthy dose of love, affection, guidance, with a firm but fair form of surroget parenting.

Because the Liberators truly see the girls of the 907th as children first and soliders second, they are incredably protective of the girls, willing to face death to ensure the life of an aromored daughter is kept safe, even despite the fact the witches posess Magic Shilds for protection. But because of this the 907th Armored Daughters see Liberators personel as their family, and will go to equal and even greater lengths to protect thier older comrads. The girls also adopted the Liberators protectivenes, both for their fellow witches and for civilians, seeking to give aid and charity to those in need in one way, shape or form.

Because of the fact the 907th consists of underage opperators, the girls are often appraised by psychitrists and professors of metal health and psycological therapy to ensure their minds are in the best shape possibule. Due to their young age Liberators Military law ensures that all Witches of the 907th are protected from malicious physical and metal harm, harrasmit, abuse, bullying, bigotry, prejudice, hate crimes and sexual explotation. A breach of any of these prtective rights is considered a serious violation of military law and are delt severly. Sexual Explotation in paticular is considered the gravest and most deplorabule offense, and is delt with quickly; such a crime carrying the greatest punishment if a perpitrator is found guilty. Also attempts to hide such crimes carry even greater setances if discovered. Thankfully, the vast majority of the Liberators find the very idea of someone commiting such offenses unthinkabule, and if one such individual chose to do just that they would find not only Liberators MP's, other Witches, CO's or his own squad coming for him, but quite likely the whole damn Liberators Army. Even joking and making light of about such issues is firmly discoraged.

In short the unspoken rule for the Liberators regaurding the 907th Arnmored Daughters is as follows: "Don't fuck with our girls or we'll fuck with you."

The Tau Empire/ Liberators Earth Coalition CasteEdit

A Sub Faction of the Liberators Made up of Members of the TAU Empire's Fire Warrior Caste, Led By Commander Shadowsun.
The TAU are, for the most part, a peaceful race of beings with large advances in technology. Liberators Made contact with the Tau Empire when they conducted an away mission through their Stargate and arrived at a Planet within the TAU Empire. Their they Made Contact with the TAU and welcomed to a peaceful offer of "Joining the Greater Good". Not Sure what "The Greater Good" was, but happy to make peaceful contact, the Liberators Offered the TAU a partner ship of sorts. Commander Shadowsun was sent with over several Thousand TAU Fire warriors as part of a good will mission to learn of Earth and the Ways of it's people, so to keep both Earth and the Tau Empire within good stead. While the Tau saw the Liberators had the best of intentions for Peace and equality, they recognized that they needed help. As such, the Fire Warriors that were sent back to Earth, opted to stay and serve as aides to the Liberators and Liaisons for their home system.

The NEXTGEN Warrior Combat SystemEdit

The Next Gen(eraton) warrior combat system

First adopted by the Regular Army for use in its LSRU Unit in order to better equip a Specialized, Strategic response unit with equipment for missions that most normal units weren’t equipped for, the NGWC System was a new set of military issue gear that would serve to improve the lethality and combat effectiveness of an individual solider, increase the survivability of a soldier, provide command, communications, and control to a soldier, while providing dismounted soldier combat identification for enroute situational awareness and power recharge to reduce 'friendly fire' incidents, weight and power reduction on scalability and tailor ability for operational missions, similar to the Land Warrior and Future Force Warrior programs, but tailored, and outfitted with the latest and greatest technology of 2028 that focused on Network-Centric warfare and improving the soldiers combat effectiveness and ability out in the field and essentially working as a Force Multiplier for the solider facing against the opposing force.

The LSRU's mission was to create a specialised solider that would be trained in fighting the enemy in his territory while minimising civilian casualties and freeing the local populace from the hold of the enemy, by closing with, engaging and destroying the enemy with specialised, Special Operations training that would focus on this doctrine, while the NGWC System would enhance, improve and maximize any and all of the LSRU Soldier’s already existing training and knowledge.

Out in the field, during the Modern Wars for which the LSRU was deployed for, alongside the PF Squad and Sparrows, while the new system showed promise, there were some hiccups that didn't go without notice and required improvement, but due to a grievous lack of funds and somewhat because of the poor decisions made by a few within the Regular Army’s highest echelons, the system was cancelled and their fore dropped after the Ptolemaic war in 2033, and the LSRU was downgraded, forced to use old military surplus and inferior combat systems, after the LSRU became the standalone Paramilitary force its now known as today: The Liberators Army.

The System was developed by Battle Tested Industries and was backed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology's "Institute of Solider Technology" branch as well as some other newer companies that specialised in the military technology and systems sector. Though after the Ptolmonic war, Battle Tested Industries struggled once its crown jewel, the NGWC System, was cancelled, added to the fact that many of its supporting subsidiaries either were bought out or crumbled, while MIT was stretched out by the US Military once the Regular Army was Dissolved and the Armies of the NATO counties were reformed.

It wasn’t until years later that the NGWC System was re-visited and reactivated by the Liberators Army, though the plans of for the creation of the NGWC System by the long fledgling Battle Tested Industries that had finally became bankrupt years before was bought, studied, experimented with and improved on by Armor Company INC with help from the Solider Systems Center; a military research complex and installation.

While because of the cost of unit production by Armor Company INC due to the newly designed and overhauled infantry combat system was considerably steep, and thus the price of fielding a System to a soldier was also as such, considering the huge gap in the newest technologies and materials that superseded the technology of 2033, Armor Company INC found this new System collecting dust in crates held in its warehouses, any potential buys discouraged or sceptical of the system. But because of the many battles the Liberators had faced against the Imperial Guardsmen and the shockingly overwhelming casualties of its troops, the Liberators Army, upon discovering that the system that had kept so many solders alive and granting superior combat effectiveness in its past, and was so foolishly taken away from them a decade ago to cut cost by relying on inferior equipment, sought out the CEO of Armour Company INC and paid the price of the newly upgraded Next Gen Warrior System in full. The overall system consists of several parts:

The first is a Marine Corp Style "Lightweight Helmet", that can be supplemented with the "Headgear Subsystem", a type of situational Awareness Hub, providing integrated tactical processing by providing maps, routes, and data with a 180° emissive visor display, high bandwidth wireless communications, microelectronic/optics combat sensor suite that provides 360° situational awareness, and integrated small arms protection, while still being lightweight enough to fit on a soldiers head comfortably. The Headgear subsystem can supplement the "Lightweight Helmet" either in part or in full.

The Ballistic Vest System is a (usually) Type III Vest system named the "Knight Errant Ballistic Vest System", or KEBV System that protects against 9.6 g (148 gr) 7.62x51mm NATO M80 ball bullets at a velocity of 847 m/s ± 9.1 m/s (2780 ft/s ± 30 ft/s), as well as other smaller rounds, though a second, Type IV is also fielded to protect against Armour Pricing rounds fired by Anti-material rifles and 50. Calibre Machineguns, but the type IV is the least used of the two. The vests construction consists of Kevlar supplemented with M5 Fibre. The vest also serves as a Tactical Combat vest that can be customised to fit the individual soldiers needs with various pouches, rigs, harnesses or even a vest mounted holster (tough most soldiers choose the Tornado Tactical leg holster to hold their sidearm’s). Type II Vests are also quite common, but don’t provide the same protection as type III’s and IV’s and are usually used by soldiers in riot gear during peace time and troops operating in low level civil disturbances. Type III and IV’s are primarily used for Counter-Terrorist missions, high risk, active shooting situations and any period of warfare, open or otherwise.

The Battle Dress Combat Uniform provides protection to the upper arms, the upper legs and the chest and abdomen. These are currently made from bullet-resistant fibres such as Kevlar and hard ceramics and are supplemented with a "Shear-Thickening Liquid" armor additive produced from a mixture of polyethylene glycol, a polymer found in laxatives and other consumer products, and nanobits of silica, or purified sand. When struck with a significant impact, the armor stiffens instantly into a shield, and then reverts to its liquid state just as fast when the energy from the projectile dissipates. This "Shear-Thickening Liquid" is applicated in the manufacturing process onto the Kevlar Layers in ultra-thin coats. While the layers aren’t as thick as the vests themselves, they dramatically increase the survivability of a soldier.

The weapons systems consist of the current high technology weaponry used by NATO, tough they can be supplemented with the latest in Optics, attachments, and the occasional weapons sub-system that utilize a Squad based Next Gen combat system and other networked platforms.

Other systems include: a Warfighter Physiological Status Monitor Subsystem, Microclimate Cooling System, power Subsystem and Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System which have been updated from similar, predecessor systems.

The system has also been specially tailored and adopted by the Liberators Airforce and a dereritive was made for combat vehicle crewman. Thus far, the newly upgraded system has exceeded Liberators Expectations.

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