Lone Wolf is a Private Military Contractor - a mercenary faction that has evolved from a minor security detail into a formidable fighting force comprised of several hundred platoons of highly-trained soldiers.


Lone Wolf PMC’s was founded shortly before the second season of the conflict dubbed “The Grand Campaign”. Like most other armies, its beginnings were humble. Its founders were two mercenaries, one British and one Australian – Sergeant David Harding, ex-member of the Australian SASR (Special Air Service Regiment) and the mysterious individual known only as Prime, an (alleged) ex-member of the British SAS.

The two had met whilst fighting insurgency in the Middle East together as part of a joint operation between the the SAS and US Navy SEALS. After being captured by (and escaping from) Insurgent forces, the two formed a strong friendship, and after finishing their tours of duty decided to pool their resources and form their own Private Military Company – thus, Executive Operations or “ExOps” was born. After a not highly successful, but lucrative enough stint doing private security, the two decided they needed more in the way of profit – and action – and decided to build up their forces.

Through their contacts in the Russian Mafia and other arms dealers, Prime and Harding eventually built up a small but effective fighting force – now dubbed Mad Jackal PMC’s. Recruits and contracts began to flood in, and business was going well. Then the Grand Campaign came around, and, following their mercenary calling, Prime and Harding responded.

Conflict: The Grand CampaignEdit

The Grand Campaign got off to a good start. After being hired by Firefox, Mad Jackal PMC’s successfully destroyed a Faction IX base in New York and reclaimed the United States with the help of the USMF, but after receiving a severe beating from the FSA in the African Campaign, they barely managed to slink away to lick their wounds. However, the campaign ended on a slightly higher note, helping UNIT liberate Britain from FSA control (temporarily, at least) and helped to buy time for Storm, Kalash, Ryic and Cass to destroy the Star Forge.

The “Eastern” Segment of the Grand Campaign was rather uneventful, save for the appearance of another enigmatic figure – the wisecracking mercenary known as Deadpool. After a few scuffles with the extremist syndicate known as the GLA, Mad Jackal PMC’s unfortunately had to retreat in light of the economic crisis that had crippled their investors and left them bankrupt. A lot of the money lost had to be earned back by pawning off old equipment on the black market, and many personnel had to be laid off, including some of their top brass.

Mad Jackal PMC’s effectively curled up and died as the Grand Campaign Eastern saga came to a close, but from the ashes of the old PMC rose a new company led by Prime, now the acting commander of what is now known as Lone Wolf PMC’s. Their involvement in the Third Season of the Grand Campaign consisted of a few minor (but bloody) clashes with the Waffen S.S. Paranormal Division and a brief stint with the Iron Dog Mercenary faction, helping the US Army to defend America from Voltor Empire attacks. This was mostly successful, and although many casualties were incurred the Voltor were eventually driven back. Iron Dog and Lone Wolf forces have now forged a strong friendship, and remain allies even now.

Uniform and EquipmentEdit

Lone Wolf PMC’s are proficient with anything in the way of weapons systems – Special Forces in paticular have a knack for using the enemy’s weapons against them. Current-issue weapons include the Magnum Research “Desert Eagle” Tactical, XM8 Carbine Tactical, M249 SAW w/Red Dot sight and Carl Gustav Rocket Launcher for regular infantry. Special Forces troopers generally utilise the ARC3 Special Forces Assault Rifle w/Red Dot sight and M249 SAW w/Red Dot sight for “soft” targets and the Weapon/Anti-Vehicle Model 6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle (abbreviated W/AV M6 G/GNR) or “Spartan Laser” for “hard” targets. Each Marine is also allowed one personal weapon of their own choosing, varying from operative to operative – Sergeant Harding favours a Franchi SPAS-12 Shotgun, Corporal Killen a SL9D .300 “Whisper” Antimateriel Sniper Rifle.

At the start of the Third Season of the Grand Campaign, a new prototype armour system was introduced, but far from being-cost effective it was found to be wasteful and inefficient, given what it cost to manufacture. Mainline infantry are now outfitted with ballistic helmets, tactical assault vests and balaclavas instead – the armour systems are now reserved for Marines and Special Forces, who are trained extensively in how to use them.

CO's and HeroesEdit

Marines: Acting as Lone Wolf PMC’s special forces, outfitted with high-impact ceramic armour, the Marines are highly-trained shock troops who excel at both Space and Ground combat. Armed with the ARC Special Forces Assault Rifle, a combat knife, or a heavier weapon if the occasion calls for it.

“Prime”: The Acting Commander of Lone Wolf PMC’s, leader of the shady Black Ops team known as “The Squad”. Very little is known of his history – even his real name or what his face looks like remain a mystery. The only information avalible on him is that he was brought up in London’s East End, joined the British Army at a young age, and, after a highly successful tour of duty in the Special Air Service, he joined Mad Jackal PMC’s – the company that went on to become Lone Wolf PMC’s. He excels at close-quarters combat and is an excellent tactician, who, despite his gruff and sarcastic exterior, puts the safety of his men first.

Sergeant Dave Harding: A level-headed Australian, and an ex-member of the Australian SASR – the Special Air Service Regiment. He and Prime are close friends who have seen each other through some hair-raising missions, and like Prime, he’s an expert at CQC, and favours a Shotgun for close encounters. PFC. Mark Seager: A cocky, arrogant, young Canadian adrenaline junkie who ran away from his rich and idle family to become a mercenary - purely because he was bored. He doesn’t care if he lives or dies – he just likes having fun, and to him the ultimate thrill is not getting killed. His speciality is explosives and heavy weapons.

Corporal John Killen: A sarcastic sniper, one of the best marksmen in the whole of the Lone Wolf PMC Special Forces. His track record is unknown, but he is rumoured to have been a Delta Force operative before becoming a mercenary. His weapon of choice is the SL9D .300 “Whisper” Antimaterial sniper rifle, with which he is highly proficient.

”The Rookie”: The rank F.N.G of The Squad, a private who was the only survivor of a 30-strong Lone Wolf PMC platoon, all but decimated during an encounter with an Armex patrol. The strong, silent type, he hasn’t uttered a word since promotion to Prime’s team, and although some may sneer at him for being a newbie, he has become living proof that, to mercenaries, actions speak louder than words.

Heavy Support - Armoured Vehicles and AircraftEdit

Lone Wolf PMC's have an extensive armoured corps and air force, and all mainline infantry are trained in the usage of armoured vehicles (pilots, however, remain specialised infantry). Their vehicles range from light recon vehicles to main battle tanks, and though some of the units in their air force may be considered dated, they can get the job done. Their tech level is classed as "Advanced Modern" - just about on a par with the the United States Army's, but ranking far below more advanced factions like Armex or the Hydronians. Mechs have also long been a staple of Lone Wolf forces - bizzarely, though, whilst many of the mainline infantry and special forces troops of Lone Wolf PMC's are highly-trained individuals handpicked from Armed units the world over, many Lone Wolf mech crews are just mech jockies from City 2, looking for action and a decent paycheck. However, they are no less efficient in spite of this.

Space ProgramEdit

Lone Wolf PMC’s also have an expansive space fleet – albeit miniscule by today’s standards. It includes several dozen Prosecutor-Class Warships and Destroyers, several hundred Sabre Fighters, five shuttles, and twenty frigates.