"Majhost being shut down for maintenance is like the weather, you can't predict when it'll change, and there's no one to complain to when it screws with your plans for an extended period of time."
-Backtothefryingpan is an image hosting website that has been around since 1998 for free, easy image hosting. It is one of the main sites used by members of Sprite wars.


While majhost is a decent site, it suffers from some problems. One example is the server failures that happen infrequently and last a few days. While in most cases just an incovience, on some occasions, the errors can cause things to be deleted (The most recent example being when Dempsey's account got wiped). The site also lacks a privacy function, and if you want to create a new account, you'll have to create an account on or another older email site, or else the confirmation email that gets sent upon completion will never arrive. In 2007, the site underwent a URL change from to majhost, rendering many non-deleted images un-viewable due to now-faulty URLs.

One serious problem on majhost isn't caused by server issues or lax owners, but by the people who make use of it. There have been occasions in the history of Sprite wars where a member has chosen to clean out their majhost account. Not just of Sprites, but of literally EVERYTHING that one might be interested in seeing. The accumulation of several cleaned-out accounts over the years has resulted in a massive information gap that is inescapable. Reading through some of the older campaigns can cause mildly annoying to "Why am I even trying to read this?" levels of confusion. Some threads have become a mass of broken links and positive comments that make you wonder what you missed.

  • Cough* Nexus *cough*

Another problem rarely encountered by members (only seems to happen to Skurge) is the very instant upon uploading an image it is instantly brought to a generic failure page and requires the page to be brought back several attempts to finally begin uploading.

The great majhost server outage of 2015 (Ongoing)Edit

Shortly after the start of the new year, Majhost went Down for maintenance. Unlike previous instances, though, the site is still down as of now. Strangely, for some uncertain reasons, (The lego-centric counterpart to majhost.) is still up...

A CO from Majhost has not responded to questions regarding Majhost. He just reads and ignores the messages or emails. Not a good sign ~Monstarules