Monstarules is the current head administrator and de-facto owner of Spritwars, replacing MikeMurdock.


Monstarules joined Sprite wars on May 20th of 2014 - about 2 years after the closure of the Metal Slug Database. Before this, he was an active user on the Metal Slug Database, under the name Regular Army Captain. He joined there around 2009, and was instantly disliked by many veteran users because he broke many forum rules, such as instigating political arguments, spamming replies, making useless posts, and necroposting. Due to missing out on the "Golden Age" of Spritewars, he is relatively inexperienced as a comic maker, but maintains a very strong faction. He suffered little to nothing from the death of Majhost, as his files were all backed up, and his old computers were still working.

During his time at Spritewars, Monstarules has set himself aside as a good player, and, while having a rocky start, is now regarded as one of the best spriters on the forum. He became a Watchman, and then a Head Watchman when Briano, then RFZ stepped down, respectively. After a moderation dispute, MikeMurdock retired, and Monstarules was voted in to be the new Administrator and owner of Spritewars. The new forum rules were not liked by a few people, but are now followed closely, and considered to be the best iteration of the rules yet. Under Monstarules, the forum has been inactive, but this is not due to a lack of spriting and new content, but due to a lot of activity on the Discord server, and issues with the website itself. Besides, the forum inactivity originated far before his position as the administrator; in essence he has inherited the previous problem and it is not at all his doing - though he admits that he could be doing more to resolve the issue.

Community Issues

Originally, Monstarules was an obnoxious user on the Metal Slug Database, who got into constant trouble. However, over time, he eventually matured. Originally when playing the Task Force in the Global Campaign 2, he needed to be told that his faction was overstepping it's boundaries of what was reasonable. This issue was resolved without further incident.

On Spritewars, the most noticeable issue regarding Monstarules was a moderation dispute between him and MikeMurdock.This dispute ended with the entire staff team being reset. Monstarules was voted in as an administrator, and wasted no time in redoing the forum rules, to the frustration and dislike of a few users.

Spriting Abilites

Monstarules originally had trouble with shading his vehicles sprites, and was lambasted for having "lego sprite sheets". These problems have largely been rectified, and his vehicle sprites are now considered by quite a few people to be some of the best around. He's not only sprited military vehicles, but has also sprited everyday cars, trucks, fire engines, and more on a Metal Slug scale.

He has introduced 3 new alien species (only included are those that have been seen sprited as of this article's writing) to Spritewars: Kaithes, Kragolytes, and Xorgs. Xorgs and Kragolytes are slated to eventually be free use, but the Kaithe are use by request only.

Faction List

  • Task Force 100 (TFX)
  • Kragolyte Empire
  • Praying Mantis PMC
  • Galactic Republic of the Milky Way (Galactic Government)