"Mysterious_Madman is simple to understand the meaning of. It describes me."
Mysterious_Madman is a user who will probably live up to his name for a lot of people, both because the nature of the circumstances behind his ban and other things about him are mysterious, and some of his posts might be construed as those of a Madman.

In the day he would often argue with commandevil, through it was mostly in good fun. However it was noted that MM was very quick to anger and his explosions ended up landing him a ban which he never took very well considering there where rumors of death threats learned years later. In the sprite wars campaigns, he was mainly known for playing the Shadow Reapers, a fictional Japanese military organization.

"yay MM's been banned."


"LOL Irony on reverse."


The last 2 comments on MM's profile.


-Unlike some banned Sprite wars users (and some non-banned ones), His Majhost account is still inact!

-He speaks Japanese.