Planet Voltor is the home world of the Voltor Empire, an enormous ash world that's surface and subterranean realms have been converted heavily into factories and military bases supported by ever active volcanoes. Secluded outside the known Sprite universe and heavily defended by surrounding battle stations, it's location is deep within Voltor territory.

Planet Voltor

Planet Voltor

Geography Edit

Voltor is an old planet covered in barren wastelands with scattered volcanoes, rivers of ever lasting lava and an enormous deposit of rich minerals. The intense geological activity creates natural scanning interference that has kept prying eyes away from Voltor for most of its history before the Empire's expanse. Providing the vast materials Voltor has to offer has allowed the Empire to build vast armies. The air is engulfed in ash which normally blots out sunlight. On occasions the world's surface is tinted red when ash clears.

History Edit

Volcanoe factory

One of many Volcanoe factories

Voltor's origin is unknown but it's most drastic change was the formation of the Empire and it's global factory network. Most of the world's surface and subterranean sections had been converted into massive factories and bases. Volcanoes are taken advantage of and used as mega furnaces.

Voltor City-0

A Voltor city

Locations of interest Edit

There are many key locations of Voltor but few stand out more than others. The prime key location is of the Voltor Citadel-head quarters of Voltor high command and the Emperor an enormous tower than can elevate itself below and above ground much like Voltor invasion's Citadels.