Reploids Edit

Reploids are race of androids and robots designed to mimic Humans in every aspect, with complete free will and thought processes comparable to that of humans. They were first introduced in Sprite wars 2: The Eastern Campaign Series 2 by Mandemon. Their inspiration originates to Mega Man Zero.

Reploids fall under the particular classification types: Prototype's, Advanced Reploids and Pseudo-Bio Reploid

Prototype Reploids Edit

Prototype Reploids are humanoids, and may appear either male or female. They are considered to be the very first types of Reploids ever created during the first days of the creation of their kind. They usually have a human face (and sometimes, hair), as well as bulging armor around the forelimbs and upper body. However, many are built to actually resemble robotic animals with humanoid traits. These particular Reploids tend to be designed for very specific tasks; for example, a heavy duty Reploid may be large and bulky, whereas a marine Reploid may be based on a fish. There is no limit to the tasks Reploids can perform with the right design.

Prototype Reploids even have their own kind of specific DNA kown as a "DNA soul", equated in someways to being smiler to a human soul. As machines, Reploids do not age, although they still require rest and maintenance to remain functional and primarily use Energy Crystals to maintain themselves. While they can consume normal food and drink: depending on the individual Reploid they lack any sense of taste and such individual Reploids can't tell the difference between burbon or mud or otherwise finding such food disgusting. Reploids that posses more human qualities may be able to consume and enjoy human foods as well as hold very strong emotions to the point of being able to cry if feeling sorrow, sadness or loss.

Advanced Reploids Edit

Advanced Reploids are much more human in appearance compaird to prototypes. Due to this progression, they can now wear regular clothing, making it harder to distinguish them from humans save for a pair of bionic plates for ears. Only battle oriented Reploids are seen with armor, which is slimmed and reshaped to fit their human appearance. E-Crystals appear to be the main energy source for Reploids of this type. Advanced Reploids are unable to shed tears (although they can still display emotions associated with the gesture, such as sadness). Reploid children learn much faster than humans, but any attempt at singing comes off as a recording as they can only replay voice data.

Pseudo-Bio Reploid Edit

Pseudo-Bio Reploids retain the same general appearance of other Reploids, but now they can be identified by the mark of a red triangle on the center of their foreheads. The major changes are internal: these paticular Reploids now have limited lifespans, given by Legion in an effort to bring equality to humans and Reploids. There is also an indication that Pseudo-Bio Reploids may be able to eat organic food, being able to consume such items such as oranges with little difficulty.

Society as portrayed in Eastern Campaign Edit

Their society is strictly hierarchical, due to the fact that there were no civilian reploid at that time. It is speculated by human scientist that if reploids would be freed from their collective over-program, Nexus, their society could be a copy of human society.