The Republic of Mechvaraa (Republika i Mechvaraa in Vasiko Language) is one of dozens of nations of the planet Mezvaraa. Located on the Eastern Hemisphere of the planet, it consists of 17 states, each led by a State Leader, which nationally is led by a President-equivalent, "Presdenka".

Currently the nation is allied with Frei Siegland Korps (the rebellion movement and the remnant of the shattered Army of Siegland Union), Northland Federation and Kingdom of Iskandariya, and they are currently at war with the hostile Holy Mazenovich Empire (Uresaj Imperikana i Mazenovika).

History Edit


Fourteen thousand years ago, there were dozens of rivalling tribes on the eastern half of Mezvaraa. The tribes finally united with the name of Mechvar Kingdom (Monarka i Mechvar).

The First Age of Terror Edit

In Jahr 1280 CA, the peaceful Mechvar Kingdom suddenly came under attack by the Holy Empire of Valachis, personally led by the Emperor Maximus Steiner and Arch-Minister Vadim Metraek from the Westland Continent.

Due to tremendous damages done by the Empire, King Austiner of the House of Wallachian sent six of his warriors to assassinate Maximus and Vadim. The assassination was successful and the war effectively ended, albeit with heavy casualties from both sides. The Arch-Minister's body was never found.

The Tyranny and Downfall of the Queen Ismaren Kripps Edit

On Jahr 1521 CA, the Queen Ismaren of the House of Kripps took the leadership of Mechvar. However, due to the Kingdom's low treasury after several conflicts, and the Queen's obsession with her Kingdom's reputation despite some Houses' protests, she began to collect taxes from civilians at ridiculous rates, constant spying to prevent rebellions, and building the largest palace in the planet with aforementioned tax monies.

Some people protested to the Queen, and nights later, the protesters were assassinated by Varashims, the Queen's secret police.

Realising the Queen had gone overboard for a long time, the people of the Kingdom began revolting against the tyrant Queen. Because of the civilian's tremendous force against the Kingdom's officials, even overwhelming the Varashims, the Queen was forced to abandon the throne and flee to Westland, but several Houses who affiliated with the Kripps can only fled to the "Unknown South".

The resistance leader, a humble man named George Clarkson, eventually took leadership, reformed the monarchy system into a republic, changed the nation's name to the Republic of Mechvaraa, and two years later, he was inaugurated by the people as the First Presdenka of Mechvaraa.

The Golden Era Edit

A scientist named John Wyatt, unable to finding a new power source for empowering his experiments, the 'PowerTool' series, led an expedition to find an 'infinite power source'.

On 1899 CA, Wyatt's expeditionary team at the Jerhal Creek found several caves, which contain glowing blue ores. Wyatt's PowerLamp, which ran out of fuel, suddenly emitted a far brighter light when placed upon the ore. Further investigation showed that when the little blue rock was placed inside lamp, it could be used be powered with infinite energy from the rock alone.

Wyatt's team found plentiful blue ores across Mechvaraa, and Wyatt's mission to find the 'infinite fuel' was considered a successl, which resulted in a sudden technological boom thanks to Wyatt's PowerTool equipment.

On 1910 CA, various vehicles had been created, such as motorcycles, power cars, and 'walking vehicles'. Other nations adopted the Mechvaraan method of vehicle manufacturing, creating more diverse style of vehicles.

1967 CA, Mechvaraan R&D Division created a device, called InfiniGas, which produces infinite amount of breathable air thanks to Wyatt's 'EnerOrbs', and Mechvaraan Navy created the 'Submership', a submarine that never runs out of air and energy.

1984 CA, the 'AntiGrav' hover device was created, allowing bikes, cars, and ships to float off the ground and water.

On 1998 CA, the superpower Siegland Union launched their first satellite, 'Staat-1', and on 1999 CA, launched cosmonaut Nikolai Gagarin into orbit for the first time in their history, thus kickstarting the 'Space Race' between two superpower nations, Mechvaraa and Siegland.

A year later, 2000 CA, the turn of the millennium, Mechvaraan AeroNautical Division had landed two people, Niel Armstark and Brien 'Wise' Alderan, on the Mechvaraan's moons, Venno Majoris and Venno Minoris, with SkyReacher shuttle ship, equipped with InfiniGas, and they landed safely on the Eastern Ocean.

This event was described as 'the huge leap of the whole Mezvaraan', and the two were inaugurated officially as national heroes and unofficially as the 'Heroes of the Mezvaraan'.

Countless satellites, small and giant, launched onto the orbit several years later. Naval ships are equipped with InfiniGas, and the first 'Space Ship' was launched in 2016 CA, using the Corvette MSS Anaheim, and on 2020 CA, Mechvaraa merged the Navy and AeroNautical division into the 'AstroNaval Forces', resulting in every ship being equipped with 'AntiGrav' and 'InfiniGas', thus they were all capable of spaceborne and aerospace defence.

The first 'Worldjumping' experiment was done in 2069 CA, with the target of planet Yaruko, the neighbour of Mezvaraa, which took over two years by normal spacefaring, only took half a day by worldjumping, thanks to the 'JumpDriver' device.

The Jumpdriver was kept only by Mechvaraans and not anyone else. The Worldjumping campaign was put to halt due to the enormous budget it required.

Thus nations on Mezvaraa live in peace for a long time, until 2095 CA.

The Second Age of Terror Edit

On 2095 CA, the Amasur Province of the Northern Siegland declared their independence from Siegland, after the revolution led by Wilhelm Steiner , a humble man but one who had a very personal grudge against Amasurian Officials. The revolution was backed by the ancient Eskar Order of the Rising Star, and after killing the Amasur Governor, Steiner was coronated by the Eskar as the Emperor of the Amasur, and he quickly changed the name Amasur to Steinerheim, and named his own region to Holy Mazenovich Empire, from his mother's maiden name, "Marian Mazenovika", the successor of the Holy Empire of Valachis. The though-to-be-long-dead Vadim Metraek was spotted again at the height of the revolution.

The Empire began their campaign to 'conquer the Westland Continent' with brutal force. The Imperial Army, the 'Reichswehr', consisting of 'millions of volunteers, thugs, death-row inmates and cultists', brutally but effectively overran the under-equipped Sieglander Korps due to Siegland's terrible logistics.

On 2108 CA, after almost the entire Westland had been conquered, Emperor Steiner decided to take over the rest. The Emperor appointed several of his high commanders of the First Conquest to become Regional Governors, to govern the conquered places.

Mechvaraan, who has been worried of the brutality of the Empire, decided to increase their defences on the Western Border, near the Northland Federation and the Kingdom. But alas, it was not enough.

On 2119 CA, the Empire crossed the ocean, breaking through the Yurafian and Federation's defences, and when the Imperial forces bombarded the peaceful border town of Newman, the shit hits the fan.

The Exodus Edit

The Mechvaraan then waged war with the Empire, and began defending their own civilians from the brutal Reichswehr, but that sill wasn't enough. The Mechvaraan eventually had to evacuate several hundred million civilians to a new world via worldjumping again, to the destination based on an ancient otherworldly map found on the Temple of Aurachis. It worked, and the map is actually based on planet Terra.

The Mechvaraan decided to land on the Southeastern part of the world, and after negotiating with the local leader, they are allowed to land their hundred millions citizens there, also helping the locals politically and militarily, while preparing troops to counterattack the Empire.