The Sarath (Pronounced: Sa-rath) are an alien species, who evolved from predatory insectoid creatures. They are prone to violence, but they are by no means mindless savages: They are highly intelligent, calculating creatures who analyze situations before them. They are assumed to be the seconded oldest species in the galaxy, second only to the Voltor.


A group of Sarath, showing the following from left to right: Adult male, Adult Female, Juvenile , youngling

History Edit

The species evolved on a planet with a similar ecosystem to that of earth. The planet is mostly dense forest and jungle, but also has deserts, mountain ranges, some small volcanos and a small ocean. Sarath evolved and thrived in the jungles of the planet, their ancestors hunting prey and keeping other apex predators in check. They have evolved to be the dominant species on their planet.

Since their first attempt at space travel, Sarath have populated a small number of planets in the own system, each with a different environment. 3,500 years growing and adapting to each environment has resulted in the evolution of unique traits and physical changes. Such extreme evolutionary changes are found only in the Sarath system, as pioneers that colonize outside the system for such time remain unchanged. And its unknown how or why this phenomenon occurs.

Appearence Edit

A typical Sarath has a long insectoid head with large triangular compound eyes, accompanied with a large triangular mouth lined with sharp triangular teeth. The head is connected to the body by a long, thin neck. The Saraths body is white and covered with purple markings. The back is lined with a row of four spine like protrusions. But the most striking feature of the Sarath are its eight legs. The first pair of legs are large, blade like feet on long gangly, double-jointed limbs. These limbs serve as natural, primary attack weapons. The second pair of legs consists of a smaller, more round-shaped bladed foot. These pair of limbs serves a secondary attack weapon and as a defensive weapon to block, parry and deflect attacks. They are also double-jointed. The third pair of legs are odd, crescent-shape, bladed feet that have triple jointed arms. And they also the only limb that have small digits in the bladed foot, to manipulate tools and their surroundings. In males the reproductive organ is contained at the tip of the bladed foot. In females, pheromones are released from glands in the top of the foot. This foot could also be used as an auxiliary attack/defense weapon. The fourth and final pair of legs has a long, curiously shaped leg and pelvis and an even odder shaped, bulky bladed foot. This limb used mostly for locomotion, stability, and defense. In combat, if needed a Sarath can use all eight limbs as weapons if the individual can leap into the air in a cartweeling, twirling, spinning display.

It is an uncommon trait where Sarath grow hair. The few that do only have hair grow on their heads, and those that grow hair are considered highly knowledgeable and wise, and thus, given positions as advisers, shaman, religious leaders and military advisers. Sarath blood is blue in color. Sarath have eye colors ranging from green, blue, charcoal and gold. Those with silver eyes are considered gifted prodigies and are revered. Individuals with the genetic mutation of silver eyes are extremely rare, and it is noted those with silver eyes possess what Sarath called Battlesight: a sixth scene in which an individual is in-tune with its surroundings, making them the most deadly of fighters.

An equally rare genetic mutation in eye color of blood red colored eyes. Those with blood red eyes are considered bad omens feared in Sarath society, exiled to hostile environments outside of the Jungles where most Sarath live. Those with such red eyes are considerably even more savage and irrational, some would say animalistic and posses their own special ability of whats known as  Mighty Rage, in which an individual is lost in a blinding furry of rage, adrenalin and power, where in this state heightens all of the senses. Infant and very young Sarath have pointed, spear like limbs with the feet as simple bladed points, like spear tips.Only the third pair of arms have a deviation of shape, the arms of the third pair of limbs has a claw at the end. It is not until the when the individual comes of age(around 7 to 8 years) that the species trademark, bladed arms begin to develop, and do so very quickly. They are taught early in life to be aggressive, and are trained in combat and war.

Society Edit

The species has a tribal/cast governmental system, led by a male and a female, a sort of king or queen that rule over the whole planet, individuals who have ranks to that of a duke or duchess, rule over individual tribal colonies, most have mates that rule along side in the colonies. It is very common for colonies to fight amongst one another. It is rare; but on occasion an alliance between colonies can be formed in order to benefit both parties. Although Sarath are quite capable of reason, most prefer to use force to solve problems. Males are large, husky, strong built creatures and most of whom, are quite aggressive, young males are not as aggressive until they reach the age of 22 years, due to the change in hormones. Females are usually even less aggressive then the males, even upon reaching 22 years of age, thou it is noticed that there is a small change in attitude and behavior. Females are smaller than males, have a sleeker appearance and almost seem to flow in their movements. Males move with a sharper, unpredictable movement, as if always on the attack, like a predator on the hunt. Females may be smaller in size, but even they are deadly in combat. Sarath are highly intelligent and are capable of understanding and speaking other languages (given time) and even have their own spoken language, but it is infrequently used. Most Sarath communicate with shrieks, clicks, growling, roaring, purrs and pheromones. A Saraths eyesight is exceptional, able to see things pretty well, but it is diminished somewhat in the dark, but their sense of smell is quite high, compensating for vision at night.

Their only religion is of war and violence, and little in the ways of law. But despite their few laws, there is one that all Sarath follow: Fight with passion, fight with pride, fight with spirit. But most of all, fight with honor. For if one dose not fight with honor, he is nothing more then, mindless beast, and to be put down as such. Those who dont adhere to this code are outcasts, seen as criminals, and are usually punished with, torture or exile or death. And Sarath who desire peace are rare indeed, and sometimes seen as wise, but are usually seen as blasphemes or downright insane.

Reproduction Edit

The mating process is quite unusual. A mature male usually select a younger female and try to win over the affections of the female by kooing and purring, as well as trying to put on a display of strength for her. If interested, she will release a specific pheromone as a signal to the male. At which point she will lay on her back and the male would then proceed with fertilizing her, using one of his third pair of legs. Such a process will cause severe bleeding, and is both pleasureful and painful.  If the male doesnt succeed in attracting the female, sometimes he may try again or move on to find a new mate, however, in most cases he will simply force himself on her. After gestation, the female will give a live birth to a single offspring in about five to eight months. Its rare for a female to give birth to twins. Most Sarath are mates for life. Sarath are only truly kind to and loving to their mates and offspring. Inflicting harm on either would result in facing a Saraths wrath.

Technology Edit

Sarath have advanced technology, but most of the advancement went into weapons, spaceships and combat. Little were the advances made into medicine, economy and in agriculture. In fact, Sarath hunting methods have remained the same for centuries, where Sarath hunt heard animals on their planet and those of other planets. They usually stalk big game downwind and will try and creep up on their prey in thick bush or in the trees; some also enjoy hunting in the waters edge. When they are close enough they leap up on their victim and strike with their bladed feet, sometimes making multiple strikes.

Sarath also do not wear clothes, and only high status individuals wear any jewelry. Most Sarath warriors, soldiers and hunters tend to wear the teeth of their kills as trophies. Because of their predatory, aggressive nature, Sarath have become deadly, fierce fighters. Warriors are low status and don't use any weapons other than their own bladed limbs. Official soldiers of Sarath society, however, wear varying types of battle armor, and most of these individual Sarath are sent amongst the stars to explore and fight. Most commonly worn is the light battle armor, which consists of metallic plates, made of a metal element, and such armor is worn on the back, feet and a helmet with H.U.D. on the head that is integrated into the neural network of the individual. Medium battle armor is less common because most individuals find it too heavy and cumbersome. It has thicker plates and covers the whole body. Heavy battle armor is more like a power suite and increases the wearers strength, speed and allows greater carrying ability and has and even thicker armor.

All types of battle armor have one or two of a particular type of Sarath weapon mounted on the individuals back.  Heavy battle armor allows more than two weapons to be mounted. Some warriors are also sent to the stars as a test to prove themselves worthy of becoming soldiers. All forms of technology are built in Sarath made factories that run on solar or thermal energy, being careful not to damage the ecosystem. Sarath have most impressive spaceships and have been capable of space travel for over 3,500 years.