Sargo was a free spirited rebel who doesn't play by the rules kid who didn't get the site.

After joining on November 10th of 2008, he drew the ire of other members for posting in threads that had been inactive for several months on two separate occasions.

"check the post date on threads goddamn"


4 months after his second exhuming of a dead thread he returned, this time posting in the Roll call thread for the Biohazard chronicles.

following this, he seemed to have learned from the last times as his post was one of the first, but he didn't learn anything about reading the rules of a campaign, because he joined as a Soldier character when the rules explicitly stated that characters were supposed to by civillian. As if that wasn't enough, the sprite sheet he used  was taken from Chris Hayward's majhost account and wasn't edited in the slightest.

It should be noted, however, that at some point after this Sargo apparently joined the late msdb forums, and had a good reputation.