The Silver Ecilpse has underwent many changes over the years but it was once a beacon of hope for many.

Silver Ecilpse


"We are new creation."


Orginally technodemocracy, Technocratic dictatorship under Felgard.

Head of State:

Dante Lunameria, Kuilen Felgard

Head of Military:

The emperor

Estimated Population:



Currently a number of hidden outposts on Earth and other systems.


Worldbuilders, Transhumans, Protohumans, Humans. Mobians, Paradine, Aeus, Arcanians, Lyveks

The Eros TechnocracyEdit

Mass defectionsEdit

Last Stand of the foundersEdit

Under The FelgardsEdit

The third realm war and the utopia of deathEdit

Reformation of the EclipseEdit

The Fall of AthediaEdit

The Second grand war and EarthEdit

After escaping the inferno on Athedia, Kuilens flagship fell through time, ending up in the Sol system of the Grand campaign universe. Due to not getting the information needed to unlock Eros foundary, Kuilen Felgard plotted another means to breach it.

During this time Felgard bankrolled a military force behind the scenes, sapping resources from areas nobody would notice in order to build new warships and weapons. This time was also used to gain battle data that could be used to aid Silver Ecilpse and Faction nine operations.

When the time was right SE and Faction nine struck, setting up a series of nuclear devices in the already broken United States. This allowed them to move in and form a new government known as the commonwealth, while the new Silver Ecilpse homeland was built over the ruins of New York city.

Kuilen began to plot on starting his new creation project over again, this time with the help of a man known as McCoy running a group known as the Sapphire legion and a young man known as Cass who he took on as a new apprentice.

At the same time, problems followed when his sibling Ryic tracked him down and tried to give chase.

Fearing the rise of Silver Ecilpse the BHSU tried to place sanctions of them along with pressuring them to change policy and join an allience of neo communists. Kuilen with his messiah complex refused outright and as a response ordered his forces to lay siege to Russia.

At the same time due to a chaos control accident, the leader of Firefox, Storm ended up in Kuilens citadel as they had a duel along with a conflict of ideals. Through before the fight could be finished Storms comrades managed to pull him back.

After a series of small conflicts, Kuilen put his final plan into motion. If he could not unlock Eros foundary then he would use a paradox machine to force it open and claim the arsenal.

Dark days and exileEdit

The Neoterran factionEdit

Kuilens planEdit

The Rise of the Silver empireEdit

And the endEdit


History in the later areas pre global campaign are shakey, I tend not to really use much from West 6, GC3/4 due to just terrible plotlines from those eras on my part, through some things are kept in for some reference with minor fixes here and there.