The Solar Federal Forces is a Faction Played by MikeMurdock and Garrick.

Solar Federal Forces


Modified Civilian-Military Junta


SOL-first. Anti-corvolt, Anti-Mobian Empire, Liberal Democracy

Notable Members:

Mike Rugar,Nannbara Armisael Garrick, Nakada Ken (AKA Admiral Giko)

Homeland / Bases:

Mars, number of colony worlds, Kuradian Artifical Island, Japan


Mobians, Humans, CASTs,Lylatians


SW prime, GC

“In order to ensure freedom to what he holds dear one must make sacrifices.”

“According to Article 12 of the Kuradian Military code, "Wilful association with the Corvolt" is the only crime that entails death in our system. They are betraying their very species after all.”

~Commander Garrick

The Solar Federal Forces (SFF) Is a military alliance consisting of the Kuradian Armed Forces, the Terran Defense Authority and their associates. They are the only remaining direct successors to the League of Free Worlds that fought in the bloody Corvolt Wars. This military force has its main hub in the Colonised 4th planet of the Solar System, Mars, with Kuradia and its armed Forces (KAF) at the helm. This supra-national alliance's initial goal was to restore world order by combating global terrorism, preventing a re-foundation of the dreaded Terran Dominion, and to keep a close watch on the Sol system should the Corvolt ever return.



The Solar Federal Forces are the successor of what was the League of Free Worlds during the 1st Corvolt War. the League were only the 50% of what was left of the people that evacuated from Earth to Mars and outside colonies, rebuilding their armies to take back Earth. General Rugar of the 507th fleet deployed the LFW fleet space folding from behind Mecury. After a brutal Assault against the Corvolt forces they managed to land their initial assault groups along with the Pyrokistune army. The military forces then proceeded, instead of taking a head-on approach they decided to take over cities base by base to weaken the Corvolt forces. Thanks to this foothold the Alliance managed to establish advanced beacheads in the Pacific Rim and Kuradia got full colonization rights over whatever remained of Mars, leading it to be the prosperous world that it is today.

Given the high degree of integration that affected both the Earth Sphere colonies under the old Alliance authority and Mars the framework for a more integrated union was laid with the restructuring of the pact into the Solar Federation treaty, wich would have been (wishfully) the foundation for a united Sol under a federal system. It came to be only on Mars and its colonies, in Japan and in the colonies of the Earth Sphere.

The LFW was disbanded and replaced by the AD Police to continue Peacekeeping and Police duties in a world ravaged by the aftermath of the Corvolt occupation. During the 5th war the AD Police was absorbed by the Terran Defense Authority and restructured into the Federal Defense Forces.

Aftermath of the 5th warEdit

After the rather surprising "suicide" of the World Eaters army at Ravenholm, the SFF set out to rebuild the territories under their jurisdiction, leaving everything out of it all but to fend for itself. This lead to a rebirth of the pacific rim as the "free" hub of the world. They did keep an eye on the frightening developments in Europe with the rise of FederalStat Armex, but chose not to intervene, their people all too tired of continued conflicts. They did know that several threads were still hanging, and in about a year and a half, what was left unsolved showed its face.
The Mobian Empire had returned. Luckly this time it headed straight for Europe and Armex, leaving the SFF on the sidelines. They chose to adopt the millenia-old tactic of "Divide et Impera", Divide and Conquer. They would let Armex and the Imperium kill eachother and then they would pick up the pieces, inviting the other neutral nations of the world to join the jackal's banquet. Or so they thought.

The Stars and the Eagle: The resurgence of the United States [WIP]

Crisis on the Mobian Islands


A war of technology and profit.

[African conflict between Verox and Armex]
Direct Intervention
[the SFF move war]

Garrick's Gambit
[The surprise attack on Armex and the MIG fleets]

Bittersweet victory

[Can't win everything, nee Garrick?]

SFF Military Doctrine (West)Edit

The SFF Forces are dualist in their composition, reflecting the TDA and the KAF's different views on the Art of Warfare.

The Kuradian Armed Forces are still faithful to their philosophy of striking from the air, always under the support of top of the line spaceships. A Kuradian Commander never thinks in term of fronts and battle lines, but rather devises his tactics in relation to the enemy's nevralgic centers. Fronts don't mean much if your logistic is crushed and you can't see beyond the hill because your C4I network has been pulverized.

Their basic infantryman is equipped with the Infantry Battle Armor System(IBAS) Powered Armor whose standard weapon is an explosive shells firing HMG by any other standard. All Kuradian infantry's heavier weapons would be found on armored vehicles of other human armies (their designated SAW it's actually a 25mm autocannon, for example). The pilots are equipped with a Lighter and more Maneverable Power armor called the Power Assist Suit (PAS) system, wich allows them incredible feats of agility should they be shot down. Air support is provided by Variable Fighters, the latest of wich is the VF-25 Messiah. Capable of indipendetly obtaining orbit and extremely versatile it's the most common vehicle of the Kuradian Armed Forces. Coming close are VB-6 Konig Monster Variable Destroids, wich act as the first carrier of the Kuradian nuclear deterrent. Another ubiquitous sight is the Pegagus Dropship, which doubles as a heavy gunship.

The Kuradian Spacy is structured around the Combat Battle Group (CBG), with a New Macross class variable carrier at its flagship. The New Macross Class ships are based on the old SDF-1 and can transform into a gigantic humanoid form to wield their equally monstrous main cannon, wich can decimate enemy fleets. They are all constructed with Corvolt Invasion Carriers and the Mobian Imperial Navy Eclipse in mind. Kakitsubata class stealth battlecruisers are the backbone of the fleet, capable of performing a vast array of duties.

Uraga Class Escort Carriers serve as hubs to launch VFs and often will lead small detatchments of the CBG into indipendent missions.

Maizuru Class escort Battleships guard the flank and the rear of the CBG, using their large turnable turrets to quickly engage trespassing targets while their advanced laser defense system takes care of any long range ordnance directed at the fleet.

Tobiume Class Dreadnoughts are the tip of the spear of the CBG, employing their heavy armor and weapons to confront similarly-armed enemy ships.

Another quirk of the KAF is their systematic use of Reactive Warheads, an ORTEC weapon wich causes nuclear-like detonations with none of the side effects. It has been reported that when there are not any civilians around KAF soldiers employ them liberally.

TDA forces are more tied to the ground and behave like a traditional army. They place great focus on armored forces, using tried and true tactics. They have a higher number of troops on the ground compared to a Kuradian detatchment of the same level but not the same mobility. The TDA prides itself with being the heir of the army that lead the charge against the Corvolt Empire and many regiments still are the same regiments that fought in the Corvolt War.
While weapons and components are standardized, there are many cases of redundancy in their equipment, with 3-4 different assault rifles in service, for example.
The TDA infantry often do not have the same bravado possessed by their Kuradian brethen ("It's easy to be brave when basically no chemically based rifle round can actually harm you"), mainly because of the IBAS. However, they do take pride in being able to conduct subtler operations and also not scare the civilian population right away. ("Not coming in with jetpacks roaring, visors closed and every engine of your suit deafening anything 5 metres around you helps")
The TDA is structured in branches, usually divided by areas of jurisdictions.
The Earth Sphere Branch oversees Earth's orbit and Colonies. Well equipped with Mechs.
The Moon Branch is usually tasked with research efforts, with their forces field-testing many of their new prototypes. Their Ships differ quite from those of the rest of the TDA fleet.
Helios Base houses the TDA Supreme command and is housed on Phobos, one of the moon of Mars, togheter with Kuradia's Joint Command. Has the best spaceships and marines of the entire TDA. Frequently cross-trains with Kuradia's Mars Defence Fleet.

Time SplitEdit

in the Grand Campiagn and the 6th Western Campiagn the TDA took 2 different Directions. In the GC the TDA kept it's name and continue it's duties like it's WC Version, but focusing more on Tired and true weapons over research on Alien technology to enhance there armies. However in WC6 The TDA was reformed into the Federal Defense Forces which beleived they are the one and ONLY protection for Mankind focusing more on research on Alien technology and reverse engineering to Improve there army for if the Corvolt return

Current EraEdit

As of now with the WC Universe destroyed by Dr.Robotnik's Multi-Universe destruction weapon even though it was stopped it destroyed the WC Universe however a somehow Mars from the Universe Merge with the GC Mars. During that all contact with the outer colonies of earth form the moon beyond was cut off and part of the Mar that wasn't terraformed was automatically when the FDF of the other universe teleported to the un-terraformed regions after two years of heavy debate and a almost possible civil war the TDA, KAF, and FDF made a joint alliance and became one unit. After large debates in the consul Garrick decided after speaking with the world builders to mobilize the SFF forces to do what they should of done a long time ago destroy armex, it's allies, and other threats to the Earth. Even though most Martians beleive that the SFF will face anger, untrust, and possible forced off the planet by the earth people due to they feel abandoned by them they continued with there mission.As of Now they are fighting the NeoTerra Dominion Lead by Rector. -

Edit by Garrick: i have better plans for the eventual retcon, leave this as it is for now.

SFF Military Doctrine (GC)Edit

The SFF Forces as of now Focused on Mobile Assault and component weapon systems along with reverse engineering Alien Technology for use. All there Infantry Are equipped with the latest nfantry Battle Armor System(IBAS) Powered Armor and equipped with Various Destructive weapons. The pilots are equipped with a Lighter and more Maneverable Power armor called the Power Assist Suit (PAS) system. There Armor Forces uses large Quad walkers known as Mobile Armored Walker(MAW) along with the Gigantes Heavy combat Mechs. For there Air Force there vehicles are consist of the Variable Fighter VF-32 Hades With Armor and Fast Pack components along side the Hercules Mark II Gunship. There Space Navy consist Of New Macross Class ships, Kakitsubata class stealth Battlecruisers, Uraga Class Escort Carriers , Maizuru Class escort Battleships, Tobiume Class Dreadnoughts With the Exelion as the fleet's flagship.

Army InspirationEdit

The Inspiration for the SFF comes from various outsources. Mostly taking inspiration from Macross, GunBuster, Patlabor, Starship Troopers Novel Version, Command and Conquer's GDI faction, and Ghost In the Shell while colonize Mars takes Inspiration from TekkaMan Blade, Zone of the Enders, and Armitage III

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