Terran Command was a terran purist, imperalist and xenophobic faction formed by Barrington Argentum to see through his ambition of an age of absolutely order.

Terran Command
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Aspire, Belong, Evolve


Dictatorship, Totalitarianism,corporatism


The Barrister


VC Nexus




VC Nexus, Heaven, minor colonies, purgatory prison colony, some parts of Earth.

Racial census

Humans, machine


Lawful Evil

Tech Level

Spaceflight era, some creation level tech


Global campaign

OOC inspirationsEdit

Terran command draws some inspiration from past xenophobic factions in SW history but aims to dissect the power fantasy behind many of them and tropes. Inspirations draw from Neoterra, Bioshock, worldbuilder lore, star wars and a number of other sources.

The idea behind it as CC put it best "It's like Nazi Germany if run by coca Cola."

A broken innovatorEdit

Arcadia lay in ruins, the Xenomech combine and Order forces ravaging the surface with the might of their great armies and the beast ready to make his final move to end the war in one move. A move that would destory all three factions and ending the suffering of the verse.

Barrington Argentum knew emperor Eros had a plan to escape the war with a small force using a time displacement machine recovered by Arcadian special forces, the machine had enough power for them to return to the outside universe once more.

Requiem for arcadia2

The Barrister next to Eros

The Barrister begged and wormed his way onto the Layline team and in a flash he found himself on the planet Earth.

Having no care for Eros machinations the Barrister fled, now able to continue his ambitions without the lingering threat of the third realm war over his shoulders.

But now he was alone in the universe, only a handful of his people left as he was forced to wander from place to place.

The 13th LegionEdit

The Barrister later took a position as a military advisor on the planet Infernus through it was a ploy so he could gather resources to fund his expernments but things went to hell when the 13th legion of chaos invaded the planet and laid waste to entire cities.

Leaving his bunker he saw the surface abandoned, filled with corpses of those that had been tortured by the brutal and insane soldiers of the legion which furthered his views of absolute order.

The Barrister looted all the resources he could gather including bank accounts, military plans and supplies he could before leaving to parts unknown.

Victorian London and a chance encounterEdit

Escaping in his timeship to Victorian London so he could be alone for a while the Barrister got to work on a pet project involving a simulation system that could be used to edit the mind of the victim. His hopes in his expernment was to find a means to remove human nature and control free will to create perfect citizens for his future empire.

During this time he used alias Paladin and published a book containing water down takes on his personal ideals in hopes of infulening human history as part of a long term plan.

However this caught the attention of Ryic Blackrain now in the later days of his 5th incarnation, who attempted to foil the Barristers plans and prevent him tampering with human history. Ryic however was captured and seeing the chance to use a worldbuilder sample the Barrister put him through the machine.

Later EC and his forces went back in time and laid waste to the Barristers lab and rescued their friend Ryic.

As the complex self destructed the Barrister was caught in the blast as he just made it to his timeship.


The Barrister lives to fight another day

The damage triggered the final regeneration of his cycle as he transformed once again into a new man, one who was far more ruthless and calculating than his predecessor.

A new man

A new man

Aiding Armex and NeoterraEdit

The long game and working behind the scenesEdit


Dealing with the Silver EmpireEdit

The IXA AI and Tiger News NetworkEdit

The Birth of Terran commandEdit

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