"Two times shall the traitorous warmonger arise, breaking the hope within man. In the fires shall the fortress be cast down, it's gates forced open as the walls are demolished. Those that dwell in the realm animarum shall flow through the now broken walls and gates as the blood flows across streets. The air shall be poisonous and the ground be set in flames. The Daemons shall terrorize the populace, as brothers shall slay their brethren with the fire and sword. The wound in the skies shall pour it's terror forth into the plane. Staring unblinkingly at it's prize and the traitorous warmonger shall walk across the bridge of the stars. He shall finish the Arch traitor's work of ambition and blood. Upon the holy soils and upon the star bridge shall the fate of the Ankanian Imperialis be decided."

The Liberia Arelin

The eternal war is a conflict of immense proportions between the Ankanian Imperialis and the Ruinous Powers. Starting with the end of the Ankanian Heresy. For those traitors to the Imperialis, the Eternal War means to seize control of the Imperialis in the name of the dark pantheon, to finish what the Arch-traitor started in the heresy.

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