The Exiled are an upcoming faction now currently in development under Skurge and Mikemurdock. They are to be assumed as a story based faction rather than an actual campaign interacting one as of yet.  Primarily there story states that they were exiled by the Elydian Kingdom decades before the Voltor invasion, they have not been heard since but it is rumored they still harbor hate for the Kingdom.

The Exiled
The Exilled

Insignia of the Exiled.


Militarized Rebellion

Supreme ruler







Unknown, believed to be outside Elydian star system

Racial census

Elydian, Dark Elydian?



Tech Level

Somewhat advanced.

Time line

Global Campaign


Some decades before the Voltor invasion of Elydia- the Elydian Kingdom became victorious against an anti-monarch movement, as a result they were exiled from Elydia for betraying the Kingdom. With little ships at there disposal the Exiled traveled through space for many years searching for a new home to govern as there own. There had not been any contact made with both sides since but it is still presumed they are still lurking around.

Racial census and cultureEdit

Although the Exiled is made up of Elydians, they have developed a few minor physical changes to there Elydian Kingdom counterpart.

Exiled Elydians for generations have gradually gone pale due to lack of sunlight on there new found world. The thick marsh fog and thick forrests have kept them from excessive sun exposure for many decades rendering them in light tone. Excessive hard labor and training has strengthened them more so than there luxuriously lived Elydian Kingdom counterpart.

A common trait of the Exiled citizens are tattoo's, cosmetics, piercings and dyed hairs. Tattoo's often represent there family clan and/or story of there participation against the Kingdom. They hold them dear and take great offense to anyone who insults there heritage. Dyed hair is a frequently seen trait, hardly any Exiled citizen is seen with there natural hair style and piercings are often found on there long pointed ears.
Exiled Concepts

Concept drawings of the Exiled.

Unlike there benevolant counterparts-the Exiled are quite cruel. The exiled culture has become an increasingly compettative one as they are obsessive of there apearence and shun those who they deem ugly, generations of living isolated from there origional home has harbored hate and paranoia to an extent that they will most likely treat any forginer with hostile intent.


Though the Elydian Kingdom's technology is quite high with it's hovercraft based vehicles and the use of plasma energy, the Exiled is quite the opposite, mostly because during there exile they left with obselete materials, lacking potential researchers at the time also meant a backwards step in the tech tree. However the Exile during there travels and settlement developed different technology all together, there weapons are primarily projectile based using a unique "needle" like bullet with a dialuted chemical which leaves a brief green trace to help fighters see where there rounds are landing on there dim lit world. There vehicles are teradyne based often found with wheels and treads, often equipted with hydrolics powerful enough to (un-bog) themselves, preventing hindering on travels.

Primarily for the military they focus on the use of ( INSET ENERGY BASE PRODUCT )

Domestically, the Exiled populace rely on Hydroelectric dams which are usually stationed at nearby settlements.


  • On the 24th of May 2015, Mike Murdock ( a founding father of Sprite Wars) and Skurge ( Creator of the Elydians and the Voltor ) began throwing ideas and creating prototype sprites of new Elydians. Mike Murdock alone came up with an idea for a Elydian Kingdom counterpart.
  • It's been speculated to have there design inspired by the Ground control franchise.
  • Though nothing solid in terms of sprites had been made as of yet. It has been considered to give them slightly different characteristics such as darker or paler skin tone.
  • The Exiled may yet be considered the "Dark Elves" of Sprite wars in counterpart of the Elydian Kingdom likeliness to "High Elves"
  • Recently Skurge has stumbled across artwork and images of the "Jax and Dexter" franchise which also has Elven-like characters which is now also being taken into consideration for design inspiration.
  • Some inspiration for there history of betrayal and exile has been noted on Skype as a slight reminder of the Dark Templar from Starcraft.
    Samp ex

    Swamp Land Slums of the Exiled populace.