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The Famine

Faction Type

Hive Mind, Sentient Bio Mass

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Possible interdimensional

Racial sensis

Mutations from other species



Tech Level

Advanced biological technology

Time Line

Not present

The Famine is an alien bio mass entity that was created by an ancient race outside the Sprite universe, maybe even from another dimension. It is something that some would call a virus, or possibly a mutation of some former species.

The Famine was created by Skurge and is still under much construction including the name. Inspiration has been stated by the Zerg from the Starcraft franchise and James Cameron's "The Thing"


Currently, the history of this entity states that the Famine was created by an ancient alien race as a biomass to help solve a great famine that had plauged across the world of unkown origin. However something went wrong and the biomass evolved,mutated and grew infinitately asorbing and assimulating any life it encountered. During the struggle to contain the biomass it was believed that the biomass itself had gained sentience and was on a rampage seeking to sustain its endless hunger, ironically being named and feared as "The Famine".

Eventually the biomass engulfed the world in its mutated spread forcing survivors to escape the world, what remains of that ancient race is a mystery.

Leaders and followersEdit

Infested Voltorians

Infested Voltorian sprites.

It's believed that the Famine entity is a singular mind on an endless mission to sustain it's hunger. All units share the one mind and instinct and shows no sign of rank.


The Famine is a hive mind entity that is capable of absorbing and assimulating biological life forms, infesting life forms and sustaining the biomass through means unknown. The Famine is capable of spreading it's infestations across worlds by launching spores into outterspace drifting like a comet until crash landing. No matter the distance the biomass is still somehow able to communicate at unimagenable distances. Forces consist of infected offsprings, assimulated DNA into it's own means of desired units in an effort to spread and absorb for it's hunger.
Other Famine aliens

Various Famine Sprites. There is no true form.