The Garden Empire commences its invasion of earth.

The Garden empire was a Mobian-led empire created by Rufus for the GC3


At the very beginning of the GC3, the GE's invasion fleet arrived at earth. They sent out a message to the people of earth ordering them to stand down, and proceeded to land troops in Alaska, the Kamchatka peninsula, and the South-eastern coat of Madagascar. They constructed underground bunkers in Alaska, while their leader contacted The Major, leader of the SS paranormal division. At the same time, the forces of the Tyloc PMC, who were hired to wipe out the Garden forces, launched a surprise attack on the southern coast of Alaska. But they made the mistake of attacking some of the Garden-controlled oil rigs, which they had no use for. The counterattack was swift and devastating. The invasion of Alaska did not stop their commander, Count Von Kyle blitz, from meeting with the Major and proposing an alliance, which he turned down. As if that wasn't enough, a new problem was facing the Garden soldiers in Alaska: The forces of the Federal States of Armex had invaded from the north. Count Blitz had the soldiers in Alaska fall back into the underground bunkers they had constructed, while the forces in Siberia and Africa pushed forward.

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