This article deals with the universe that people call Sprite Wars. Feel free to add stuff. This is mainly OOC(Out-Of-Character) article. If you use some game as a source, please note the point where the canon diverses from SWU.

Planet EarthEdit

Planet Earth is the main location for the conflict. It takes Metal Slug timeline to the 1st game then, goes nuts. it has Humans, demons, mobians, lylatians, etc. etc. fighting for who know why. Due to the high concertation of military force, large patches of Earth have turned to wasteland. Of course, additional superweapon uses cause changes in landmass, such us devastation of middle east in GC. It's unknow of Gaia remembers what happened after each reboot, but if she does remember, she is traumatized beyond help by now.

From now and forever Earth is locked on neverending war, with most factions having commited too much effort to simply withdraw from the planet.

Planet MobiusEdit

Planet Mobius is home of the mobians. IT takes SatAM timeline to defeat of Robotnik, then diverses. Humans on Mobius are exterminated by ruthless The Mobian Empire, while the Sonic and co. have escaped to Earth, setting mobian presence on Earth. Little is know about current status on Mobius.

Lylat SystemEdit

The Lylat System is the home of the Lylatians - a humanoid fur race with similarities to both Mobians and Humans. It uses the Starfox timeline until the defeat of Andross, then goes to its own path. Lylatians have occasional cold (and sometimes hot) wars with the Mobian Empire.


Mars is a little oddball. Sometimes terraformed, sometimes not. One thing remains: It is always colonized by the people who escaped the war on Earth.

West Canon: was in the middle phase of terraforming when it was abandoned during the retreat of the league from Earth. It languished like a dead world during much of the second corvolt war. In the aftermath Kuradia bargained colonization rights with the ZEDAF and settled a large part of its populace there. Now a fortress world, i't s home to Kuradia's legislative body, their supreme military command and the majority of the Kuradian Spacy. It has remained untoched by alien invaders ever since.


Arcadia is known as the blue gem of the eight systems, it is home of the Worldbuilders and there empire. However Arcadia is nothing more than a ruin covered in chrono storms now ripe for imperium or Voltor Savengers through the Mobian empire is also trying to make a claim in the area to get pre realm war artifacts.

The worldbuilders themselves after the war have colonized a planet called new arcadia.

Axonian TerritoriesEdit

The sphere of influence in the Axonian Empire covers roughly two-hundred systems situated in the galactic "west", although they are more closely situated to the Southern Systems, from which the embittered Kugestaldt Republic is known to launch numerous raids against their fortified border worlds.

Planet VoltorEdit


Planet Voltor- home world of the Voltor Empire

Planet Voltor is the home of the Voltor race. It was once a hostile ash world with many active volcanoes, black wastelands and rivers of lava, but now since the Voltor Empire was forged the majority of the world is now covered in factories and fortresses.


Planet Voltor posses unique Volcanoes that erupt at a endless rate, they never seem to die out and it's been researched that the planet itself has that many geological terrain to perfect a complete never ending cycle of eruptions. With the Voltor empire knowing this they have built war factories that are capable of harnessing the metals that erupt from them to bring and endless supply of materials for there war machine so long as the Volcanoes are monitored and carefully used.

Another feature this world possesses is it's unique marking which the Voltor Empire took inspiration to make that marking there banner. This geolocial marking is made from four adjacent volcanoes that are supplying a canyon full of lavar inland to forge a river circling an island mass making this shape.

World's structures and defencesEdit

The Voltor Empire knew very well if they made powerful enemies they would have to make sure there world is highly defended, in order to do so the Voltor Empire have built massive city sized Dark matter cannons in scale to whipe out enemy fleets from orbit spreaded around Voltor's surface. While most of the planet is covered in factory and bases the Voltor Empire have defences of all types spreaded all over the world.

In Voltor's orbit they have fleets patrolling Voltor's space along with many Scorchresses ( fleet stations ) floating in orbit.


No reports have been made of any non-Voltorian personal witnissing this world.

Planet Voltor's whereabouts is a complete mystery, and have only been witnessed once via the Voltor Empire's "Project X" planetary portal. More information in this article.

The Southern SystemsEdit

The south of the Sprite Wars galaxy is primarily dominated by two warring dominions - the Kugestaldt Republic and the Lyvek Conglomerate. The twenty-one systems here are endlessly contested over in what the locals call the "Sigma Wars". The conflict is relatively contained in this small pocket of space, although it has been known to reach much further than the current battle zone (such as the attempted Lyvek invasion of Earth and the subsequent liberation by the Kugestaldt in 20XX). On one end of the system set is the Kugel system, where the Kugel species reside and where the headquarters of the Republic is located - while on the opposite end, the Lyvor system, home of the Lyvek, bickers out long-range "information" broadcasts and sends its mighty warships to claim the systems.


Very few non-locals visit the Southern Systems, either out of disinterest or knowledge of the brutal conflict. The intrepid (or perhaps oblivious) colonists and pioneers that venture into the battle zone often end up being forcefully drafted into the Kugestaldts reserve forces, or liquidated by trigger-happy Lyvek ship gunners.

The SystemsEdit

Listen in order from "east" to "west" of the Southern Pocket; (K) Kugel controlled (L) Lyvek controlled (O) Contested

- Kugel (Kugestaldt Capitol)

- Rusani (K)

- Gerhaani (K)

- Ardia (K)

- Hastarr (K)

- Val-Numeros (K)

- Kaimaru (K)

- Kaalito (K)

- Jorgali (K)

- Maltos (K)

- Goros (O)

- Carrack (O)

- Hunoke (O)

- Ukilor (O)

- Forrinus (L)

- Na'shiita (L)

- Pirahno (L)

- Radej (L)

- Fugiruso (L)

- Coronak (L)

- Lyvor (Lyvek Capitol)


After the untimely end of the Sigma Wars, the Kugestaldt Republic largely regressed into an isolationist pocket in its home systems, whilst most of the twenty-one systems and beyond have folded into the Ishuda Industrial Pantheon, the more business-focused successor to the Lyvek Conglomerate. The new peace has made the Southern Systems a more tempting target for tourism and trade, and an even less-appetizing opportunity for would-be conquerers.