TimberWolf was a rather infamous member of Sprite Wars, known by most Veterans orginally as a problematic member of the community who was quick to anger. He has gone by many names over the years: Spike, TimberWolf, James Callahan, Mad Cat, and FKR, but prefers the name TimberWolf or TW.

Foreword by TimberWolfEdit

Hey guys, TW here, just wanted to give a foreword that this article has been written as unbaised as possible, unlike the last one on the old Wiki that got made without my consultation and was full of nothing but ED levels of bullshit. Anyone that wants to contribute to this and fix information so it's more factual, please do so, but stay away from hate.

First DiscoveryEdit

TimberWolf, at the time going by the name of "Spike", first descovered Sprite Wars while at the Metal Slug Database, looking through the affiliates. Shortly after his first MSDB ban, he joined Sprite Wars, eventually setting the record for shortest time between join and ban on the original forum. At the time, Timber was an ingorant, self-centered 12-year-old who didn't understand the Internet, and it came to no surprise but him when he got banned for unintentional spam. He barely knew anyone at SW, save a few MSDB members, which led to him quickly forgetting about Sprite Wars for a couple years.

Second ComingEdit

During the two-year gap, TimberWolf still hung around the MSDB main website, looking through the sprites and animations and saving any he thought were cool. At some point, MSDB went down, and Timber abondoned it. After a few months, he came back to it again because he was bored, and was happy MSDB was back. Out of sheer boredom, he decided to look for Sprite Wars again. Finding the original affilaite location to be non-existant, he Google'd it and eventually found Sprite Wars again. Deciding to join up and believing that everyone would have forgotten about Spike, he registered for the first time as TimberWolf. During this second time, he was a pretty decent member, however temper problems and being a hardcore Grammar Nazi brought him into conflict with various Members and Staff, such as Mike Murdock, Commander Evil, Wingwolf, and his first "rival", MD. Constantly berating anyone for the most minor of spelling or grammar errors and getting into a gigantic Flame War with MD, Timber was eventually banned again, although he blamed it more on MD and the Staff.

Later details are sketchy (aside: Seriously guys, I can't remember jack shit about my many chances at SW, mind helping me? Try to keep things as unbiased as possible please), but during this time Timber had many chances to improve, but barely did, constantly getting into conflict with Staff and members such as MD, esreveR, Commander Cool, and Kane. Timber did take part in three Campaigns (one East and two Grand), but never got a chance to really do anything of note.

James CallahanEdit

Following his permanent ban from Sprite Wars, Timber wandered the Internet, keeping in touch on SW happening through MSN friends such as Storm and CE, constantly blaming the Staff, and Mike in particular, for his "wasting" of chances, never stopping to think about what he could have done better and ranting that the rules should have been bent for him, and not the other way around. Eventually, after a site change and upgrade provided another opening, he bandodged and joined up as James Callahan, a name he had recently developed for use as an RP character. Surviving a decent amount of time, and even starting a Gundam RP that completely died, he was eventually outed following a Shoutbox joke regarding TimberWolf being dead going way too far, and was almost immediately banned by Player1.

Mad CatEdit

A year passed, and Timber got restless. SW had completely done away with Guest viewing, and recent news from CE indicated a stagnation of Sprite Wars. Too few newbies, too many Vets, boring Campaigns, and the Active User list becoming smaller and smaller each month. Timber saw a chance. Creating another account by the name Mad Cat, knowing full well that the many BattleTech fans on SW would be able to connect the dots and realize Timber was Mad Cat, he puttered around the forum, actually attempting to be a good member. Even after being outed on the Shoutbox by Vas, against orders by the other Staff to keep it secret for the lulz, Timber still stuck around, trying to be a useful member and proving he had changed. Then one day, it all went South. Halloween '09, Timber had been trying to get onto SW all day, but constantly got 404'd, then had to go out into the heavy wind and sell poppies for his local Canadian Legion as a fundraising drive before Remembrance Day. Tired and a little annoyed at the server not working earlier, when Timber finally got back on to SW he was in no mood for people saying something stupid or ignorant, no matter how minor. Lo and behold, he found it in the form of Ivo, the secret judge in a Sprite Wars Halloween sprite costume contest. Timber had submitted one of his re-tooled CF CO's, dressed up as Commander Evil, but in the description used the short form (CE). When Ivo gave Timber 7.8/10 (a pretty decent score, actually, considering it was a shitty MSPaint job ~ TW), Timber replied with a very short-sighted and temper-fueled "Serious? You don't know who COMMANDER EVIL is? Where the FUCK have you been?", completely destroyed everything he had been trying to build since day 1. By the next day, Timber was banned by RFZ and Timber went emo and jumped off the High Level Bridge, and discovered that two people he had believed were friends (Wing and RFZ), were in fact faking it the entire time, causing Timber a shit load of angst for a week after that, which only disappeared after a chance random IP change (or something, has happened before lol ~ TW) allowed him to discover that his original TimberWolf account was not actually banned. He threw away this chance by glaot-spamming the Shoutbox and being an utter tool, instead of using it responsibly, like waiting to tell Mike, whom he had talked with and become friends with following the Mad Cat ban, since he believed (rightly so, actually ~ TW) that the post that got him banned wasn't even worth a warn, and keeping it a secret until the time was right to REALLY come back. Instead, all he did was piss off Wingwolf and look like an asshole.

MSDB and the AppealEdit

Timber then hung around MSDB, making friends with Commander Cool and sarge, and learning through Mike that there had been a vote following the Mad Cat ban on whether that post was bannable or not. Only three people voted on TW's side, Mike, Storm, and Draco. The Founding Fathers. CE didn't vote, but everyone else did. After this, Timber mellowed out, supporting CE's proposals for redesigning SW to be more Guest-friendly from the sidelines, and finally discovering the truth behind esreveR, whom he had attempted to become friends with after joining MSDB. Eventually, he got banned by Dan from MSDB for no apparent reason (seriously, he didn't give any! ~ TW). Now, he watches Sprite Wars, keeping a close friendship with CE, Mike, Merku, and Spartan, and hopes to one day finish an It's Personal he had started with Spartan.

It came to his surprise when he learned, through Sarge, that the Staff had reset all ban appeals, finally allowing Timber to have a true Appeal. The appeal was finally allowed to take place after RFZ admitted he had been trigger-happy when he banned the Mad Cat account. CE and Kalash69 had left the Staff, but Timber was still confident. He was friends with Mike and Sarge, and both Storm and Draco had voted on his side before. In the end, it was a resounding loss. RFZ, Mike, and Merku voted for, but Storm and Draco switched sides, seemingly with no reason. Storm had been unable to get onto MSN after Timber, with assitance from Mike, talked with him and apologized for going around his back as Mad Cat, so he wasn't able to ask Storm his reasoning. However, he was able to obtain Draco's MSN and talked with him, discovering that Draco believed that Timber had been banned another time after the Mad Cat thing. After Timber gave him a minor lecture on common sense and actually paying attention to the forum, he finally got a promise from Draco, and left him alone after that.


After awhile, Timber got news of changes in SW's ban appeals, specifically everyone getting a full reset. Seizing this moment, and remembering another incident of the same type from the old Mystical Forest Zone forums years ago, he decided to try and come back to SW under a new name, only this time with help from Staff members. Choosing the name "FKR", after his (now deleted because the NS Mods suck - TW) NationStates nation "Free Kanadian Refugees" (the whole "shortened version of "FucKeR" thing only after Meiji mentioned it - TW), he approached Mike and Sarge, the two Staff members he most trusted, who also happened to know what FKR was. Also receiving promises of support from Spartan117 and Commander Evil, both of whom knew what FKR meant, Timbers created the account. Mike validated it, and Timbers was back on Sprite Wars.

Almost as soon as "FKR" started posting, Kalash was screaming up and down that FKR was Timbers. Despite this, and with the help of Merku, Spartan, and later RFZ, Timbers managed to keep himself hidden for quite awhile. Slowly gaining more support, starting with RFZ after CE told him due to an incident in the Shoutbox (which CE apologized for), Timber soon ended up with all the Watchmen on his side, including newly-promoted Watchmen Briano and Nexus, and even once-hated Watchmen Leader WingWolf, and both Mike and Draco. Despite the majority and this TW being a huge improvement over the original, barring his clashes with Kalash that eventually cuased Kalash to leave, everyone else insisted he keep it under, just because there wouldn't be much point in "revealing" himself now. Unfortunately, a minor slip-up caused Mandemon to say (paraphrased) "FKR is TW?" Before Timber, Sarge, or RFZ could try to put a lid on it, MJP piped in with a nice, insulting "My God, and Spartan said I was slow figuring it out." With the lid busted wide open, TW just decided to make the reveal official, and the rest is history.

2013: The resurgence.Edit

Almost 2 years after the 2011 ban, a new user joined Sprite Wars under the name "TheCrazed". However, this user had a dark secret: he was, in fact, TimberWolf, having joined the site yet again. The first thing he did was post a short story in the writers guild topic entitled "Egy Elveszett És Megtört Farkas" ("A lost and broken wolf" in Hungarian), which was supposedly based on a dream he had. He then proceeded to join in a discussion in the shout box about which members of sprite wars could be considered the "original" ones after a new member asked how many of them were still active. He started off by saying he thought he was one of the first members and proceeded to introduce himself as Timberwolf. But he probably should've waited another year or so before joining again, because shortly afterward he was right back to where he was in May of 2011.

Despite all issues Timberwolf/FKR has matured a lot in recent years and is a pretty decent guy.

2016: back againEdit

In late June of 2016 Timberwolf returned to Sprite wars with a new account by the name of "Redemption". Past issues have been pretty much laid to rest and he is slowly working to rebuild his spriting career.