• Broken Base: Sprite wars has fallen victim to this. It doesn't really affect the community that much these days, but that's mainly because many people who were at the forefront of these debates are not active anymore. But every so often a poor, ignorant newbie will ask just the right combination of questions to accidentally ignite the still-hot embers of drama long passed. Some subjects of divisiveness included:
    • Whether or not the Worldbuilders were a cool new addition to Sprite wars' roster of Alien races or just Time-lord knock offs.
    • Whether Shiki, creator of the aforementioned Worldbuilders, wrote good storylines and characters, or ones that were too cheesy and impossible to take seriously. (She has admitted that the Gc2 era stuff was in fact guilty of the latter) *It was the GC3, west 6 and GC-R era stuff, GC2 was honestly pretty good barring earlier stuff*
    • If Sprite wars campaign Storylines were becoming more diverse and interesting or just Grimdark.
    • Was the Federal States of Armex an interesting faction or a xenophobic, warmongering Corvolt rip-off that was prone to godmodding by its creator and went way too over the top with its 'evil' aspects? Not that you'll ever be able to see their comics for yourself to make your own opinion anytime soon.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: Sprite wars does have a trailer video on youtube. It's not the worst, but it was made in mid-2009. Almost all the factions featured are no longer active.
    • Which wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that the trailer currently contains the only photographical evidence that a lot of those factions ever existed.
    • It's sort of an Unintentional Period Piece for Sprite wars circa 2009.