The girl, the myth, the baka, the bastard

Underling (also known as Merku, Spoons, Remilia, Shiki, ShikiScarlet, and Miss Shiki Scarlet) was a member of Spritewars who joined during the time when it was hosted on InvisionFree. Underling has participated in and organised several campaigns. Over the years there were many ups and downs, as well as spats of drama. Currently, Underling has retired them-self (though it was not mentioned if this was temporary from Spritewars due to disagreements with new moderation and rules, as well as the inactivity and departure of several of their friends from the community.


Underling first joined Spritewars around 2006, after meeting MikeMurdock on MFZ during a clan wars comic collaboration. After making a well made rant post regarding issues the forum had, Mike put them forward as a moderator, and after the reforms, Underling was made a Watchman. Underling assisted in the 1st rule rewrite of the forum, and suggested a ban appeal forum. They did not however, remain on the staff team due to issues with RFZ.

Underling has participated in many campaigns over the years. A full list of the campaigns participated in is not known, as there were many periods of inactivity and there are holes in the records due to the fall of Majhost. Underling also likes to rip off pay homage to the Dr. Who series, with main characters of factions run by Underling often being Worldbuilders, who are human-like aliens, similar to the Doctor. Underling often played factions that mirrored things they disliked, and often heavily satarised their own creations. This included the most recent faction played by Underling: the Nazi-esque Terran Command. Underling also created the Xenomech race, and assisted Spartan in creating the Worldbuilders.

After a bad argument with Skurge, Monstarules and MikeMurdock, they distanced themselves from the forum. MikeMurdock additionally retired, and the new administration issued a rule-set that was not liked by Underling. Underling has, since April of 2017, been extremely inactive on the forums, and is no longer actively participating in ongoing campaigns.

A Mixed Legacy

Underling was not a great moderator in some aspects (when they were a moderator), as they were prone to pranking, being pranked, initiating/feeding into political arguments, and power abuse. This caused rifts between Underling and some vetaran members on the forums. Underling did partially make up for this by enforcing the rules, and attempting to keep the forums streamlined. After a number of fights with RFZ, Underling stood down from the Watch, and left the forum for a while.

Underling was also prone to generating controversy through strange and over the top plotlines in campaigns. This caused consternation, as well as a lot of criticism (especially in the 6th Western Campaign). This behaviour eventually died down over time. Underling also frequently played as Worldbuilders (no doubt due to being enamoured with Dr. Who), which annoyed users since it would often take several deaths, spread out over several campaigns, to eliminate one of the main characters. The Barrister of the Terran Command was especially disliked (this was because the character broke a metagame clause that was required for Worldbuilder characters to be approved of for use in campaigns).

Faction List

Underling played many factions, both well and ill received, during their time on SpriteWars. These factions include (but are not limited to):

  • Cyber Empire
  • Blackrain
  • Edge Forces
  • Nordic Technocracy
  • Arcanian Empire
  • Faction IX
  • Silver Eclipse/Silver Empire
  • Discordians
  • Worldbuilder Empire
  • Highlon
  • Terran Command
  • Xenomech Empire