Vasili's last known avatar.


2004 (Metal Slug Database forum) 2006 (original forum) 2007 (new forum)

Vasili is a member and former moderator from the season one days, it was rumored he knew TMWK quite well and at one point was prepared and approved to play the revived Corvolt faction in west season six(Using some of TMWKs foot notes left over) but this was never seen through sadly but the ideas in planning where pretty damn good and it's a shame they may not see the light of day.

He was good friends with Solidus in the past and they two collabed on many ideas before and during the grand campaign era through some drama aside later down the line.

Over time Vas grew tired and never had much drive to get involved in further campaigns as he slowly drifted from SW and after a while he left the watchmen.

Vas sadly has since left sprite wars as of February 2015 due to the new responsibilities of being a family man. We here at Sprite wars wish him good luck in future endeavors.

In the end Vas was highly respected by many of us and it feels like losing a member of the SW family again.

Note from UnderlingEdit

Vas was a good guy and always had my back through Sprite wars good and bad and I will miss him greatly. He was a creative son of a bitch with many great ideas that people would have loved and personally I think he is one of the most underrated members the community has had and was a great watchman back in the day~