Voltor insignia

One of the many versions of the Voltor Insignia.

The Voltor Empire is a militarized galactic Empire that has dominated countless worlds and star systems for as long as history can record. The Empire believes that all races are inferior and unfit to rule the galaxy and those who do not submit to them are either enslaved or destroyed. There goal is total domination of the known universe and to ensure that there is only Voltor rule.

They are one of the main antagonist factions present on Sprite wars and certainly one of the most powerful yet.

There first appearance was in 2007 on the Western campaign of Bivalve island.

The Voltor Empire


Militarized Empire

Supreme ruler

Emperor of Voltor


Planet Voltor




North side of the universe, unknown regions, Elydian System occupied.

Racial census




Tech Level

High tech

Time line

Prime, GC


The origins of the Empire and it's expanse is unknown.

Years passed and new technology was made which enabled them to look into deep space convincing them of life beyond the stars, amazed by this discovery meant only the destruction of thousands of worlds. The Voltor Empire brainwashed it's people- convincing them that everyone was against them and that there was no alternative but to conquer and expand.

The Empire became so powerful it crushed all opposition, no one could stand against there powerful armies as they destroyed any in there path. The Voltor Empire was so vast it expanded beyond several star systems- slaughtering in the name of supremacy.

Emperor at the throne

The Emperor of Voltor

War with the Arachin DirectorateEdit

War with the arachins

Invasion on the Arachin colonies

The Voltor Empire encountered a force known as the Arachin Directorate and it's army the S.M.A.C, a race of Humanoid insects called Arachins-Of course tensions between the two factions went boiling point and war began spanning for decades. For generations it continued and both sides seemed to make no sign of defeat. The two factions are at stale mate and bitterly despise each other, it is rumored that the Emperor of Voltor has deliberately held back the Voltor onslaught on the Arachins, reasons for this are unknown.

The end of ElydiaEdit

The Voltor Empire discovered a small star system under the rule of the Elydian Kingdom, a young and peaceful people who made some extraordinary technological advances, the most intriguing of which was the development of wormholes. The Voltor Empire had a malevolent interest in this and sought to acquire this technology to better there Void jump technology, the Voltor Empire infiltrated the Elydian kingdom and sought out the strengths and weaknesses. Eventually the Elydians learned of the Voltor Empire's intentions and rallied to defend themselves- it however was too late.   

The Voltor army led by Lord Victor began a skirmish and invaded the Elydian kingdom, tearing apart the inferior forces of the Elydian kingdom there colonies and fleets where soon dispatched and later the home world itself was under threat. Despite Elydian efforts to counter attack the invasion it was met with failure. The Voltor forces broke through the last line of defense and was on course for the Elydian castle. Unfortunately for the Voltor the Elydian King Freyden devised a plan to hold off the Voltor long enough for his daughter Evah to escape the system through the experimental worm hole portal the Kingdom had worked on. The King however bravely fought the Voltor Lord but was killed in a duel, however they didn't figure out in time that the Princess Evah had escaped and slipped through Voltor ships into the wormhole. That worm hole led to the solar system shortly followed by a Voltor invasion force which was in pursuit of Evah, Voltor fighters shot down the princess and had her crash land on Antarctica- unfortunately yet again the Voltor failed to capture the technology as Evah was rescued by Axonian and Mobian Kingdom forces. 

A Voltor propaganda poster for the Earth campaign. Credits to Ivan the Mouse.

Victor under pressure led a strike force to Antartica and engaged the forces there- it seemed the Voltor forces had outmatched the local Axonian and Mobian forces and forced them to retreat. Yet again however, Evah escaped and Victor was forced to withdraw losing trace of there prize.

Elydian battle

The Elydian last stand.


Commanding officers and otherEdit

The EmperorEdit

The supreme ruler of Voltor, silent and sinister. He only speaks when necessary and it is unknown what he truly looks like under that mask. He prefers to nod or use hand gestures when commanding his minions. His underlings follow his orders without question and are loyal to him with extreme zeal. The Emperor rarely makes any kind of physical appearance during skirmishes but often oversees operations via hologram or transmission. Disappointing the Emperor is met with extreme horror. Unknown to everyone- there is more to the Emperor that no one could comprehend.

Lord Victor

Lord Victor of the Voltor Empire

Warlord of the Voltor army, second to the Emperor. Victor is the head of the other Voltor commanders and big brother of General Benny, it is somewhat acceptable in the Empire to forcefully remove commanders with brutality so long as the ranks are in order- this is the case with Lord Victor. During a campaign Victor was under command by a different War Lord who after a long struggle called a

full scale retreat of Voltor forces in efforts to save his hide, Victor snapped at such cowardice display and killed his higher ranking commander in a duel on the flagship bridge. Victor like his name was the victor of the aftermath and assumed command and rank of war lord, his first order was to countermend previous orders of retreat into a full-scale assault for the enemy fleet. Under his brutalic command the Voltor forces won.Lord Victor ever since has been the most successful commander to date, with his Brother-General Benny as the commander under him, his postion is secured by blood. With the continued success of Lord Victors efforts he has gained an unquestionable respect within the Empire, his cunning and deceitfulness gives him an edge over others and his experience in brutality and malice has made him an unstoppable force. However Victor is prone to tantrums and easily frustrated.

General BennyEdit

The hulking monstrosity known as the Voltor General is a behemoth of the Voltor war machine. Benny is the younger brother of Victor and unlike Victor's more cunning- the General is quite dimwitted in comparison. The General favors brute force to achieve his goals much to Mistress Shrapnul's chargin, he dislikes complex schemes and finds them as a ineffective waste of time.From what he lacks for intelligence, he makes up for it in strength. Benny poses extraordinary physic and has been sighted many times picking up tanks and throwing them at distances, he is also very resilient to pain and can tolerate alot of abuse, that is if you can dish it out in time. The General is no stranger to the front lines and enjoys delivering destruction with his personal arm DM Mini gun, or for close and personal- his Dark matter mace. The General is not to be messed with.
General Benny

General Benny

Mistress ShrapnulEdit

The Mistress is head of the weapons and technology division which specializes in experimental weaponry and devices. Coming from a family which has been hands down responsible for alot of Voltor's technological break through acquires her alot of respect and importance within the Empire ranks. Shrapnul is a twisted Voltorian who loves to delve into science beyond moral standards, she has even been reported to have experimented on her own personal in horrific experiments, all of course for the benefit of the Empire. While head of the weapons and technology division she is also a valued commander on the field prone to using experimental weapons on the field. In the war room she devises cunning plans to undo her enemies which to General Benny's distaste- they often bicker until either Lord Victor or the Emperor himself decides for them. Shrapnul is also quite childish and very selfish but even she is capable of turning the command chain inside out

Mistress Shrapnul


Colonel BlokeEdit

The Colonel is a quiet and calculating commander, mostly involved in espionage and sabotage it was believed he was originally a Terrorist before the formation of the Empire.Now a fully fledged commanding officer. He among the other commanding officers keeps mostly to himself.
Colonel Bloke Map

Colonel Bloke

Commander OberlaxEdit

The Tank commander Oberlax is a pompous-braggard, a man of great tactical mind that has lead countless victories with Voltor's vehicular power. Oberlax commands the best ground forces with sheer force and devastation but lacks naval and air support. Oberlax has obtained alot of respect in the Empire and will continue to prove his worth, his downfall is his arrogance- which may get him into trouble with the enemy OR even within the Empire itself.


Tank Commander Oberlax



The Voltor Empire is a technologically advanced faction, being an industrial militarized force the Voltor Empire have developed superior weaponry in masses, spanning over worlds the Empire has factories on each side of there dominion constructing endlessly armies to dispatch. In Voltor's efforts against other forces they are efficient at reverse engineering worthy technology into there own devise and upgrading it. Throughout it's history, Voltor has made technological break throughs.

Dark matterEdit

The Voltor Empire's trademark energy source, majority of Voltor's weaponry and machinery are powered by Dark matter. It's details are incredibly complex and only few can explain it, rumors have it came from crystals found within Voltor, some say it came from outer space. it's origins are unknown and highly classified. From what archives can tell you Dark matter is a form of hybrid anti-matter, commonly used in weaponry high powered Dark matter can be used for deadly projectile weaponry, devastating I.G.B.M (inter galactic ballistic missile) and even power Void jumping. Dark Matter is distinctive for it's strange fluctuating colours of Red and Black usually projectiles are black with bright red auras beaming off. Dark matter however is very violent and has been found to react very badly with Chaos energy given off Chaos emeralds.

Void JumpEdit

Void jump is a method of space traveling Voltor Armadas to greater distances in less time. Projected by Void jump engines built within Capital ships opens a large portal for ships to safely traverse through, though Void jumping works it's distance is basically planet to planet to which Voltor scientists remark as "too slow". Voltor scientists are currently working on upgrading this to better there advantages of invasions. They have set intrests on Elydian scientists worm hole technology to better there own.

Voltor AlloyEdit

The Voltor Empire expands over many worlds, with vast supplies of metals the Empire have made incredible plating for many of it's forces, Voltor alloy is increasingly resilient to damage and has proven as a nigh invicible to other world conventional weaponry making them seemingly invincible. 

Mind TechnologyEdit

Voltor scientists have also studied many of there captives and have developed ways to break the mind of a chosen victim given the strength of there will. The Empire has created brain boxes that are capable of rendering simple minded beasts into obedient slaves to a controller.Other methods are more so harsh to more sentient beings, interrogation devices such as the mind chair breech into a victims thoughts and display images on a monitor for interrogators to visualize memories.

Cybernetics/Augmentations Edit

The Voltor Empire employs superior Cybernetics within the armed forces, Cyborgs are present and serve as multipurpose soldier whether being a front line meat/metal shield or a body guard, Voltor Cyborg's are a force to be reckoned with. How Cyborgs come to be within the empire is usually a result of a fallen soldier who still clings to life, sacrificing what is left of him to be remade to serve again, some are already dead- brought back with various devices operating there lifeless bodies.


The Voltor army is made up of several divisions and branches. Some are higher ranking than others, some have specific roles in the Empire. Some are not even of Voltor at all or even to anyone's knowledge.

Dark Echelon of VoltorEdit

The inner circle of Voltor's leadership, serving directly from the Emperor-the members consist of four members lead by Lord Victor. The Dark Echelon serves as Voltors high command, often giving orders to lower ranked officers. A word from the Emperor goes a long way to reach someone outside the Echelon and only takes keen intrest in one who is proving themselves worth keeping than disposing off.

  • Lord Victor ( Head of Military command )
  • General Benny ( Second in Command, primarily oversee's the Slaughterguard )
  • Mistress Shrapnul ( Head of the WTD )
  • Colonel Bloke ( Operates mostly in Espionarge and communications )

Voltor ArmyEdit

The standard military of Voltor, lackeys of the Emperor-they are soldiers who fight for the Empire relentlessly.Given they do well they may yet find better means to serve.


Voltor slaughter guard symbol

The Slaughter guard insignia

The Voltor forces most formidable troop type, average Voltor Grunts after displaying worth to the Empire get promoted into the Slaughterguard. They distinct themselves from other troops by there trademark Spiked shoulder padded trench coats, menacing gas masks and advanced weaponry. Slaughterguard are generally equipped with Dark matter weaponry and are considered the elite of the Empire's army.

Weapons and technology division AKA WTDEdit

Voltor weapon tech research symbol

Insignia of the WTD


The brains behind the Empire, led by Mistress Shrapnul. The WTD are responsible for developing new weapons and managing production. The WTD ethics in research are...disturbing but acceptable in the name of the Voltor Empire's progress.

Black Star CompanyEdit

The Empire sometimes hires mercenaries out of the Empire to perform various tasks. They are the Black Star Company, mostly consisting of Voltor veterans or otherwise but they poses talent with keen intrest. So long as the credits fill there banks they will do anything.

Black Star Company emblem

Hand of the VoidEdit


Military activityEdit

The Voltor Empire have led successful invasions making them exceedingly efficient at it for centuries. Before invading, the Empire's first objective is to infiltrate and unravel weaknesses before devising it's next course of action. Some cases they do not bother and invade with overwhelming numbers. The Voltor Empire is very brutal and care little of battle ethics and morals, mercy is not one of there skills. After defeating it's enemy the Voltor tend to enslave any left over who could prove useful for labor, research etc.

Cyborg Rampage display

A Voltor Empire Cyborg rampaging through Axonian forces

The Voltor Empire dislike forming alliances, they see it as a sign of weakness. However there has been cases of temporal alliances to hold of goals until the time is right, sometimes the Empire allows this only in the end to turn on them. Voltor diplomacy and politics are poor and summits usually end in failure due to Voltor's ignorance. Simply put the Empire cannot be reasoned with and will in time end in conflict.

Voltor Slaughterguard and an Officer