Voltorian sprites.

Voltorians are a race of aliens that hail from the world planet Voltor. An original creation made by Elliot Buss AKA "Skurge" on Sprite wars.The Voltorians are mostly an antagonist race that has attacked Earth multiple times in Sprite wars campaigns.


Voltorians are a carnivorous reptilian humanoid species that have existed for as long as history can record, there is no accurate date from there birth but it's believed they have been around before most of the known races in the Sprite wars universe.

Voltorian characteristics comprise of large snouts that pertrude outward with a set of sharp teeth, yellow/golden eyes with black or red pupils. There ears often rounded or slightly pointed on the side of there heads. Voltor physique is commonly bulky and often stand few feet taller than the average human. There hides are tough with faint scale complexity tones. Voltorians do grow hair on there head/stubble and chin/neck areas but do not have mustaches because of a lack of an upper lip since the genetics of the snout. Voltorians do in fact feature tails but throughout evolution they have reduced exceedingly in size.

Many other characteristics are present but have not been uncovered.

Voltorians have a high tolerance to heat and lack of oxygen, there bodies are capable of surviving incredibly harsh environments such as there home world's ash world climate. They are exceptionally well gifted in smell sense given there large snouts and excellent perception in dim lit areas. Voltorians have often had to compensate for more forgiving environments with respirators and masks/injections because of unfamiliarity with cleaner air and brighter lit areas. Though this does not exclude them from adapting all together. Interestingly to note that the Voltoric species are incredibly immune to most biohazordous substances and otherwise, they thrive in polution and adapted living in toxic enviroments- even specially trained Voltor soldiers use chemical based weaponry.

Voltoric life span is unclear, believed to exceed naturally over one hundred years- the Voltor Empire where they hail from has made life prolonged through injections and cybernetics. Some even through suspended animation. Aside from these few details overall nothing is clear.

Voltorians reproduce sexually much like humans but with the exception of birth from eggs.


Before the formation of the Empire- Voltoric culture was mostly dominated by Clans, living by the war lifestyle has strengthened there warlike culture through generations. Leadership traditionally was shaped by survival of the fittest, betrayal and deception. Most of Voltor's famous leaders have been assassinated with there killer assuming position in there place- this is an acceptable part of Voltoric nature.Though promotions and leadership roles have been given by rewards of service.

When the Clan wars were over and the formation of the Empire began the Voltoric people became a more sophisticated yet unbelievably cruel militarized civilization. The Voltor Empire passively brainwashed it's people with claims of undeniable superiority over other races. The Empire and it's people built itself on a belief that everyone else was against them and plotted to destroy them. Voltoric kind became increasingly hostile and sought to take action and dominate the universe before other races could surpass there power.

In social terms the Voltoric culture is heavily militarized and industrialized. Voltoric families do exist but majority are normally born in hatch-ling factories and after a brief cycle of infancy are quickly put into a military program. Many still hold dear of old clan traditions but many have become obsolete. Alot of Voltor's productivity is assisted by machines and workers, but a large chunk of it's manpower comes with the Slave companies.
Voltorians as

Voltorians depicted in mugshots.

On sprite warsEdit

When Voltorians where first introduced they were often taken less than serious, they were often ridiculed for there large snouts (mistaken as noses) goofy early sprites and obvious lighter tones compared to more serious dark evil factions, they however despite first impressions grew on many Sprite wars members- they have been noted be somewhat the Space Orcs of Sprite wars with there barbaric nature, hatred for others and lust for conflict.

Due to the size of the sprites (incorrectly scaled) Voltorians appeared to be taller than Sprite wars human scale (Metal slug) this was a simple mistake because Skurge failed to compare sizes when making the sprites from scratch, later down the track they remained taller and soon was finally accepted to be one of there physical traits being one of the larger races of Sprite wars.

The creator of the Voltorians-Skurge had created these from inspiration from various 1980-1990 cartoon and video game bad guys.