Waffen SS Werewolf

“Gentlemen, I like war, I love war. I like genocide, I like Blitzkrieg, I like aggressive war, I like defensive war, I like sieges, I like breaking through, I like withdraw, I like cleaning up, I like retreating. In the moors, on the highways, in trenches, in plains, in mud, in marshes. I love every aspect of war that takes place on Earth.”
~Majors famous war speech

The Waffen SS Werewolf Army (also called SS Paranormal Division) is a army created by Solidus based on characters from the Hellsing series.

Waffen SS Werewolf Army/

SS Paranormal Division


Nazi terrorist group


Chaotic evil


Can change often


Vampires, humans, transhumans, werewolves.

Notable Members:



SW Prime, GC


Everyone is an enemy


"Dammen und Herren, let's continue our experiment, and all for the sake of var. Und zie next one, und zie next one, und zie var after that, und zie var after that" - Major

The Waffen SS was established during WWII, but in the Sprite Wars universe they dabbled in even darker activities than our Earth's counterparts: dark magic, occultism, biotechnology, to name but a few. Naturally their research was fruitful, but too late, and eventually Nazi Germany was demolished. Under the command of a war-crazed Major, the Paranormal Division retreated into the darkness. For many years they have continued their research, and sometime in early 20XX, they re-appeared.

Grand CampaignEdit

The Waffen SS original goal was to purge the world into chaos and war, while Major himself had a secreat agenda in which he desired to destroy the leader of the FireFox army, seeing him as his true and one of a kind enemy, who only he was allowed to kill.


Waffen group

CO group

The Captain

The Captain

The Major

The Major

The MajorEdit

The insane, ruthless, immoral, and yet strangely charismatic leader of the army. He is infamous for his insanity, and love for war. After the fall of Nazi Germany, he took the rank of Generalissimo. He'll stop at nothing to achieve his goals, and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. It's unknown whether he's simply a human, a vampire, werewolf, or even something else.

The CaptainEdit

The right hand man/bodyguard/escort of the Major. Always silent and mysterious, Captains past remains in the mist. He's the only soldier, who's a real werewolf. Posseing inhuman agility, strengh, reflexes. The silent Captain always follows the Majors orders without question. He's mostly armed with two long barraled C96 mausers

Warrant Officer Schrodinger




Warrant Officer SchrodingerEdit

One of the products of the Paranormal Division's research, a literal Schrodinger's Cat with the ability to be, paradoxically, 'everywhere and nowhere' at the same time. It's belived he moves between dimensions, and he posesses immortality.

Gruppenfuhrer GesslerEdit

Gessler used to be a commander in a POW camp in Berlin, and was reknowned amongst the SS for his cruelty, and his 'hobby' of torturing prisoners. During the final days of Berlin, Gessler was one of the many who was defending the city, and his face was critically injured by an enemy flamethrower. After escaping with the Paranormal Division, a special breathing mask was created for Gessler, and he underwent through a series of gene modifications, granting him superhuman reflexes and what he refers to as a 'sixth sense'.

Master Assassin aka Genrich SchmidtEdit

The commander of the Viel Assassin and Spider Soldier squads. His trademark weapons are dual Mausers, and has what he calls 'dogs of war' under his command; two german shepards that were mutated by applying werewolf DNA. Schmidt also has a cybernetic eye, which gives him above-average accuracy.


Professor Zemph, Herman Von Klempt

Herman Von KlemptEdit

One of the major scientists in the Paranormal Division. Having lost his body to an accident during a rocket test, his severed head was placed in a tank of bacta liquid to keep him alive. Klempt makes up for his lack of a body through his brilliant mind and genius intellect - he was the mastermind behind many of the division's subjects.

Professor ZemphEdit

Another genius scientist in the Paranormal Division. Zemph was responsible for researching the energy matter dubbed "Dark Sun' energy, but after travelling to amother dimension, the process modified his body structure and ruined his face. He now wears a gas mask to conceal his features.

Obersturmbannführer Otto SkorzenyEdit

The leader of the infamous SS 502 Jagdverbande. He's infamous for his sadistic - if not manic - nature. Rumors are abundant that when he joined the HitlerJugen, he informed on his own parents, and executed them himself. He was given many nicknames both in the SS and Gestapo, but the one which stuck was "Scarface", the nickname he received during the the siege of Stalingrad, where he had his face heavily mutilated. He always both respected and feared the Major, saying he was "more a monster than [he] ever will be".



Scientist, Viel Scientists

Super soldiers

Viel assassins, Ninja

Simply scientists, often found in labs or other research areas

Veil Scientists
Their main objective is researching the 'Dark Sun' energy. They wear speciall protective gear that shields them from the energy.

Veil Assassins
The product of research on the 'Dark Sun' energy. The Veil Assassins' main weapon isn't their blades, deadly though these are, but the element of suprise. By using the Dark Sun energy, they can effectively turn invisible at will and appear anywhere to swiftly dispatch their target. It's also obvious that some of the soldiers have gone insane, since they can often be heard muttering disturbing things like: "I can see you...Can you see me...?"

Spider Soldiers
The Spider Soldiers are "Nazi Ninjas", if you will. Swift and deadly, not unlike the Veil Assassins, they'll find their target no matter what. It's rumoured that they're re-animated corpses of fallen Japanese Samurai, who were brought back to life through dark magic.


Paranormal Commanders


Lopers, Venom Soldiers, Fallschirmjager

Paranormal Commanders
Unlike simple officers, these troops actually pose a significant threat. Having telephatic abilities, they can creat shields to protect 'em selfes and their allies, as well as fireing powerfull enegry blasts. They can also use 'moment dash' to dodge enemy fire.

SS Soul-Stealers
Another by-product of occult research. These soldiers have been reanimated through dark magic, which gave them the ability to "steal souls", and in doing so gather enemy intelligence, and battle skills.

SS Prime
Telepathic soldiers. They mostly use their powers to brainwash enemy soldiers, dismember them, or just get information directly from their minds. It's unknown who - or what - they truly are, since they're always silent, unresponsive, and masked save for glowing red eyes.

These are the first result of the experiment to create an 'Ubersoldat', or super-soldier. A cruel creature that walks on its hands with its lower torso missing, most of its body has been replaced by a generator that creates up to 40,000 volts of electricity. They mostly attack in groups of four or five - the only way to take them down is either with an explosive or other powerful firearm.

More soldiers

More Soldiers



Another attempt creating an 'Ubersoldat'. These guys are mostly walking bulks of once-dead soldiers that were reanimated via biotechnology. Often armed with Venom Guns.

The best attempt at th creation of the perfect killing machine. These walking monsters are armed with several weapons. To ensure further destruction, they're also well-armored powerfully and are supported by Dark Sun energy.

These are the paratroopers, trained for the Nazi invasion of London which, thankfully, never happend. After the fall of Germany, they joined the Major's ranks and now serve as his personal paratrooper battalion.

502 Jagdverbande
The elite "Death's Head" squad of the SS. They were formed from the most sadistic and ruthless bastards possible. Each soldier underwent the most hard and nigh-unbearable training and only those who didn't die, break, or go insane were deemed worthy of being part of this group. Created by Himmler himself and given orders directly from him, this squad took part in many operations, from the siege of Stalingrad tothe final days of Berlin. It's also believed the Jadgverbande were reponsible for the Malmedy massacre. When Berlin began falling, they quickly joined The Major's ranks, for his promise of a "better battle".

Veil Troops
Clad in special armour, these troopers use what the SS call 'Veil Guns', which simply break the enemy soldier down to molecules.

Vampire Soldiers
Another by-product of the Paranormal Division's immoral research, these are the veterans of the the (former) SS army. The so-called 'Vampires' posses inhuman strengh, speed, agility, heightened senses, immunity to normal bullets, and the overpowering thirst for blood - preferably human. They can also turn their victims into mindless Ghouls.

Venom Soldiers

The Venom Soldiers are the elit 'special ops' of the Waffen SS Werewolf. Haveing been strenghen trough intensive training and gene therapy, these troops mostly work in squads of five-eight men, and prefer to use guerilla like tactics. They also serve as Majors elit bodyguards, and can be mostly found on his Zeppelin or guardian vital locations (example: labs, research areas or bases)

Mindless Zombies, armed and given shields. They mostly act as meat shields on the battlefield. Driven by the primal instinct to feed, the ghouls will attack any human. Once dead and/or bitten, the human will turn into a ghoul himself, and join the ranks of undead

Liebstandarte Infantry
The remains of the very first SS Regiment.

Armoured SupportEdit



Mech Destroys

Modified Nazi Tanks, armed with modern 'ground-air' missles and power lasers.

New Panzers
Another modified version of old WWII german tanks. These are armed with powerful cannons, rockets and even flamethrowers.

SS Battle exoskeletons

Originally this machine was created during the seiges of Stalingrad, and was believed that it would be the turning point in the war, a huge battle mech, armed with two machine guns on each side. Sadly it was never massproduced, and the prototype was destroyed due to an allied bombing run. But the schematics for it have survived, and were then used to re-create and massproduce it. While looking invincible, the pilot isn't exactly well protected from tank shell or a laser blast. They mostly attack in huge numbers, overwhelming their opponents

Siege mechs

Another weapon that was originally intended to be used in the African theater, but has never seen the light of day, until now. Unlike the exosketelon, the seige mech is a tough bastard, armed well enough to sustain several tanks shells, rockets and even a couple of laser blasts. It's armed with two cannons, and small MG's on each side.



Ships, Planes


The Majors personal ship


The Major's personal ship. Acting both as flying barracks, and landing platform, it stays mostly behind the scenes, watching battles unfold.

War Machines
These are the flying fortresses of the SS. Armed with both AA and ground cannons, along with air-ground missiles. They're mostly used to deploy soldiers or massive air assaults.

Cobra Rocket plane
Formerly experimental, now one of the main SS battle planes.

Messerschmitt BF-264
Another battle plane armed with dual 20mm cannons. Their high speed is enough to give them a significant advantage on the battlefield.