Wingwolf is a Sprite wars user who has been part of the community since 2004. He was the watchmen leader until recently. (He was last online in september of 2013.)

The man, the myth the legend. Also the founder of the Watchmen back in the day.

In the day Wingwolf was a good laugh, enjoyed messing around but also took the job seriously and didn't let people screw around too much. It is hinted he drifted away from spriting due to life related matters and becoming tired of the games, moving on and such. It is known that the drama around the SW dark age was also a contributing factor in his push towards leaving.

Wingwolf is still on good terms with SW oldbies and they engage time to time in gaming sessions on steam, he's also involved with some gaming clans and the like.

Also a badass IRL and may be the inspiration for big boss but this can not be confirmed.