The Worldbuilders are a higher race created by Underling, inspired by the Time Lords of Doctor Who fame with a bit of stargate and other science fiction things here and there. The idea in mind was what if square enix did doctor who not helped by Underling being a huge doctor who fan and loving the idea of playing such characters.


The worldbuilders

Despite hating some of the older content she made, numbers of retcons over the years, rewrites and attempts to move away from writing the worldbuilders poor Underling always found herself coming back to them ;_;

OOC stuff

Playing a worldbuilder character

Like humans, mobians or machines the race is now playable so any player is welcome to make there own worldbuilder character. There's no set guidelines on what-kind of worldbuilder you can play, like any race alignment can differ along with the characters ideals of personality.

Also this page is undergoing major rewrites since a lot of info is out of date so bear with us.


Obviously Doctor who being a huge source for rip o..homages down to the timeships and even regenerations. Other things include stargate, Dune, a touch of game of thrones and the odd gimmick of the week.

Current characters/CO units in play

Ryic Blackrain, Kuilen Felgard, The Gentleman and the Barrister - Underling / EC and Cato Jarbez - Spartan / Able - Mike / Isaac Trenton - Isaac


Being a time lord inspired RP race, they have machines that can travel time and space like the Tardis's of Doctor who's timelords only the worldbuilders can easily cross between alternate worlds as well. Much of there science has reached high levels including medicine, automation, machines, time travel etc.
In flight

A type 120 timeship


Once the Worldbuilder empire had formed from the old Arcadian Republic, the empires culture became predominantly secular, progressive, and scientifically minded, with an elected government that once policed the laws of time back in the old days with a number of other more advanced races. The Worldbuilders believed in non-interference and protecting the fabric of time and space. In its first and second ages, production and so on had become fully automated. Once citizens completed their schooling, they were free to devote their time to the arts, the sciences, the empire or its military, going to new worlds and so on.  Most people enjoyed lives of learning and the Worldbuilders technology grew more and more advanced, but after the second realm war resources where hit badly, during this time Xaiver Argentum became emperor and proposed bringing in a monetary system along with different classes in order to better control what resources where left. Xavier was praised for saving the empire from entering a dark age, however over time it became more decadent and corrupt due to the new system as some technologies where lost and most people focused on wealth and social status as the Worldbuilders devolved into an aristocracy with the houses devolving into wealthy elites during the third age.

Worldbuilder houses

Xavier also lied in order to keep his power, even through years later resources where restored to the point the empire could become fully automated and self sufficient again.

The Republic era

Pre first age news site srs version

News article about Ero's discoveries

The earliest Arcadian settlers where formally from Earth, having broken away from the Antique or first generation humans to stake out a new world in the stars.

A blue gem was found in a far away system, a majority of it's lands covered in snow yet the planet housed rich minerals and ores.

Over the next thousand years the Arcadian republic was born, becoming a mighty intergalactic government. For many it was a golden age however over the years the Republic fell into neoliberal decay and corruption.

Enter Lanis Lunameria who would one day come to be known as Eros, who discovered a way to regenerate the Arcadian body and create new cells. In time this form of life extension would become known as regeneration. However the government refused to fund this seeing it as a waste of time and Lanis was painted as a mad man and driven out of the scientific elite.

Joining forces with his sister Faolan Lunameria- who would come to be known as Thanatos- and a talented Steller engineer known as Falcar Felgard they formed a technocratic movement to overthrow the government. Building up it's numbers over the next couple of years until it crushed the republic.

Building a new social order with the help of their comrades Stroud Stormwind and Segit Coil, Lanis (Eros), Faolan (Thanatos) and Falcar would come to be known as the three founders of the Worldbuilder empire.

Over time new discoveries where made, the regeneration process enhanced and improved. Meanwhile both Falcar and Faolan made breakthroughs in science that lead to the discovery of time travel along with means to jump between dimensions.

It was then work on the first ever time ship began, known as the Galigade.

Galigade construction

Construction of the first timeship the Galigade

After a major success, the empire began to venture into time and space as they succeed the Antique in the realms of science, understanding and enlightenment and over time would come to be known as one of the great fledging empires.

This would lead into the first age of the great Worldbuilder empire but also open them up to threats older than timeself.

After the galigade

Mass produced timeships

The 1st age

On patrol

First age era soldiers on patrol

The empire stood alone in a cold uncaring universe, which was dominated by the Angelicas Magocracy, a corrupt empire lead by lead by powerful beings posing as god and the theocrats that served them without question.

The Magocracys technology had advanced to the point it's technology was indistinguishable from magic due to clarks third law. Using their mastery over such technology they enslaved the lower races and declared themselves gods. Unleashing there many biomechanical horrors, they enforced their will and wiped out worlds that dared to show heresy against the establishment.

Thing's where hopeless for the Empire and it's allies until the two stellar engineers known as Thanatos and Falcar Felgard had created a new source of energy that allowed the empire to forge a new weapons system to give them an edge

Stroud was placed as the new minister of war and went to work with Thanatos to create new weaponry to deal with the Angelicas. The Empire then launched a warfleet of more advanced battle time ships into the vortex and met the Magocracy fleet head on. Legends of the era say the stars burned brightly that night.

During this era there was a period of great expansion as the empire set up vast networks of colonies as well as opening up trade with other governments, in order to expand it's reach.

Over the years more destructive weaponry was created by both sides, by this point the empire had levelled the playing field and became a force that could stand against the Magocracy.

The war heated up when the order of Realm Knights allied with the Worldbuilder Empire in order to remove the Angelicas threat once and for all. It was a time of heroes and legends that would inspire many great fables and tales of lore.

After 400 years the Worldbuilder empire had laid finally waste to the Magocracy until not one member of their race was left. At last many worlds where freed from the control of the false gods.

As peace came many began to see Arcadia as a utopia. As the years went on more advances in science where made that ranged from Realm skipping, Perfected AI systems, advanced medical research, Mastery over time and dimensions as well as full galactic automation.

The builders advanced so far, that they grew to become a race of watchers, who swore never to interfere but only to watch on the spheres below them. However they sometimes used there skills to undo damage to the timeline and repair paradoxes. The second Emperor declared in order to prevent another age of chaos, that the Worldbuilders should act as a force for good and protect those from corrupt higher powers like the Angelicas before them. They also acted to prevent the abuse of time and dimension travel by higher powers acting as a sort of UN type group.

The 2nd age and golden era

With the empire established as a multiversal super power it set out to take part in the political stage. An alliance of empires was formed to act as a united group of powers in order to keep order. The founding races where the Worldbuilders, the Aeus, Dismark empire and the Old Ones. Through they did not always see eye to eye they did manage to keep peace as well as open trade between their governments. Through some 500 years later the Aeus left the alliance for reasons unknown.

2nd age soldiers

Knight class infantry on watch during the 2nd age

It was a great time to be alive in the Worldbuilder empire. There was unity, peace, freedom, it was truly an age of high adventure for many people who set off to explore parts unknown. However there was a number of renegade Worldbuilders who used there powers to influence worlds, commit acts of galactic terrorism or try to gain power by manipulating lesser races. These became known as renegades and many were exiled for there actions or executed.

Due to increases of such terrorism, would be dictators abusing time and space for their own ends one of the newer governments in the alliance known as the forced the Worldbuilder Empire to sign onto the new Atheitan treaty which tightened the laws of interfering in underdeveloped worlds.

The reforms

The Xenomech threat

Rise of the Vector movement

Vector once known as Stroud Stormwind had grown more extremist in his political views over the many years. Seeing what he saw as an era of decay in the future that would be the empires undoing. In order to halt it he used his clout in the military industrial complex to try and overthrow the imperial government, however he failed and escaped to his forge with over 300,000 loyalists.

Out of this the Vector movement was forged as it grew in numbers, advocating for Arcadian purity and dominance over the universe. Vector got to work forging terrible war machines and battleships to aid his cause including the dreaded realm fortress that would become the home world for his movement as they launched a terrible civil war against the empire.

Vectors speech2

Vector gives a speech to his loyalists

The Meria conflict



Thanatos and Eros part ways

With new crackdowns on time travel and talk of an isolation policy, first minister Thanatos one of the four founders spoke out against the current emperor ideals. Thanatos believed there people could become benevolent rulers of the lower races, sharing there technology in order to create a concept he called "A never ending empire." which could last for eternity. He also claimed an isolation policy would hurt the empire and weaken it over time and said it would be a death sentience for his people.

The emperor refused to listen to Thanatos and had him arrested for plotting treason and acts of terrorism under the pre crime laws. Finding it insulting that someone younger than himself is ruling the race he helped create as well as having the nerve to exile himself one of the forefathers of the empire, Thanatos called out for blood. Many worldbuilders heard the call and started a massive civil war against the Imperial government. Almost half of the empires military deserted to join Thanatos cause.

The empires forces where lead into battle by Eros himself and many worlds burned in the grand conflict.

The war lasted for five years resulting in the rebellions defeat in the battle of Hades IV. Eros himself went to try and reason with his brother who spoke of how the empire had sealed its end and it was only a matter of time.

Eros was shaken by the events and disappeared at the end of the war. Leaving his people on there own with the last of there founding fathers fading our of history, leaving only the Felgard descendants to keep order along with the other houses who soon gained power in the vacuum left by Eros.

At the end of the war Julian of house Spardin ascended to the throne and made reforms to the empire, removing some of the corrupt policies of the last emperor which he believed caused the rifts that started the war. However the wounds where already made.

Threats in the darkness

The second realm war

Later down the line the empire was slowly recovering from the damage in the last war. During this time Thanatos people had settled on the planet Styx and renamed themselves the Paradine to distance themselves from there worldbuilder brothers in disgust.

Sometime later a black hole started expanding in the Arcadian star system as five unknown invasion ships breached imperial space. These invaders introduced themselves as members of the Corvolt Imperium, a powerful militaristic race in control of its own universe with lands expanding to countless realities. The forces of the empire and the Corvolt clashed for over a year before Arcadia fell to the invaders.

The worldbuilders retreated to the fortress world of Midgar while tightening there defences around there colonies.

It was during this war that the Barrister made his name as general in the military, leading the Empire to many victories before he was captured and subjected to a number of brutal tortures that forever changed him.

During this time the Paradine allied themselves with the Corvolt forming a joint alliance known as the armoured alliance which dominated the region. Around the same time empress Beatrice and an unknown benefactor commissioned a master steller engineer known only as Daus to build them a weapon known as the pandiemensional layline system.

The worldbuilder fleets and Armored alliance battled over the next 50 years, but it was not until the weapon was completed that the empire was able to wipe the alliance forces out in one shot and retake the homeworld.

With there new weapons system nobody dared to challenge the empire again, through the Corvolts swore they'd return after the survivors retreated back to the home universe to report to there unknown emperor. However the Paradine where far from finished. It was around this time that Albel Felgards wife gave birth to Kuilen and Azaroth.

The 3rd age and Corruption in the empire

The second realm war had long been forgotten and the people moved onto rebuilding there shattered home planet. Around this time the number of exiles and renegades increased which became a pain for the shattered government to deal with daily. Around this time multiple terrorist and political movements showed up to challenge the empire.

Around this time there was large corruption scandals in the imperial government. One conspiracy theory going around claimed many of the government where in the Paradines pocket, however this was a lie stirred up by Argentums new government to drum up paranoia and xenophobia to bring support for more reactionary policies as well as an attempt to control the rising problem of Neo Vectorists.


Third age worldbuilders

The Rise of the Argentum family


Paradine rising

The peace conference and assassination

The Eros technocracy

Conflict with the Black arms

The third great realm war

The empire falls

Silver ecilpse and other survivors

The corrupted


  • Despite claims, Shiki had a lot of characters and factions beyond just the worldbuilders despite plot holes or weak writing being linked to "Worldbuilder stuff."
  • The race had been dead for most time in SW lore barring a few CO characters who suffered bad writing and godmodding from the western season 6 era onwards, thorugh post GC-R the writing improved faction wise.
  • Beyond time lords the race took a lot of weird homages from stargate, weird anime shit and JRPGs.